Scalar Energy Pendant. Are they a scam?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by ToyotaFreak, Dec 10, 2008.

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    As explained, I've been quite busy with some personal matters recently, including the death of my grandfather. Don't worry. I will certainly reveal the results of my findings. I just hope you have enough of an open mind to accept the findings whatever they are.
  2. Adrian Wong

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    If anyone can prove that scalar energy pendants REALLY work, they can take up the James Randi Challenge and win ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

    Don't you want to win a million dollars yourself? Prove it by taking up the James Randi challenge! :beer:
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    That's possible we're discussing both topics then, I was referring to free energy in both terms of being free to the public and as a resource that could be tapped into infinitely. Of course it was in his infant stage but the fact that he could create electrical storms using less power makes you realize he had the capacity to expand his ideas on a global scale using a wireless form of transportation, this entire concept being far too advanced for people at that time to fathom.

    In regards to Niagara falls that was BEFORE he began working on his tower and developing a new form of energy. Yes he was working on wireless technology, however his concept if you read into it wasn't just the use of transmissions but of actual power that could be passed on to others as well.

    This is why we've had the concept put on hold because Morgan ended up backing Edison 100% and slandered Tesla as Edison wanted profit from his work and Tesla was more concerned about advancing the technology which would threaten Morgans finances.
  4. Xanthos

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    See, you have failed to answer the question. There is no data available, there is no research done by reputable source.

    It has nothing to do with temper, like I said, you can be another scammer. What I learn is "I TRUST NO ONE".

    Yes, there is always technology, but do you think they have the energy to implement it?

    Are you serious? Wow you really believe just what you see and your told. You honestly think they have this technology BUT they don't have the energy to make it happen? For ****s sake dude CERN is just what's been let out to the public do you really think thats the extent of technology on the planet? Particle technology has been in the works since the end of the cold war, you just don't hear about this stuff on the headline news.

    Remember when cell phone was once big & bulky?
    Technology is available, but can they implement it?

    How long does it take to make it small and portable.
    It is existing technology but not perfected

    Of course it all exists but it's typically assumed the technology released into the public has already been around for 50 YEARS in government testing... The stealth bomber was already a prototype in WW2. My point being DON'T believe, yet you're still buying into what your told.

    The same goes to computers. Computers now are so many times faster than computers before, but it is EXISTING technology. They just don't have the capacity to perfect it.

    And the video, placebo effect again. Its all in the mind.

    You want to believe cell phone is bad for you then you will feel that you will be weak.

    Sure, ok do this then, try the muscle test, until you do I just can't take you seriously. Also try as hard as you can to think the cell phone makes you strong and that it does nothing bad to you while holding it up to your heart. You first need someone to push on your arm while holding it up just like in the video. Then have them push down again when you're holding the cell phone, think that you're god and that nothing can harm you for all I care. Your arm WILL drop.

    Then you can come back here and rant on about how it didn't work but you and I will both know who's lying then. If you actually do the test you will see, until then you're simply judging without testing.

    You see the problem with all this test is they know what they are holding, they expecting to be weak then they will be weak.

    Did you even read my post before??? If you have the pendant do the test with rock and then a tennis ball if you want and then the pendant, watch how the pendant is the only one that makes a difference. Try it on someone who knows nothing about it, have 2 people who don't know each other and don't know anything about the pendant try it... its the SAME result!

    At least if you're going to make responses like this give me the respect to at least read my post, there's no point speaking to a wall. I'm giving you an easy test to do to prove there's something to muscle testing and because you're afraid you might be wrong by doing it you refuse. Its quite easy to do, so in which case if its too hard then maybe we shouldn't even be talking about things like this but you're an engineer right? Seem like you should be a smart guy, why not do the test and prove me wrong? Just turn your cell phone on, hold it to your chest and have another person muscle test you without and with it.

    Its just like me playing tennis, when i believe I can take the shot, I can take it well.

    When i believe I suck, I do really suck at tennis.

    Yes this is true, there is no doubt that the mind has a very powerful effect on everything we do. However again as I've stated before the effect of the pendant is NOT a placebo, I've given you clear instructions on how to muscle test with a cell phone to see that you will get weak from it when held to your chest. Not 1 person who has performed this test properly has ever been able to hold their arm up, EVERYONE drops. I'm ready to hear you respond with a lie, that much I can predict, but again you'll know what happened.

    Its all in the mind, if you believe in something, you will freaking do it better. Its all about self-confidence at well.

    Showing me one video is no different from showing me magic/illusion videos.

    Please tell me WHAT is the trick? Honestly because I don't know then, why is it that when I do the cell phone test I can't hold my arm up. I can think all day about the cell phone not being there, that its healing my heart that I'm super strong etc. It makes no difference, that arm is dropping. Of course people can mess up a muscle test, however the cell phone test is the only one I never see messed up, since everyone is weakened from the phone.

