Scalar Energy Pendant. Are they a scam?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by ToyotaFreak, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. ToyotaFreak

    ToyotaFreak Just Started

    Question as per thread title.

    My mother's friend tried to push this so called pendant to us.

    I did a small amount of research on this and there seem to be a ratio of "It works" & "It's a scam" on blogs and forum threads.

    Looking at it, I'm leaning towards the "It's a scam" side.

    Now, I did try to research on the technical side of things, but I can't seem to find any solid proof (Need it to get my mother's friend out of this fantasy product.). Okay, to be honest, I don't have a medical, scientific or engineering background (Which explains it.).

    Some of the links I went through.

    Tell me by Michelle C: ...nothing but fallacy and in other words: Bullshit.
    Zen Quantum Pendant
    What is SCALAR ENERGY? Can scalar energy pendant & bracelet boost our energy, balance, focus & makes us calm? - Yahoo! Answers
  2. Trinity

    Trinity Little Kiki Staff Member

    Waste of money imo.:think:

    Gold makes trin feel better.... Or better yet, cash!!!:p
  3. lee_what2004

    lee_what2004 Just Started

    its just on the physchological side, only selling hope :naughty:
  4. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    SCAM, period. If any of these stuff ever works, don't you think the doctors would be prescribing them, instead of drugs and surgery?

    This is not the only crazy thing being sold to guillible people though.

    How about alkaline water systems that turn "bad, acidic tap water" into "healthy alkaline PURE water"? Never mind the fact that pure water is NEUTRAL, drinking alkaline water for health is sheer stupidity.

    What about magnetic bracelets that "improve blood circulation" by making the blood cells move faster. :nuts: Some folks claim it's because red blood cells have haeme which is made partly from iron. However, they failed to mention that haeme (or heme) is NOT magnetic, so magnets have absolutely no effect on them. If they did, we wouldn't be able to use MRI machines because turning them on would have pulled all our blood OUT of our body. Imagine that... :D

    There are many more scams out there. Before you buy anything like that, ask yourself - if it's really that effective, why do they need to sell it by TV, through multi-level marketing, etc?

    For my preliminary test results of this scalar energy pendant, please see
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  5. kayFX

    kayFX Newbie

    the doctor itself has spoken.. :D to me whatever pendant or bracelet it just an accessories.. for health related issues go to certified and qualified ppl.. if got headache go for drug rather wearing a bracelet or whatever pendant.. err.. don't do drug.. what i mean by drug is drug for medication..:D
  6. conxtion

    conxtion Newbie

    It actually works

    I was also of the same opinion - that it is a scam.

    But ...

    One day, a friend of mine who tunes high performance cars (I mean BMW and above) for a living, had a customer who showed him this pendant. My friend attached his equipment to the customer's car and tested the power output. The customer then put the pendant on the engine, and my friend re-tested the power output. The testing equipment actually registered a noticeable increase in power. The customer was very happy and paid my friend extra for the two test charts.

    So, it's not a scam, just something that science has no answer for at the moment. Just like the common cold is not a scam, just that medical science has no answer for it at the moment.

    Keep your mind open. A closed mind is dangerous.
  7. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    LOL! I really have no idea what to say... other than I hope your friend was smart enough to pitch the idea of using scalar energy pendants to improve engine power to his customers and car manufacturers.
  8. Brian

    Brian Newbie

    Except that experiments purported to show the existence of this scalar field, and any effect beyond what classical electromagnetism has predicted, have returned a null result.

    And I also had a friend who worked in the company hawking that crap, and his conclusion: it's a fake thing, and they're just selling you the placebo effect to make you feel better, and with placebos, the higher the price, the better you feel about it.
  9. conxtion

    conxtion Newbie

    You Tube etc

    Hmm, how would you explain all those You Tube videos on the enhanced physical stability of those (also disbelieving) people who wore the pendant for the first time? :confused:

    Placebo effect could be a powerful influence, of course. ;)

    "Experiments purported to show the existence .. have returned a null result." Perhaps science has much to catch up on? Certainly, human knowledge is still at a very low level. We're not even able to put a man in space further than the moon. Medically, there are so many "incurable" diseases, according to Western medical knowledge. Yet, there are many "faith healers" who have performed "miracle" healings. Placebo effect or just deficient human knowledge? :mrgreen: You decide. But perhaps, before you even decide, do the scientific thing and go observe a "faith healing" session.

