Scalar Energy Pendant. Are they a scam?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by ToyotaFreak, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Stay tuned. I will be testing the pendant shortly... once I can catch my breath! I've been travelling the last few weeks - it's exhausting!
  2. zy

    zy Staff Member

    The last I checked, Xanthos is from Canada.
    And the seller on scalarenergypendant is from Canada.

    Coincidence? I don't think so.

    In that case, that would be call chi/qi, not some fancy name called scalar energy.
  3. blueincubi

    blueincubi Newbie

    about the use of the term "scalar energy", maybe it's just a fanciful attempt at perfuming the product? i mean, misused scientific words are commonplace. take for example how people butcher the word "Theory" as something equal to "Hypothesis". so maybe the "energy" they speak of is not really the energy like the Physics concept?

    and for Mr Wong, no judgment on my part, im just as skeptical as you are (like i said, i told my mom this was a waste of money). what i fear is that we may be too bent on disproving it that we may overlook whatever effect (as unbelievable as it may seem) that it has. we all want to get to the bottom of this, i just hope we all stay as objective as we can be.

    as of now, i don't feel anything with the pendant yet? this is my first full day wearing it.
  4. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Don't worry. I intend to elicit objective results, e.g. temperature readings, so there's no ambiguity about whether the pendant works or not.
  5. anonfromphil

    anonfromphil Newbie

    Thanks, Adrian! I'm looking forward to the results. :D

    Anyway, I just found out that the pendant costs PhP3400 (around $76) :shock: price came from the CS guy. :shock:
  6. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Even if it costs just $0.99 cents, it would be a waste of money if it's nothing more than a scam. IMHO, better wait for my review.

    I know we all want something amazing to help us do better in life... but honestly, if it's really so good, why do they have to sell it online, or via MLM? More importantly, if it can really help, why aren't major corporations or even governments using them?
  7. anonfromphil

    anonfromphil Newbie

    :confused: I guess my posts were affected by the hosting issues.

    Anyway, as I have posted earlier, sellers often claim that the stones were from Japan. I don't think Japan would ever let them touch their volcanic stones if ever they were effective, I mean they should be the ones selling this stuff, right?

    Any updates?
  8. zy

    zy Staff Member

    Yes, hosting issues.
  9. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Sorry, our host trashed our HDD, causing some database issues. Chai fixed most of the problems, but we lost some posts as a result. :(

    Well, if Japanese volcanic stones are so powerful, every Japanese would be walking around with one. I never saw one wearing a stone the last time I was there.
  10. Redeagle1

    Redeagle1 Newbie

    Much we do not know

    There is much we do not know about energy, including the so-called human "bio-energy" fields, about which numerous cultures teach, albeit with differing terminology. The "scalar energy" pendants / stickers / bracelets / etc., while seeming to misuse scientific terminology (or pseudo-scientific terminology) may in fact have some ability to block harmful energy via some mechanism. Knowing that there have been no "real" tests, and that scientific terminology has been misused, and that their "experts" had fraudulent (or at least fake) credentials, I have been a major skeptic, attributing observable results with the various demonstrations to the power of suggestion. While recognizing that such may be the case even for a skeptic such as yours truly with some science background, I admit that I have recently seen results which surprised me. (I still want to see some "double blind" type studies, at least on a small scale, as I am not fully convinced that I have yet seen or experienced anything other than the power of suggestion at work. IF the "double blind" studies show otherwise, then we can only acknowledge that something is working, although we may not yet know what or why. - But again, there is very much in this universe about which we know little or nothing.):think:
  11. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Actually, understanding how something works is NOT necessary. It's like driving a car - you do not have to know how a car derives its "powers" to drive it and believe that it works as advertised.

    All we need to do is measure the "effect" the manufacturer claims for its products. When it comes to genuine products, the effects are easily reproducible. If something requires your "faith" to work, then you might as well swallow a vitamin pill and pretend it does the same thing.

    The problem with these so-called bio-energy or scalar energy or what you call it fields, is that their "effects" cannot be readily demonstrated. As I've said it time and time again, anyone who can prove that these things work will WIN A MILLION DOLLARS from the James Randi Challenge. In this economic climate, it's a real sweet deal! :beer:

    Now, do I hear any takers? :twisted:

    The problem is NO ONE dares to stand up for their own product and prove that they work as advertised. We are not asking them to turn lead into gold. We are just asking them to prove that it works as they claim it works. What do we get? A bunch of easily faked videos and "tests".

    If you ask a car manufacturer to prove that his car works, he wouldn't even hesitate! See the difference? All these snake-oil salesmen want to talk about is how it makes them stronger, more "balanced", etc. If it's really so powerful, why aren't the world's top athletes using it to improve their performance? Why isn't the US Army (or even Al Qaeda, for that matter) using them to boost their soldiers' capabilities in Iraq and Afghanistan?
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  12. anonfromphil

    anonfromphil Newbie

    Actually, some athletes (with big names) here in the country (and Redeagle1 might know this) 'endorse' the Fusion Excel pendants, not to mention the ex-president! However, I'm yet to see any of them use this thingamajig in-game.

