Preventive Tools for Inevitable Risk

Discussion in 'General Software' started by Helen Marr, May 9, 2016.

  1. Helen Marr

    Helen Marr Newbie

    We are aware of the risk management system in our company. This could track solutions for a certain problem. However, we also need something that could help us about preventive and corrective system for our products in case of inevitable risk. Is there an appropriate tool like a matrix that could guide us in assessment and decision making as well?
  2. shearspots

    shearspots Newbie

    Each industry will have it's own standard risk factors, but more often than not, risk matrices are purely dependent on the organization's individual processes and policies.
  3. whateverls15

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  4. Helen Marr

    Helen Marr Newbie

    I was looking for something like this risk assessment matrix. Something that can be edited to fit our company's processes. Plus, it's just for second opinion. We're not going to entirely base our decisions on it.

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