    That video is not even real data, there is no proper constrains applied.

    You want to prove that kind of data, you have to take 1000 test. If cannot disclose if the person is holding a cellphone or a pendant. You have to randomize it. Then you have to analyze the data if there is any relations.

    I've done numerous tests (at least 200+) and thanks to what you've said today I'm going to do more to further prove it isn't a placebo. Anyone who thinks that just take a cell phone to your chest that's turned on and just have someone push down on your arm, guaranteed you can't hold it up. Try it without the cell phone and you'll feel the strength difference. There's nothing to it and anyone who judges it simply hasn't done it yet.

    :snooty: :snooty:

    And the video of nikola tesla, who did the video? some random dude in love with tesla?

    Wow...just... Wow, you even criticize the video of Tesla??? lol
    Honestly what do you want, really I'm not kidding, what is your goal in life, simply spite, arguing, clashing, debate? I understand fully now nothing I say makes any difference, ah well. Do the cell phone test, watch your arm drop and stand in bafflement trying to understand why your mind isn't strong enough to withstand it....because its only in your mind right, and you know this as fact, right? How is that btw?

    The only free energy is the amount I've wasted in replying to this nonsense lol.
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  5. Xanthos

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    What I'm genuinely curious about is what do you mean by really work? What do you expect to happen or expect of a scalar energy pendant?

    The strength improvements, EMF protection, everything, is it a tangible difference or do those not count for anything, the ion counters go up from them... but that doesn't count for you guys, so my question to you is what is proof instead of asking for proof repeatedly can you guys define what you mean, and by that I mean something that I or someone else on these boards could prove to you ourselves, or do we not count as it seems anyone who defends them are labeled as scam artists even if we aren't sellers.

    So again do we have to coerce an actual scientist to come and post on these boards after performing vigorous tests that meet your standards? I'm just confused, how is your proof defined in a way that can be presented on this forum right now that would beyond a shadow of a doubt change your minds. I'm at the point where I believe such a thing is impossible and that nothing can be said to convince you guys otherwise you've made up your minds and prefer to simply judge and criticize those who defend them.

    Much of which I know are difficult to "Prove" in the conventional sense thats why I rely on the muscle test, if my body is stronger from something I gravitate towards it if it makes me weaker I move away from it. Unfortunately EMFs are everywhere so its kinda tough to avoid.

    I recall you received one from someone else, so assuming yours is a legit pendant then you should be able to test with it. At the least you can do the cell phone test which I provide basic instructions on below how to do.

    Oh James Randi, is such an angry man although amusing to see. I do agree with some of the things he disproves. Like I said I'm a skeptic myself and only believe things I experience first hand. However here's a bit of interesting information to consider as to why he was so determined to disprove everything...

    James Randi was just a long term closet homosexual who just came out recently btw (check wikipedia) and all his pent up aggression towards himself he channeled out as an outlet towards those he saw as Charlatans because he himself was living a lie and couldn't handle it???.... ooooo. He was just reflecting against his own ego (I hold nothing again gay people, I think they're nice people, just kinda bizarre he came out of the closet at the age of 82.)

    Of course he will probably still say whatever he can as you guys are to slander it as nonsense even when I tell you how to do the test yourselves or if I did it in front of you or with you... Still I'd LOVE to do the cell phone test on him at the very least and the pendant tests too, I could muscle test him and baffle his brain. I have no question as to what would happen. (Old people drop like flies when I do the cell phone test so I would try not to be harsh with it)

    I just don't care for publicity or TV/media but if I could get in touch with him in person and show him hell ya! I don't even care about the money... but if he was willing to part with it then SURE :D

    I realize all too well that making videos and saying what I will can never convince you guys of anything.... and I'm already tired of doing so, some will believe it and some won't... That's just the nature of things, I do understand in a way where you guys are coming from because I used to be the same way and get angry at people making claims because I thought they were bsing people to make a quick buck and it pissed me off. Then I eventually learned not to generalize things so much and take every case individually, yes some things are placebo however this is not one of them.

    That's why I want you to all do this test yourself, if you're truly skeptical but want to see what this is all about then do the test, it takes like 1 minute to do.

    HOW TO MUSCLE TEST - Test a Cell Phone/Pendant

    So again on a side note, lets step away from the pendant thing for a sec, and just do the cell phone test. First try muscle testing with someone.

    Have them push on your arm held straight ahead you're using the shoulder muscles not the bicep/tricep muscles, if you're using these muscles then you're arm isn't straight enough. The arm should be able to stay up, make sure the other person is applying reasonable pressure, but not so much as to hurt the person.

