Singapore-based BIGO LIVE Helps Shape Local Internet Business forged Special Partnership with Indone

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    Singapore-based BIGO LIVE Helps Shape Local Internet Business forged Special Partnership with Indonesian Ministry of Communication

    Singapore home brand BIGO LIVE is the only livestreaming partner proactive in assisting Indonesian government implement livestreaming regulatory measures

    October 12th, 2017, Singapore – Global phenomenon and Singapore’s own livestreaming brand BIGO LIVE hosted a knowledge-sharing partnership where high level senior civil servants from the Ministry of Communication of Indonesia were among a selected team of delegates that attended a meeting held in end August with BIGO LIVE representatives, selectively held in both Indonesia and Guangzhou as an exchange visit to understand the technology powering the livestreaming industry.


    Figure 1. Senior delegates exchange visit to BIGO

    During the visit, the Indonesian delegation got first-hand experience on the use of BIGO’s network monitoring technology which is one of the main infrastructure of the business to ensure that the environment protects users. The team was welcomed by BIGO co-founder Mr Jason Hu Jianqiang with a guided tour of BIGO’s technology, sharing experiences and expert insights on the industry to assist the Indonesian Ministry implement their regulatory measures in Indonesia livestreaming. This cooperation which was forged last year has helped Indonesia Ministry of Communication tremendously as the ministry establishes its internet business in the local market.


    Figure 2.Co- Founder Jason Hu (centre right) and team showing and explaining to Mr Semuel (centre) the technology powering BIGO

    During the visit, Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, Director of General Informatics Applications of Indonesia, said: "We have seen BIGO's efforts in Indonesia, and BIGO has been a good role model in Indonesia livestreaming industry and we hope to further standardize the livestreaming industry practice and regulations in Indonesia with the proactive help and assistance from BIGO.”

    Speaking from Singapore, BIGO co-founder Jason Hu stressed that BIGO has always placed great emphasis and importance in localized network monitoring supervision, user’s safety and respecting every country’s customs and culture. Since the establishment of BIGO office in Indonesia last year, there is a fully functional local network monitoring and surveillance team that incorporates Artificial Recognition technology to monitor round the clock 24hr livestreaming content. BIGO will continue to be proactive and work with the respective Ministry of Communications globally to assist governing bodies to implement regulatory measures in the industry and be the industry role model.

    The Indonesian Ministry of Communications, in recognition of Singapore BIGO's efforts in contributing to local regulatory work in Indonesia, hopes to learn from BIGO's experience and technology set in the livestreaming monitoring system. Additionally, the ministry also intends to establish Singapore home brand BIGO as the role model in the livestreaming industry and also as an Internet business company. Further to that, the Indonesian Ministry of Communications has officially instructed BIGO to work with the ministry’s public relations department to roll out its government campaign for cyber security and livestreaming. It is reported that BIGO is by far the only authorized livestreaming partner who is working with the Indonesian Ministry of Communications.


    Figure 3. Kominfo Mr Semuel tweeted about their visit to BIGO and their learning experience

    It is worth mentioning that, in addition to Huawei, the cross- border visit to BIGO’s offices is the only oversea- business invitation that the Indonesian delegation had accepted.

    This visit is significant to BIGO's long-term development in Indonesia. First of all, the visit represents the Indonesian government's emphasis on the development of new industries, creating an open and safe environment for Internet companies in Indonesia which provides good support to companies such as Singapore-based company BIGO to expand into Indonesia. Secondly, through communication with the Ministry of Communications, BIGO can gain a deeper understanding of local regulations and its culture which brings about better cooperate with local government and set as an exemplary role in the industry. Lastly, the Ministry of Communications had also provided with a lot of valuable suggestions for BIGO’s future development in Indonesia.
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