Problems with mobo (i think)

Discussion in 'Processors, Motherboards & Memory' started by boser, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. boser

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    So i have a ASUS P5VDC-X mobo which worked great. Then i decided to clean the parts, removing dust and such so i removed all the parts and when i put them back the computer wont start. When i try to turn it on it gets power (the CPU and PSU fans start spinning) but then instantly turns off (fans stop spinning).

    I tried plugging in the PSU in another computer and it works fine, as does the CPU so those are fine. The RAMs are ok aswell so i came to the conclusion that the mobo is at fault. I can not figure out what it is. The only clue i have is that fter i had cleaned it and put back all th parts i had a Jumper left over but after hours of trying different stuff it doesnt work so i figured it was nothing important.

    Does anyone have an idea of what may be wrong or is the mobo damaged because of static electricity? (Note that i didnt use any protection against the latter because i havent had to before).

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: I read some other guys thread (the "no power" thread) and i basically have the same problem but i dont have a case, actually i havent used a case for maybe one year with this computer and it still has worked fine until now.

    How do check if the mobo is fried?
  2. Willieboy

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    The jumper may well be the clue.
    There should be a "drawing" of the mobo layout in the manual, check every jumper on it with those on the mobo and you should then discover where it is fitted.
    Did you remove any connectors to the mobo ?
    You removed the PSU, did you re-connect the 4 or 6 pin connector to the mobo ? That is a common mistake that people make, they forgot about it, including myself.

    Is there a floppy drive in the PC. If so, did you remove the ribbon cable from it, if so, is the led on the front of the drive always on, that could cause your problem.

    My money is on the jumper.
  3. Mac Daddy

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    I am with Willie on the jumper these newer boards have a lot of buffering and protection. I can't really see the cleaning process or static electricity cause the issue but hard to say.
  4. The_YongGrand

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    First, vacumming the board is no-no - they generate static electricity.

    The easiest way to get rid of the dust is to used compressed air (can be found in electronics store) and that one actually pushes the dust all away. :D
  5. Lacus

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    Seems to be the same problem max was having when he updated his WC's stuff. (i was there). Maybe he could actually reply here on what he did.. Same problem and issue as you too :/

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