Pre video driver loading display glitches.

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    So, as of last night, before an OS loads the video driver for my card, there are graphical glitches and blinking.
    I know it's corrected after the video card driver loading because trying to boot into safe mode gives the same problem.

    If I enter the BIOS, it's the same issue.

    There are red and green specs flickering all around on the display, the pictures blinks in and out, and sometimes about a quarter of the screen gets completely garbled.

    I narrowed it down to the possibility of a driver update and/or onboard video firmware through Windows Update.

    I have a GTX 960 as my main card, and use the onboard Intel for some video encoding acceleration.

    The Intel driver was received an update through Windows, and the install hung during reboot. By hung, I mean after 30 minutes the system still reported that at 30% it was working on it, and there was no disk activity.

    I hit the reset button, and that's when it all started.

    I have tried resetting the BIOS, disabling the onboard video, and re-flashing the current BIOS version.
    Re flashing the current version fixed it, for one boot. After that it was worse then ever giving me a blink of a screen to use.

    Any ideas on how to fix this, or did I screw up my board/CPU?

    Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI-CF
    Intel i5-6500
  2. 1031982

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    Update :

    I have also found the correct BIOS for the video card and tried flashing that. No difference.
  3. 1031982

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    Update -

    Seems to have been fixed. I hooked a HDMI cable to the onboard connector and then to my monitor, and it seems to have corrected it. No idea as to why, but after over 4 reboots, including one cold boot, the issue is gone.
  4. Chai

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    If it is happening in the BIOS screen, it is definitely not the drviers, or even the video card firmware. It sounds like cable issue to me. Try swapping the cable. Some cables do not work properly with certain cards/monitor combo.
  5. 1031982

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    Cable has been the same for years. I had tries disconnecting and re-connecting it, that didn't do anything. I kept my eyes on the monitor, and there was no change.
    I don't have a spare cable, otherwise I would have tried that.

    In addition, that doesn't explain why connecting an HDMI cable to the onboard video fixed it. I no longer have the onboard video connected at all, but the problem is simply gone.
    Even messing around with the connected cable doesn't do anything, I either get a display or I get a blank screen.
  6. Chai

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    I have encountered problems with a particular cable that may work fine on 1 combo, but doesn't work properly on another, especially digital cable.

    I bought a cheap Display Port cable which works fine is 99% of the time, but my screen will turn black when the air con compressor in my room kicks in, or any power surge. Changing cable solved the problem.
  7. 1031982

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    Very well, I will look into replacing the cable to avoid future issues.
    It's just a Display Port cable, so it shouldn't cost much for a decent one.
  8. Chai

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    Yup, as long as it is not the cheapest you can find. :mrgreen:

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