    Which reminds me of the Mylar hologram-powered Power Balance bracelets - they have the same 'tests', questionable technologies and all... same idea, different brand names, one big corporation?:wicked:

    Would you be so kind to share with us the 'results' that surprised you because most of us here who question the 'effectiveness of scalar energy' are yet to see believable results?
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  13. Redeagle1

    Redeagle1 Newbie

    I too have heard that some of the PBA athletes, and perhaps some others, have endorsed and are using Fusion Excel products. (I don't know that it turned any of them into superstars, however, and any improvement in play could be attributed to the power of suggestion.)

    Re results which surprised me- most recently with a simple sticker manufactured to place on cell phones. The strength test and balance test in particular. Later I saw it tried on some guys without saying anything about what or why, and witnessed similar positive results. (However, I still have yet to witness, try, or see results from "double blind" testing- where neither the tester nor the testee know which item is "real" and which is "counterfeit,"- or with cell phones, which has a pendant sticker and which does not. If I could witness conclusive results from such a test on an adequately large scale, I'd be happy to take the Rand challenge. As has been pointed out, the fact that none have been done raises some serious questions.:think: )
  14. zy

    zy Staff Member

    Those are athletes are paid to wear their product. Just like athletes wearing branded clothings. :mrgreen:

    Do we see the Williams sisters, Nadal, Federer, Roddick wearing them? :cool:
  15. anonfromphil

    anonfromphil Newbie

    Here's an informal try at blind testing the Power Balance bracelets: Power balance test. Same tests, except there were no cellphones/radiation involved.

    I have never seen Manny Pacquiao wear his elsewhere other than with the people who sell this stuff. :cool:
  16. zy

    zy Staff Member

    That is a very good video. :thumb:
  17. Redeagle1

    Redeagle1 Newbie

    Excellent video of a small scale "blind" test :clap: . Also goes to show the amazing power of suggestion... (My guess is that similar results would be had with the so-called "scalar energy" pendants.)
  18. CheeMiss

    CheeMiss Newbie

    Helllllllllo Adrian Wong,

    My, my, my, my........aren't YOU the epitome LAZY LAME JUDGMENTAL EGO!

    LAW CLASS 101: Believe nothing of what you hear and only 1/2 of what you see.
    So it is safe to assume that Science would also hold to that motto, as does most
    of the learned world!

    Here it is, 9 pages later & your still spewing out your couch potato slamming nonsense.

    I too stumbled across this forum thinking that there would ACTUALLY be some relevant dialogue regarding these pendants and most of the posts are from you and what's his name, doing nothing but the couch potato slamming.

    So what, that you did not find anything in your science papers, maybe your looking in the wrong place. hmmmm?

    Oh, radioactive pendants eh? Are you referring to this notice plastered on many pay per click web sites:

    Warning issued on radioactive pendant

    Jinx jewellery: Consumers should not to wear the Quantum Pendant which has an enhanced level of radioactivity.
    The Customs & Excise Department warns consumers not to wear the Quantum Pendant which has an enhanced level of radioactivity.
    If the pendant is kept in continuous contact with the skin the radiation dose will amount to 20% of the annual dose limit recommended by the International Commission on Radiological Protection.
    The Department of Health said although short-term contact with the pendant will not cause immediate harm to health, wearing it long term will increase the risk of cancer.
    Customs officers have seized 10 of the pendants from a supplier.
    Last month a similar model was found to be potentially hazardous to health.

    Well, Canada is very strict. So I should have found this radioactive claim on their web site:

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    Customs and Excise

    The RCMP’s Customs and Excise Program is responsible for enforcing laws within Canada and along the Canada/U.S. border with respect to:

    - the international movement of goods,
    - the illicit manufacture, distribution or possession of contraband products (including tobacco and spirits),
    - the illicit traffic of critical high technology and strategic goods such as chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear components as well as their delivery systems,
    - regulations that impose non-tariff (permit) controls on the international movement of commodities.

    This is the result of a search on their site:

    Advanced Search

    Search for: Quantum Pendant radioactive (and a separate search for: Pendant Radioactive)
    Use AND, OR, NOT, or " " for phrase.
    Language: English
    No documents were found to match your query.

