Team Group Leads Industry with MoStash Reader for iOS and the WC0C Charging Cable with 3-in-1 Connec

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    September 26th, 2017, Taipei, Taiwan
    – Team Group is continuously dedicated to satisfying the needs of our consumers in every aspect so today Team Group announces the latest mobile peripherals with rich features with the introduction of the MoStash Reader, the latest multifunctional microSD reader for iOS mobile devices, and the WC0C 3-in-1 connector charging cable with Apple MFi certification.

    After releasing the award winning MoStash flash drive, Team Group is back and offering a new choice with rich features to iOS consumers – the MoStash Reader. Certified with Apple MFi so quality is assured. Consumers can use MoStash Reader with microSD memory cards to instantly expand and increase storage capacity of iPhone/iPad, so the concerns of insufficient storage space can be avoided and allow users to always have their wonderful memories stored in their devices. MoStash Reader is thin, lightweight, compact and easy to carry. The simple black and white color options with twill, creates a trendy timeless design. Using Team Group’s memory card, the Go Card can unleash the full performance needed for playing 4K ultra high-quality video.

    In addition to using MoStash Reader’s exclusive app, consumers can unleash its powerful features and meet all the requirements for video and storage. The industry leading technology of MoStash Reader App uses a friendly application interface which combined Apple 3D touch and fingerprint identification to continue the user experience of iPhone/iPad with more familiar and convenient operation. MoStash Reader allows consumers to play multimedia files freely and also improve working efficiency at the same time. Exclusive App supports over 40 file formats and is capable of directly opening and browsing any supported files. Additionally, there are rich features like one click backup, file management, encryption and decryption and synchronized access. It allows users to easily play internal multimedia files through gesture control for instant multimedia enjoyment.

    Team Group today also announced the WC0C with Apple MFi certification and three in one connector. There are Lightning, Type-C and Micro-B available for consumers to choose from according to their needs. To improve efficiency, all it takes is one cable to satisfy the charging need of every mobile device such as iOS, Android, portable charger, etc. The WC0C is using reinforced aluminum connector, the joint part of the connector and the cable is strengthened to make it sturdy, durable, antioxidative, and pull resistant. The inside is made of high density and conductivity copper wire material to reduce the power consumption caused by transferring through wire and offer consumers a military grade cable and a faster, smoother charging experience. There are three trendy colors available: Premium Gold, Space Grey and Flaming Red. Consumers can choose color according to the color of their own mobile device or personal preference. It is a mobile peripheral that is both practical and fashionable.

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