Samsung SGH-L760 Mobile Phone User Logs

Discussion in 'Notebooks & Mobile Devices' started by rusty, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. goldfries


    yes. so far 2 ways i use for locking

    1. wait till it goes idle
    2. use the STOP OPERATION setting for slide.

    i'm attempting to recreate the bug and it's pretty difficult cos i'm still observing the pattern. what it does it that the phone MUST prompt you for locking, then only the bug occurs.
  2. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Just met Shaz at another Samsung event. He demonstrated an odd issue with his L760. Check if you have this problem.

    Call anyone on the phone. Ask them if you sound odd (like slightly electronically-altered) on the phone. See if THEY sound odd on the L760.
  3. goldfries


    the day i got the phone, i tested the phone by calling my wife and i've been talking to many on the phone and so far the sound quality is great!
  4. rusty

    rusty Newbie

    Same here. Sound quality is awesome when making and receiving calls. No complains of abnormalities from the other line. It may sound crazy, but i actually reply to this topic on my sgh-l760. :p
  5. rusty

    rusty Newbie

    the back fo the numpad heats up real fast when in use especially during surfing and hooked up as a 3g modem, which is what i'm doing now.

    btw, in case you guys are asking, i'm in penang right now XD
  6. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Okay this is weird. Cause Shaz's unit definitely had a metallic audio output... :think:
  7. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    OT : Hey, are you there for a holiday.. or are you from Penang?? :D
  8. rusty

    rusty Newbie

    i'm on a holiday :D well, actually i'm attending my big customer's wedding. only be back on sunday. great time to test it's mobile internet and blogging capabilities.

    I do notice that internet connection via phone modem is a tad less responsive then compared surfing on the phone itself. maybe it's because i've disabled java, images and sound on the phone for better loading time. but the heating up of the keypad makes mobile surfing uncomfortable. Not unusual since phones do heat up when in use.

    also, 3G isn't that great as what they advertize. it feels like 56k dail up is faster. >.<

    Probably Shaz's unit is the few rare units with random bugs. like what most of us here face.

    btw, why not link this forum to Lawrence? it's another way to keep track of user's feedback :)
  9. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    I think Samsung knows about this thread but they are very busy, so I fill them in with questions from you guys. :haha: :haha:
  10. goldfries


    you can actually load the forum and reply?

    i try to browse also difficult already.

    Yahoo Mail at least ok la. forums, i never even though of loading it.

    and yes 3G browsing is damn slow la, my site feels like running from dial-up even though they say 3G packages goes at 384kbps.
  11. rusty

    rusty Newbie

    Yup. It loads because i disable pictures java and sound. But this forum is not meant for mobile. Another thing. There is no t9 input when in browser mode. Makes typing in forum difficult. Replied on L760
  12. rusty

    rusty Newbie

    Any updates on how to install games yet?

    another thing, i notice that when in modem mode, i can't access the phone through smasung PC studio. but SMS still works while using 3G bb on a laptop via phone modem mode.

    tested youtube streaming on the SGH-L760 yesterday night. It was responsible for youtube to warn mobile users regarding the high amount of data transfer during streaming and advice users to switch to an unlimited plan. Video streaming was okay to say the least, even with graphic, java and sound turn off, the video stream was unaffected and played through the phone's built in media player. There was no skips but there seems to be graphical artifacts once in a while like watching a scratched pirated VCD. There was no sound skipping but the sound quality was really sub par compared to non mobile youtube. and the collection of video available is limited.
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  13. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hmm.. I think there's a mobile-friendly version of this forum. Must ask Chai about it when he gets back. :think:
  14. goldfries


    I tried loading the forum to day and it loaded fine. I just can't login despite entering username / password and clicked on the button.
  15. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hmm.. Any error message? Did you enable cookies?

    BTW, for those trying to access the forum using mobile phones, you can try changing the style (look at the far bottom, on the left side) to Mobile Alabama.
  16. marc

    marc Team Tech ARP

    Just wondering. How do you guys find the camera quality on the L760? :D
    Don't count the fact that it has no auto-focus, though.
  17. goldfries


    no error messages. it just reloads the forum.

    yes. cookie and all enabled.

    while attempting to answer your question, i just discovered that

    the picture at <=-- this is at BLOGSPOT la. Just that I titled the site to my main site so it looks as if I'm linking to main site.

    is stored at Shozu, under the following address

    camera quality? mediocre at best.
  18. rusty

    rusty Newbie

    The W850 doesn't have autofocus and yet produces better pictures then the SGH-L760. I guess camera function isn't samsung specialty.

    Here's something weird. I've uploaded 3 pictures during my trip in penang, and none of them are posted in my blog. I've got a confirmation message that my pictures are uploaded. furthermore, i only set one destination in my ShoZu setting which is my test blog. I don't have any other accounts linked to ShoZu. :nuts:

    Got 2GB Micro SD. testing headphones and music quality soon :mrgreen:
  19. rusty

    rusty Newbie

    weird, works for me though.
  20. rusty

    rusty Newbie

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