Temperature Sensors?

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  1. The_YongGrand

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    Yeah, Winbond, SST, and the others - they are these companies that make these nice temp sensors for satisfying our curiousity about knowing the CPU temps right?

    But I have a question:

    Does the sensor measure the processor's temperature WITHOUT or WITH a heatsink?

    For example: A basic Athlon XP 2400+ with stock heatsink = 73 celcius or the processor only is 73 celcius?? :shock:

    And I can cook my maggi mi on the processor - really - I want to try that already... uh... I need something to fasten the core and something else... :shock: :D
  2. zy

    zy zynine.com Staff Member

    rotfl .. i think the sensor just measure the temperaute regardless with or without heatsink :haha:
  3. SilentBotts

    SilentBotts Newbie

    Yea what he said.
    The temperature that the sensor gives you IS the temp. of the CPU, the CPU doesn't not run at a differen't "internal" temperature.

    With out the heatsink you would see a much higher temp, for about 2 seconds before the CPU cooked itself.

    Also that was a silly question. :p
    And isn't 74 degrees celsius way to hot?

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