the ARP jokes thread!!!!!....come post ur jokes here!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by TungstenBoy, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. trodas

    trodas Newbie

    no checks czechs ok
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  2. trodas

    trodas Newbie

    when strong coffee did not do it
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  3. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    ROTFL!!! Those are hilarious! :D

    Here is another coffee-related comic... When your brain needs coffee urgently... :D

  4. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    I'm still waiting for one of us techies to call their kids "LOL" :D

  5. The_YongGrand

    The_YongGrand Just Started

    From the page: Mother-In-Law Stories and Mother-In-Law Jokes

    Mother-in-Law jokes!

  6. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

  7. strawroot

    strawroot I Lurrrve Panda Biscuit!

    My favorite! Screenshot_2016-02-29-19-54-10.png
  8. Aprill

    Aprill Newbie

    LOL nice jokes :mrgreen::):)

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