SteelSeries May Giveaway Contest!

Discussion in 'Contests!' started by Dashken, May 17, 2006.

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  1. Trinity

    Trinity Little Kiki Staff Member


    Check my avatar la.:)

  2. Trinity

    Trinity Little Kiki Staff Member

    Awe man that sucks!!!:( :roll:
  3. Trinity

    Trinity Little Kiki Staff Member


    I also have a new problem, When I was trying to get my headphones working I had to get in my case,,, And noticed my vga fan is not working... I screwed with it and now it's spining again (barely)... Just ordered this

    Hope it fits.:pray:
  4. Trinity

    Trinity Little Kiki Staff Member

    Ahh, Got them working! Great sound!!!:D
  5. Max_87

    Max_87 huehuehue

    man that sucks... :doh: :doh:
  6. zicovsky

    zicovsky Newbie

    Brazil.. so I guess mine will take longer... :pray:

    I hope they don't drop it from the plane like a bomb.. i want it in one piece!
  7. ChampionLLY

    ChampionLLY News Writer

    coz ur profile write Ohio, USA...
    how i know wad Tol is...
    ok, AMD A64 Toledo core.. =P
  8. ChampionLLY

    ChampionLLY News Writer

    lol... hopefully urs arrive in good condition..
    seems like next time they need sth more than paper to wrap it...
  9. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Argghh.. That sucks!!! :mad:

    I think you should get it RMAed. :think:
  10. Papercut

    Papercut Newbie

    And wait another 6-8 weeks? :p
  11. ChampionLLY

    ChampionLLY News Writer

    wad the..
    that sux..
  12. ToyotaFreak

    ToyotaFreak Just Started

    At least it still works! (Sound was great!):thumb: Although it's a little weird holding the new toy with my left hand & using my right hand to type & operate the mouse.

    btw, what's RMA?


  13. ChampionLLY

    ChampionLLY News Writer

    RMA = Return Merchanise Authorization

    it means sending it back to the shop/distro/mfg or whoever is responsible for its warrenty...
  14. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hmm.. I don't think it will take that long. :think:
  15. zicovsky

    zicovsky Newbie

    Okay, mine arrived... but, they took it back! argg!

    It seems before receiving the package I have to pay some taxes and whatever, and I'm never home so they can't leave it there... I called them and now I have to wait till it arrives again...

    let's see!
  16. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Wah.. You have to pay taxes for prizes??? It should be considered a gift... :think:
  17. ChampionLLY

    ChampionLLY News Writer

    wad's there to pay???
  18. Papercut

    Papercut Newbie

    Customs probably chose to intercept the package and charge tax on it.

    Actually yeah zicovsky you should challenge it because technically you haven't paid a single cent for it, which makes the whole purpose of import tax inapplicable.
  19. zicovsky

    zicovsky Newbie

    I don't know how these taxes works around here in brazil.. but this country sux, I'll probably waste more trying not to pay the taxes than just paying them to get the product...

    and if I don't pay in two days the package is sent back to Steelseries!

    god damn lousy country!
  20. Zenphic

    Zenphic Newbie

    Maybe over there it's a fixed fee for customs and duties? Possibly brokerage fees too? :(

    You should first contest it like Papercut said, if that doesn't work better pay it fast then! :thumb:
    Maybe SteelSeries might pay them for you if they knew?
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