    Cetainly, qigong and yoga have helped me to stay healthy.

  10. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    That's the placebo effect. I've seen it myself only a few weeks ago.

    An aunt bought an expensive device that claims to rid her house of pesky mosquitoes using ultrasound and electromagnetic waves. Right after she started using it, she claimed her house was mosquito-free.

    Never mind the fact that I was bitten just minutes earlier, and my wife was busy beating away the many squadrons of mosquitoes descending on us like the Japs at Pearl Harbour! :haha: :haha:

    I went back to research the device and found that even the US Army examined such devices because they would be extremely useful in the hot jungles of Asia. Guess what they found - NONE OF THEM WORKED!

    But my aunt still insists it works... I guess the bugs biting her are a new species. Definitely not mosquitoes as far as she can tell. :haha: :haha:
  11. Brian

    Brian Newbie

    The placebo effect does nothing at all, it only makes things better in your head, as we try to rationalise the purchase. But of course, you're always welcome to buy things that make you feel better, but how much better it'll get to some observer, I'm not too sure.

    The scalar field thing is supposed to be a scientific theory, which predicts extra results which are not predicted by classical electromagnetic theory. But the problem is experiments designed to test these 'extra' effects not predicted by classical electromagnetism have found nothing of this purported scalar field 'extra' effects, hence the null result, i.e. at best it's equivalent to electromagnetism.

    I'm not having a closed mind here, I'm just being skeptical.

    Pizza, lack of sleep, and being sedentary has also helped me to stay healthy, so what do you say about that? I feel healthy that's for certain, can you dispute that now?
  12. conxtion

    conxtion Newbie


    :D Exactly my point. Science says pizzas, lack of sleep and being sedentary is NOT GOOD for you, but you feel healthy nonetheless. :thumb:

    This shows that science is still in its infancy, and when science is not able to test / prove something due to lack of knowledge, it sure doesn't mean that thing does not exist! :confused:

    Cheers. :beer:

  13. Brian

    Brian Newbie


    I can feel healthy and yet drop dead the next day, and that's the thing, 'feeling' healthy means absolutely nothing at all because it's not an objective comparison.

    There are plenty of people who felt healthy, went to the doctor, and found that they had cancer. So much for feeling healthy being a metric to compare things eh?

    You missed my point. Try again.

    In fact it shows absolutely nothing at all, because science can never prove your claims, because you have no objective, observable metric at all other than 'feel'. There are many men who are getting married to their dream brides are the happiest people in the world right now, or due to some other success. Try telling me who exactly is the happiest person in the world then. Can you compare 'happiness'?

    C'mon, the bloody scalar energy thing says it is a science, it claims to be one, it claims to give measureable effects through experiments, but has provided absolutely nothing new, absolutely no new effects. If it is indeed some scientific theory, why has it provided no observable changes? Why does it even need to advertise itself through things such as 'feel' which cannot be compared at all?

    But hey, I know plenty of people who buy branded fashion wear at some super cost that makes them feel better compared to cheap clothes or something, and I guess this item just serves the same purpose; make people feel better about themselves by spending cash on items on themselves. My problem with this damn product is that it claims to do 'extra' things through science, but actually hasn't, and now the proponents of the product are claiming that it's somehow beyond science when the product was marketed as something bloody scientific in the bloody first place!
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  14. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Seriously, you feel healthy even if you lack sleep??? :shock:

    Science isn't perfect. There is much we do not know yet. But if scalar energy is real, its effects wpuld be measurable.

    It's like dark matter or even black holes. You can't see them, but that doesn't mean they are not there. You can still measure their effects on visible objects.

    More importantly, scalar energy or scalar field hasn't been proven yet. How do you come up with a pendant that generates this "energy" or "field" that has yet to be proven to exist in the first place?
  15. schindyguy

    schindyguy Newbie

    I decided I needed to register for this forum and be involved in this discussion because I am trying to figure out the OP question as well.

