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Discussion in 'Notebooks & Mobile Devices' started by Jeremy, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Jeremy

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    To all mobile phone junkies out there, I'm desperately in need of enlightenment with reference to push mail technology and Symbian phones. My current company has recently laid out a requirement that all employees be equipped with a mobile phone capable of reading/sending emails while on the road so inadvertently the word push mail was used which I'm totally clueless.

    Initially my impression was smartphones and PDA phones which have e-mail clients on them supports push mail but somehow after reading a little, I think I'm over generalizing. I'm carrying two mobile phones at any given time and I'm looking to replace them with an E51 and an E71 where the former will be for my personal use and the latter for work purposes. Based on both phones, do they support push mail technology and if yes, does it require 3rd party application to make it possible?

    Also, I'll be on both DIGI and Celcom unlimited data plan I guess that pretty much covers my data transfer requirements but I'm told push email is a separate cost with this service providers. Your advice/insights will be greatly appreciated....

  2. Chai

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    Question 1. What email client are you using? Outlook? Lotus Notes? If Outlooks, it's a lot easier. Notes...haha...3rd party solution.
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    Should have mentioned earlier, well we're using Outlook so please don't tell me I'm screwed. We use Domino/Notes but that'll be for development purposes.

    Help please...
  4. peaz

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    push emails is basically a system where the email server is able to push out emails as and when it enters the user's mailbox into the mail client on the phone.

    mail --> mailbox --> phone.

    So with push mail, mail is recieved like SMS. you get notified as soon as you get an email. SO in order for this to happen, the email server needs to be integrated to a telco network. I believe Maxis, Celcom and Digi do have a corporate solution for this.

    THe generic method is as follows.

    mail --> mailbox <-- phone client (retrieves when you connect to the mail server.

    See the subtle difference?

    an example of push email = blackberry system (yeah, blackberry isn't just the phone)

    THe easiest is just to get a phone that connects to a POP or IMAP mail server with 3/3.5G connectivity and lots of juice. I do that all the time.
  5. wiiz

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    Get blackberry from either maxis or celcom .

    Here some info about what blackberry is...:D
    BlackBerry 101 How-To Lecture Series | CrackBerry.com
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    Thanks for the valuable input and tentatively I've going ahead with the E71 but I understand I need to get an application to make my push email to work which is going to burn a hole again in my wallet. As tempting as the Blackberry maybe, again I'm not aware what are the additional charges that I may incur to have the push email feature to work.

    Again if anyone has anymore advice, feel free to drop them and I'd very much appreciate it. Good day...
  7. Adrian Wong

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    Hmm.. Correct me if I'm wrong.. but should you not be able to use any e-mail server (including the Streamyx e-mail server) if you use push e-mail?
  8. wiiz

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    once u sign up for the blackberry package (unlimited one), there will be no more extra chrg.
  9. zy

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  10. peaz

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    Remember, Blackberry isn't just the phone. It's the entire system from email server plugin to the telco network integration and the client on the phone.

    So you'll hear things like Symbian or Windows Mobile phones supporting Blackberry, which is correct since they have clients which can recieve push emails. But you'd still need and email server that is able to push it out.

    How it works with Maxis or Celcom now is that if you want it to be enabled on your company's email server? A blackberry gateway of somesort needs to be installed on the email server side to integrate it to the telco's network. This way, everytime you recieve an email, the email would be pushed over to the telco network which would then transfer the email to your phone.
  11. Jeremy

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    Test posting via my mobile phone. I'm on push mail now. Thanks for the feedback guys
  12. peaz

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    Good good :D

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