The ATI Radeon To ATI FireGL Mod Guide!

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  1. Max_87

    Max_87 huehuehue

    FreeFireGL driver? You can still download them from what? :think:
  2. slykester

    slykester Newbie

    Clear confirmation

    Hey everyone, here is a link to clearly confirm my previous posting. The forsage drivers do not support softfiregl mods, they are only for softmodding radeon-to-radeon (ie. 9800pro to XT) or firegl-to-radeon for using catalyst. Check out the updated forsage readme at and look at the english section at the end. You'll also notice that freefiregl is not available for download, the site was down recently and afterwards all the files were gone. You could patch the ati drivers using the softfiregl patch in rivatuner 15.4, it has a greater chance of success (consult the guide on this site for an overview). Or failing that I could set up a host for the freefiregl files for tues/wed.


    edit: Or would I be allowed to post them here as an attachment?
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  3. nix21

    nix21 Newbie

    hey, I have an ATI made radeon 9700 pro which seems to have the Infineon memory instead of the Samsung. What are the chances of success for modding to a X1-128 since all the FireGL bios seem to be for Samsung 2.8?

    I am not completely sure on the memory, but the bios shows as BK-AMI which seems to be ATI's Infineon Bios Driver. Found that at and clicked on the advanced tab for the 9700 Pro w/Infineon.

  4. suchan271

    suchan271 Newbie

    FFGL Drivers


    I am looking for a set of FreeFireGL drivers since the .RU DL is down.

    Can anyone help me out either by email or post?

  5. suchan271

    suchan271 Newbie

    Tenacity has it's benefits. :)

    If anyone requires the FreeFireGL 6378 drivers, you can get them here:

  6. Max_87

    Max_87 huehuehue

    Boss could you add the driver to ARP's download section? or anyone else? :mrgreen:
  7. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    I'll get hyper_raider to add it into the upcoming binaries database. :thumb:
  8. Max_87

    Max_87 huehuehue

    Thanks boss :mrgreen:
  9. suchan271

    suchan271 Newbie

    possible virus?

    I believe that I may have discovered something rather disturbing about the FreeFireGL_6378 driver set.

    It would appear that the file "Atiphexx.exe" is infected with the following two virus.

    - rbot.or
    - agobot

    I discovered this with the software "Scan Spyware" which offers a free scan on their website.

    I find it curious that Spysweeper, Panda Antivirus and Aluria Security Center did not pick this up however.

    I suppose it could possibly be a false alarm, but it still is a little un-nerving expecially considering the type of virus that the software is indicating.

    I was wondering if you people could test your systems to see if in fact the drivers are to blame or I've contracted these elsewhere.

    My apologies if this is a mistake, but better safe than sorry.
  10. starfish

    starfish Newbie

    I scan the FreeFireGL_6378, and it is ok. No virus found. :D
  11. suchan271

    suchan271 Newbie

    That is good news.

    Just to confirm though. :)

    When the file set is packed the virus will not be detected, only when it is unpacked and installed will the virus be found.

    As well, were you testing on the original .RU download or the new link that I had discovered above?

    We should attempt to make this as controlled as possible.

  12. DanaG

    DanaG Newbie

    I have the FFGL_6430 package, where can I upload it? I tried it as an attachment but the upload timed out.
  13. suchan271

    suchan271 Newbie


    could you possibly email it to me?

    I could set up a P2P server if you'd rather.
  14. DanaG

    DanaG Newbie

    Just note, the FFGL_6430 seems to be missing the Radeon control panels, but the FireGL panels are all there. To configure the Radeon settings, use ATI Tray tools:

    I'll share it on Shareaza.

    EDIT: Don't bother with this package -- it seems quite incomplete. Missing profiles, FGLRYUtil service, Catalyst tabs. Performance is no better than prefious FreeFireGL. It was also missing some critical files that were in the Forsage 42 package. If you want to try them anyway, put the FFGL folder in the Forsage_42 folder.
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  15. Hi,
    Can someone upload the FFGL_6430 or the FreeFireGL_6378 driver, the file provided by the Suchan seems to be corrupted or something I can not seem to extract the file :cry:
  16. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hello silmarillion3d,

    Please hang in there for a while. We are now finalizing our download section. The FreeFireGL driver will be in there.

  17. Rip

    Rip Newbie

    /me hanging in there. There seems to be a lot of demand for that file! In the meantime, if anyone can upload it till the download section gets finalized it'd be much appreciated.
  18. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Give us just 1-2 more days. We have gotten the new Downloads Hub done. Just testing it now. :thumb:
  19. dancingpotato

    dancingpotato Newbie


    RE: Forsage 53 Final ... FireGl softmod

    Successfully modded a Gateway 7422GX laptop. Very happy with the results... all negatives.

    Radeon 9550 (9600/9700) mobility to FireGLT2 (Smart).

    Before mod: 2382
    After mod: 2705

    SPECviewperf 8.0.1 benchmark:
    Before mod: 3 tests would not open.
    After mod: All tests functionning beautifully..

    Using Radlinker to have access to Open Gl (and other) tweeks.

  20. Rip

    Rip Newbie

    From what i've seen, the forsage 5.3 is only in beta. If there is a final version out there, please let me know. I've got the forsage 5.2 if anyone is interested.

    The forsage drivers, do they work w/ 9600s to the FIREGL mod?
    Cause I tried installing it, and it installed fine, the device was named 'Radeon 9600XT (smart)' but there isn't anything that would lead me to think it was modded to a FIREGL...
    The guide doesn't really say anything about it, but i'm using the 5.2 which is described in the guide.
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