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Discussion in 'General Software' started by Linda1701, Nov 7, 2018.

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    Hi guys, I am new to the forum and here to ask if anyone has had a similar problem with their music player app on their Samsung phones.

    This problem only started around a year in to me owning the phone. I have had the same 16gb memory card for years and used it in 3 different phones with no problems.

    The problem that I am having is playing certain songs through the music player app. Some songs will cause the app and sometimes the phone to crash.
    Sometimes it can go through an entire 8 hour work shift without it doing it and others it can do it a handful of times in the same time frame. It seems to happen at completely random times. To add to my annoyance, the issue can cause my playlists to be deleted by the phone so that I have to create them again. I have noticed the phone try to resolve itself in a number of different ways.

    The first way I have noticed that the song will stop and nothing on the app will work i.e. forward, previous, pause/play. If I press and hold the main button on the phone it allows me to go in to task manager where it says the music player app is using 30mb of ram and 5% CPU! This causes the app to completely crash for up to 3 or 4 minutes until I am able to use it again.

    The second thing I have noticed is that when it plays a faulty song, the song stops, but after a couple of seconds starts playing again from where it stopped. It does this three times and then automatically skips to the next song, after this everything is fine and works as normal.

    A third way is sometimes when I open the music player app I notice the album artwork takes ages to appear on to the screen, if I try and open an album whose artwork hasnt loaded the screen will go black and freeze. If Im lucky enough for the folder to eventually open , the app crashes again when I scroll. Once its finished crashing and I pick a song to play it will then skip through every song in this folder and states the error message this audio file cannot be played. Only restarting my phone fixes this third issue.

    As a graphic designer I use a mac at work. Im not sure if this is by complete coincidence (or paranoia?) but this problem started happening when I transferred some music from the mac via USB to my phone. I have checked all of the files and they are all .mp3 format. Could this be the cause?

    Another cause is that I have heard some micro sd cards are faulty. Could the write be too slow for my phone to read?

    As a temporary fix to this issue I have tried replacing the songs I know causes the app to crash, this fixes the issue for awhile but it still returns in time. There is less than a gig left on the memory card so Im due an upgrade. I was thinking of getting a 32gb or even 64gb but I dont want to waste money if this problem reappears.

    Any help for this matter would be massively appreciated as this is driving me nuts!
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    Did you try with another music player from the Play Store?
  3. Antorymixi

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    I think you should find a new player to try

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