step-by-step GTL guide needed - anyone successfully using them?

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  1. graysky

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    I've read a number of posts and articles either directly trying to address GTL's or alluding to them, but none of them have thus far presented a step-by-step method for setting these values at a given overclock (8.5x450 say).

    If you've successfully overclocked a quad to a "high" FSB (>400 MHz), please share your process in setting GTL's and achieving a p95 stable overclock. Also, if anyone has a link describing what a safe range to set the GTL's to at a given VTT, I'd be interested in read it!
  2. Rraven

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  3. graysky

    graysky ARP Reviewer

    Yeah, I read them before. Thanks dude. It's unclear to me why there is no good documentation for this as I know people have used these successfully.
  4. Mac Daddy

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    This is a very interesting topic sorry have nothing to add ATM Graysky but will be following along ...
  5. Draztic

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    I also am interested in this topic, I just set mine to what one of the OCing guides said to but have no idea how to optimize them really. I have a feeling that they might be one walls preventing me from getting past 455fsb, well that and temps of course:wicked:

    Cheers, Draz

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