    Then have the person push down on your arm while pressing about a half inch above the spot in between your eye brows.

    This for many people will make their arm drop. If it doesn't have them drink some water, for whatever reason it can mean they're dehydrated (I don't understand why it does this it just does)

    Then have the testee hold their arm out while holding a cellphone turned on against their chest. Now push down on their arm, they won't be able to hold it up. If you have a pendant on hand they will be very strong and their arm won't drop.

    Now before you guys all judge and say what you will I want you to all do this. Now sometimes people who are new to muscle testing can't figure out the amount of pressure needed. Just feel it out and press down enough on the persons arm so as not to hurt them, but with significant pressure, if you're pushing their arm down however it may be too much (this is when they're not holding anything, although sick, elderly and weak people will drop their arms more easily than others.)

    Then try it again when they're holding a cell phone. There are cases where if someone thinks negative thoughts then yes its easier to drop their arm and when they think positive thoughts yes it will be harder to push.

    HOWEVER when holding a cell phone against their chest it won't matter, as it also won't matter when they use the pendant, the pendant will make them strong the cell phone will make them weak...

    So there you go, there's a test, if performed correctly you can make your own judgments, but at least you've tried it. I encourage anyone reading this thread to try this test as well. If they feel they need to see for themselves if muscle testing really works. Here's the video again YouTube - EMF Cell Phone Test - Amazing Scalar Energy EMF Protection Pendant Neutralize EMF as an example.

    The End :dance:
  6. zy

    zy Staff Member

    You think I don't know about CERN? Heck, I have a friend over there. Any let me ask you again, how big is CERN? Do you think you can have a particle acceleration in your own home?

    Yes, because they have to financial to do so, they have the money to do so. Prototypes aren't perfect thats why it is a prototype. Do you see people selling prototype cars to public?Do you think stealth technology is based of scalar energy?

    Like I said, you video you could be faking it, how do I know if your video is the real deal? No different from street magician.

    That is because it is not a controlled variable. Don't you know each run is always different? Your simple test concludes nothing. Like I said, why don't you prove it by having reliable sources or test instead?

    Read my previous post.

    I will do a test, but I won't use your simple methods because there is no controlled variable. 200 test is nothing if you do it on the 200 different person.

    You need to do atleast 4 test on the same person and analyze the data.

    See my problem here, data, your data is not reliable, not official. again, WHY AREN'T THERE JOURNALS or RESEARCH DONE BY RELIABLE TRUSTWORTHY SOURCE?

    I didn't criticize, I wonder where this video comes from. Some person who has too much time or a RELIABLE TRUSTWORTHY SOURCE?

    Guess what, my free energy is also wasted replying to your nonsense. lol.

    Oh, btw, my energy isn't free, it comes from food, and all everything leads back to the sun.
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  7. zy

    zy Staff Member

    So, which brand of "scalar energy" pendant do you sell?
  8. zy

    zy Staff Member

    oh ya, and what is "scalar energy" ?:wicked:

    The only place that uses the term "scalar energy" are pendants sellers. :sick:
  9. bjean

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    sorry about that
  10. bjean

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    they did the same few tests seen on YouTube - two feet on the ground, one hand up at shoulder level & the demonstrator pushes it down with resistance. With a ringing cellphone on the other hand, it really seemed easier to push the hand down. :roll: Oh yea, there were a lot of skeptics. Some guys insisted on testing it themselves & got their own gf/bf's to do it but it seemed to really work the same. :shock: Now, we all know about cellphone radiation etc. & there are a lot of gadgets that cut down the radiation so not a big surprise for me here.

    The one that actually blew me away was the chair lift demo. :confused: There were 4 volunteers, (actually my friend pushed me into the volunteers' den). Putting our 2 hands together, pointing out the index fingers, we were asked to lift a big guy sitting on a normal metal framed foldable chair.

    Two guys at his armpit & two gals underneath his knees. At the count of 3, we managed to rock him up off balance :? ... then we were all given the 'magic rock' to clasp in between our palms.. told to wait for a few seconds, & this time we all lifted him up at least a feet in a breeze, with so little effort.. no kidding. :eh: We were in shock that I just wanted to drop him off that height at that very moment bcoz just moments before that, my friends were making faces at me & I was 'shooting' them with my 'magic-rock' clasped hands & pointed index fingers.. :twisted:

    Two person bought a pendant right after that. I've yet to as I'm not an impulse buyer & these are definitely not cheap, thus the online research that led me here.:)

