Set fan speed for ATI 48xx cards

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards & Displays' started by Motoman, Aug 18, 2008.

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    First off 77C is way to hot idle but on fan settings does CCC not allow those changes? :think:
  3. Motoman

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    Not as far as I can tell. But you can easily feel the heat from a 4850 at's amazing hot hot they run. I could easily believe the 77C number.

    After a couple minutes it dropped to 51C.

    I am sure that someone is going to come out with an aftermarket cooler for these things - but really, just running the existing fan faster makes a massive difference.

    To be honest, I would not be comfortable at all running them at stock settings. That's just asinine...77C!
  4. Lacus

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    gonna come up with a guide for this :)...helps cold down the card a lot :D.
  5. Mac Daddy

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    Lacus I can't wait Bro it would certainly be helpful to members :D

    It just seems out of place to me. Adrian just reviewed a 4870 with a nice dual slot cooler and I doubt aftermarket air cooling is going to make much of a difference. Don't get me wrong they perform very well overall. Still odd on the fan speeds as well :think:
  6. Motoman

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    ...well, the 4850s have single-slot designs...would probably help a lot if they had the dual-slot 4870 cooler, but they don't.
  7. Mac Daddy

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    Well Lacus traced this to BIOS and seems those cards don't reduce clock and mem settings at idle :think:
  8. Motoman

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    While that is valid, it also would have helped if they didn't try for a single-slot cooler on the 4850s. And/or opted for more air movement. The fan on them now (I got Sapphire models) is dead quiet at stock settings, but is noticeable at 50% - probably obnoxious at 75%. I see no reason why they couldn't put a better fan on the single-slot cooler to move more air without causing too much noise. Other than cost, I would reckon.

    I'm happy with the value the 4850 brings to the table...just wish I didn't have to edit XML files to get them to operate at reasonable temperatures.
  9. Unixlord

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    The stock fan on the first series of 8800GTs was also silent on auto (which would stick to 29% then jump to a very high speed when temps got beyond a certian point). Without ventilation openings of the underlying expansion slots it easily idled at a blistering 71c!

    Now I've got absolute silence with fanspeed down halfway and I'm idling 41c on a hot day with a good <39 scaling as ambient temps drop. (It's 39c right now)

    Oh by the way. You really should try the thermalright hr-03-gt on the 4870. It will definitely keep the load temp in the 50s and with a good fan even lower. I've heard wonderful things about this cooler.
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    Yeah, will be getting the TRad2 once it's released..Should perform much better (and smaller too) than the HR-03 GT. Even the dual slot 4870 is having same problems too with the heat :/...the card is like running at 80c and the fan only at 24-28.
  13. Nikod3mus

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    My Sapphire 4870 runs 80°C idle at stock settings. Fan speed just above 20%. Something had to be done :think:

    RivaTuner was the perfect solution for me. No modifications to the card or losing your warranty. I simply tested several fan speeds and found 25% good and silent idle speed, 40% solid 3D speed and 45% if things still got too hot.

    Fan speed couldn't do the trick by itself so I tuned clock frequency profiles too. 2D clocks are 400MHz/500MHz (core/mem) and at 25% fan it meens around 55-58°C temps. Nice drop from stock :dance:

    3D profile bumbs clocks up to 800MHz/1020MHz and fan speed 40% keeps it under 80°C.

    RivaTuner monitors hardware acceleration and if it's in use -->> 3D profile kicks in and if hw acceleration is not in use -->> 2D profile is in use. Simple ;)
  14. Motoman

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    ...the new Catalyst driver is supposed to have fan speed controls built in now. Haven't tried it yet...
  15. Lacus

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    well, yeah..The lastest CCC 8.10 supports manual fan control :D. Btw besides using rivatuner, 1 can also modify the XML profile for the fan speed. Techarp did a article on it anyway :)...Awaiting my new cooler for now :D :thumb:

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    The fan speed control in the new catalyst drivers is pretty good. You can skip having to use any third party programs, and any XML editing. All of that has been rendered obselete by this driver release.
  17. Motoman

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    Yup - I upgraded all those boxes a while ago. The new feature in CCC is nice and easy to use.

    My only gripe is that they have it in the Overclocking section, which you have to "unlock." Seriously...changing your fan speed so that your card doesn't burn up at stock speeds does not need to be a "locked" feature.

    But works.

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