    *** Heck, this news would have aired all over Canada by now if it were true!

    Well Adrian Wong? hmmmm? Why are you not slamming the above radioactive cut & paste article, which is appearing everywhere???
    Did you even bother to check your own countries Customs and Excise Department? No, the couch is more comfortable, isn't it?
    Did you ever think that the competition, knowing how gullible skeptical slammers such as yourself are, put that out themselves to hurt their competition? No of course not. Oh wait, but then again, YOU might be working for the competition! Maybe that is why you don't call a dealer close to your home to come over and give you a FREE DEMONSTRATION. Instead you & your slamming cronies are getting paid big bucks to slam products. That is why you make no intelligent comment like: Gee, maybe I should call someone close to me for a free demonstration and then post my results. Instead you guys just spew out nonsense about placebo & accusations that ppl are sellers of this pendant, and that they should send you a free sample.

    Tell me, do you even know how placebo works? Have you ever been in a double blind study? I have!!! Twice! They have paper work the size of a phone book with screening questions by a certified head doctor to ensure they are NOT DEALING WITH GULLIBLE OR NEGATIVE PPL. THEY WANT ACCURATE TEST RESULTS, AS THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.
    Yet you banter the word placebo like you actually know what you are talking about. Btw: I tested the highest, I did not fall for the placebo, I chose the real medication. The test was a horrendous 6 mth long process that I had to suffer through, it was not until the end that I actually got meds.
    I am FAR FROM a placebo candidate.

    So if YOU & those other slammers with nothing real to contribute other than looking for a hair in the egg yolk, accusing ppl that have anything positive to share as being sellers are done now, then I want you to know that I thank you very, very much for your nonsense, bcos I got angry enough that I wasted so much time reading your tripe that I did my own research. I did not find any Canadian confiscated radioactive pendants info thru google search either. So now I WILL call a rep to come to my home for a FREE DEMONSTRATION. You have convinced me that your opinion is a waste of time and that each person should take advantage of a free demo & judge for themselves & avoid posting their results bcos ppl like you will do nothing but slam & insult.

    They also should be aware that there are knock- offs and if they google search the Quantum Pendant they will see the warnings and how to tell if they are authentic. Also youtube search the videos, lots of obliging ppl have made videos so that you know what to look out for. Not all knock-offs have the same power.
    That's not to say that their isn't any comparable OR better product out there.
    Do your own homework.

    My friend, a financial planner told me today that he bought the Zero Energy pen mths ago and yes, it works for his family & friends......HE IS NOT A PLACEBO/GULLIBLE KIND OF A GUY, (in his line of work he can't afford to be.......HE HAD A FREE DEMONSTRATION! Do you see the operative words, free demonstration!

    So again Adrian Wong & your cronies, thank you for getting me in the frame of mind to check things out for myself & to avoid forums where some of the members DO NOTHING TO TEST THINGS OUT, and do everything they can to insult positive posters. Yep, you & your cronies, just sit there on your couch & continue to watch the world go by.....spewing out your redundant, speculative, sarcastic, nonsense, while other ppl benefit from their efforts OF ACTUALLY TESTING SOMETHING OUT FOR FREE!
    Placebo my Aunt's Fanny!
    Get a grip!

    P.S. When you go to you very own doctor bcos you are not well & he tells you to try certain medications & you ask him for proof of their working .......does he give you any?
    The proof is in the TRYING...........GET A FREE DEMO! :)
  19. CheeMiss

    CheeMiss Newbie

    Oh, I should add that as far as their marketing claims and names for all these types of energy units.....yes, I will agree that they really do a hype-pitch using space age, new age, invented/created verbage to create the buying sizzle.

    That I can see thru in a heart beat. Sales/Marketing is my game. But I cannot pitch or sell a lie. Nope, can't do it, that is why I have to test things out for myself to satisfy my skeptical, analytical mind and so should you.

    Caveat Emptor :think:

    p.s. I just noticed that you're Da Boss......Sorry boss, I'm not prejudice, I just had to tell it like it is. lololololol
    I have been told that I am way to honest for my own good.
    And I won't be hanging around, so if you feel that you need to delete the post, so be it. But at least you got to read it.

    btw: I found an interesting set of pic showing the inside of the Zero Energy pen thing, I sent it to my financial planner friend. He freaked out. He paid close to $300.00 for this healing pen.

    It's a bunch of nano (Earth) magnets with some white powder. So much for their space age technology that took huge bucks years to develop. These things have been in Asia for quite some time & anyone that wants to sell them always gets the supplier to change the names of the product. That is why you see so much competition in the market place. Way to many distributors.

    I hope the link to the page with the pics shows up. Just in case, the web site is: Warrior Matrix,
    Topic Name: Autopsy of a Zero Point Energy Pen

    Link to that page: not allowing to post, so just
    google search:
    Autopsy of a Zero Point Energy Pen

    Personally, I think it's along the lines of Alex Chiu's magnetic rings concept only the magnets are stacked....I wonder if that actually puts out more energy and if that white powder enhances the process? Oh well, the only way to know for sure is to test it.
  20. zy

    zy Staff Member

    Dear CheeMiss

    Are you by any chance related to Xanthos since both of you are pretty much from the same place. :hand:

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