    I did hear a guy say out loud 'wtf is scalar energy, asian scammers!' .. but.. from our observation & definitely heated discussion among four engineers, honestly, didn't seem like there were any tricks-behind-the-sleeve..
    ...just lotsa 'what-if's'..;)
    what-if some part of it works.. maybe its not 'scalar energy' bcoz we've never heard of it.. maybe its something else.. hence my thoughts of 'chi' & 'chakra' (as in my earlier post)..
    i also know of 'emotional-energy' which is also non-quantifiable in science.. just my 2 cents here, no plans for war..

    cheers guys.. hv a good weekend ahead :beer:
  11. zy

    zy Staff Member

    Can you explain in more details about this chair lift demo?
    When you are lifting, are you lifting the chair+person without touching the person? :think:

    Because, I have 2 cats, one weigh slightly heavy by 0.5 pound... but the lighter one always feel heavier....
  12. bjean

    bjean Newbie

    The person itself, pointed fingers directly underneath his knees & armpits. His knees at 90' angle & his arms folded as in 'i dream of jeanie'

    Could it be the way u r carrying it? Or the fur?
  13. zy

    zy Staff Member

    I see, I wonder why they wont let you carry the chair with the person on it, I always wonder why they use human physical touch instead. Human physical touch is not a constrain at all.

    No, it because of my cats character :lol: One is calm, the other isnt. The one that isn't calm always feel heavier when I carry her, but she is lighter. She hates being carried :mrgreen:

    The calmness of the subjects affects us all.

    If you carry something that is lighter but shakes more, you ending up using more strength/energy.

    same goes with turbulent flow & laminar flow liquid.
  14. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    I always wonder... if scalar energy pendants really work, why isn't the technology being used in everything from refrigerators to cars? We could have refrigerators that use less electricity and cars that use less gas.

    I'm sure at least the militaries of the world would be interested in technologies that can not only create FREE energy, but also increase their soldiers' strength, stamina, etc. But why are no scalar energy pendants being issued to any soldier in any army in the world?

    Is it really because there is an evil conspiracy to keep this technology from the masses? If it's true, then it isn't much of a conspiracy since you can get a scalar energy pendant from countless sellers online.

    Why do those who swear that scalar energy pendants work repeatedly refuse to answer the James Randi challenge? There is a whole million dollars right there for the taking! All you have to do is demonstrate that scalar energy works!

    All these YouTube videos and impressive but meaningless pseudo-science talk are irrelevant without proper, objective testing. Anything can be faked and magicians have demonstrated that time and time again.
  15. zy

    zy Staff Member

    The funny thing is, government is keeping it secret, how come only pendant sellers has this technology? :nuts:

    In that case, pendant sellers are not sharing technology as well, they are selling it to gain profit.

    And another question Xanthos has failed to answer again:

    Are you a pendant seller?
  16. zy

    zy Staff Member

    And wtf is SCALAR ENERGY?

    The term scalar energy is energy with magnitude but no direction.

    Does that make sense?

    How about I call my own energy vector energy, its sounds more fancy, its even better, it has magnitude and direction.
  17. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    It's a safe bet he's a pendant seller. They are all freaking out because this thread continues to be at the top of links in Google when you search for the term "scalar energy pendant" or "scalar energy pendant scam".

    We need to keep this thread's link up at the top by having as many folks as possible link to our thread.
  18. zy

    zy Staff Member

    if his site is scalarenergypendants[dot]com , yes he is freaking out because this thread has is above his.
  19. Perfecthigh

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    lol, it's actually funny how people on here would bring up about Muscle testing and Chair lifting... most likely they are "Scalar energy pendant distributors" pretending to be regular customers. :naughty:

    "Quantum energy" is found everywhere... you can find it within your own body, it is in the air you breathe, in all living and non living things in this world and out. You can go outside and pick up a piece of rock and wear that around your neck and call that a "Scalar Energy pendant".

    As for the chair lifting test... remember the time when you and your friends were kids/teenagers didn't ya'll ever try doing that lifting trick by repeating some words over and over... "Light as a feather stiff as a board", by doing that and imagine that the person you are lifting is that light... you and your friends are bringing in that very Quantum/Scalar energy to lift up your heavy friend... So really no expensive BS pendant necessary in lifting up your heavy friend from his or her chair.
  20. blueincubi

    blueincubi Newbie

    hi guys. newbie here.

    my mom gave me one of these pendants. trying to keep an open mind on this one, but i have to say that i'll need Journals and stuff like that for me to totally believe this.

    but then again, maybe there's really something going on that's beyond the science we have.

    well. im gonna see how this pendant works for me. i'm just as skeptical as those who go "Rargh. BS." quite frankly, i could've just spent it on some stocks or something :))

    if it doesn't work, then well, a little placebo prolly won't hurt me. if it does, then hell yeah. lemme tell you what i get soon.

    and the top thread really works for me :)) my query was, "scalar energy hoax"

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