    It all started about a month ago when my girlfriends dad came back from a business trip from Thailand, Philippines, and Hong Kong. He manufactures stuff overseas and he always brings back knock offs, misc gifts, etc for his kids and family. After the initial gift giving was over, he pulls out that scalar pendent and starts doing the body tricks with it to all of us. Now I am biggest skeptic, and I was critical of everything he was doing the whole time during the demonstrations.

    I have got to say, I am convinced that something is real. I was literally trying to not make it work and it was still working. While clenching the pendent in my hand, he was hanging his whole bodyweight (around 200) on my right arm when I only had my left foot on the floor (I weigh 135). Without the pendent, he didnt even have to push down that hard before I was pushed over. He also did the behind the back body trick as demonstrated in this video /watch?v=25DK7oairpg

    To confirm my doubts even more, he brought it to a mothers day function and literally did it to all 20 guys around (and some girls too).

    I was hoping to find a definitive explanation as to how this works, but the placebo effect is not cutting it for me. This wasnt the placebo effect. I want you, Mr. Wong, to find someone who has it and have him perform the body tricks to you and tell me what you think. Its not a placebo, I can guarantee you that. I didnt want it to work, and it did....

    My original explanation was that it simply was a body trick and that any small object clenched in a hand would produce the same result if the participant (through the placebo effect) thought that it was all-powerful. Well I experimented with that and failed at disproving the scalar pendent as well.

    I really dont understand whats going on, but please don't tell anyone else its the placebo effect. I would rather you just call me stupid:lol:
  16. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hi shindyguy,

    Frankly, that sounds too farfetched to be true. I may not be there to see it for myself, but I do know one thing.

    If it's true that scalar energy can allow him to hang his whole body weight on your right arm while you are only standing on your left foot, then it's proof that scalar energy exists and we can use it to create all kinds of useful products.

    However, with the exception of scalar pendants which is far from what I would call "useful", I have yet to see any serious application of scalar energy. If it's really true, why hasn't anyone tried to make use of it to create the next revolutionary product? Like cars that can carry more while using less fuel, or even levitate on scalar energy?

    Sorry, I just don't buy it. Maybe I'm too much of a skeptic to buy into every new "amazing product" that comes along. Why should I anyway, unless they are real products with real functions?

    Think about it. All your girlfriend's dad's scalar pendant has done is allow him to do some body tricks (if it's even true). If it actually gave him superhuman powers, then he could have used it to break Olympic records or do something "useful". No, all he has apparently done is some "tricks", as you put it yourself. Thanks, but no thanks. :)
  17. karhoe

    karhoe Newbie

  18. conxtion

    conxtion Newbie

    Experience it

    Well, all I can say is these sceptics just talk, but are not scientific enuf to experiment it for themselves (one even calls himself a doctor). All this talk cock about placebo is getting them nowhere and not giving them any credibility, if they got no guts to experience it themselves. :confused:
  19. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

    Why is this still going on... :think:

    If they (and I) think its horseshit, who the hell cares? If other people believe it and buy it, who cares? No one loses any thing. I am not better off/worse. Neither are you (or are you? hmm?).

    It's one thing when people argue facts and its a totally other thing when one has nothing but adhominem attacks.

    All I know if there really were Jesus-like (figure of speech, no offense to my good church going friends) pendants, we would have world peace, Nobel prizes would have been awarded, it would cure cancer and AIDs, solve global warming and the Polar Bears, kill all terrorists, bring peace to the middle east, and we would have perpetual motion machines. Instead, all I see are hearsays.

    If it's too good to be true, guess what? It most probably isn't...
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  20. Brian

    Brian Newbie

    Bollocks. Buy me one pendant and I'll perform the required experiments for you, and in front of an audience comprised of the forum members here to verify the claimed effects.

    So you want me to gain credibility? Come get me one and I'll do all the experiments to prove or disprove it. So what's about the no guts thing again? It's more like why should I pay a bloody thousand ringgit for a bloody thing I believe wouldn't work.

    I await your response.
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