Signs of a dying modem or just interference?

Discussion in 'Internet & Networking' started by ToyotaFreak, Apr 26, 2016.

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    So, for the past week or so, I had to restart (As in powering off & on.) my modem multiple times (Five on the first time, about seven or eight times today.) before it will reconnect. First time I've experienced this, as it usually reconnects the moment I power it on (Bought the modem 2 years ago, so I doubt it's the age.).

    Also, my house just had an alarm installed (Connected to LAN.) and have read about alarms being able to interfere with my ADSL2 line (Did ask the alarm installer about it and was assured that I wouldn't have any issues being that it isn't connected to call centre.). I thought the alarm could be the issue here at first, but it was working like it should till about two weeks ago. Tried plugging in a filter (Came supplied in the box.) which didn't make a difference, so did unplugging the alarm's LAN cable.

    First image (Photo_01) shows the indicators (Red power light, blue internet lights, & green LAN light), it stays that way not attempting to reconnect till I switch it off. The second image (Photo_02) show how it usually should be (Relevant indicators in green.).

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    It's actually quite common for alarm to go haywire with ADSL. If this is happening after you install the alarm, chances are pretty high.
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    Perhaps a modem is dying if there is no indication of speed dropping or disconnects leading up to it. Often red lights are on and it can't function anymore even if you reset it.
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    First, I would ensure that all phone connected devices have a GOOD filter installed. If you have the filters with a pass-through, use on of the modem as well.
    It seems silly, but I would also change out any filters you had installed. I had them go bad after years for no apparent reason.

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