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Discussion in 'Contests!' started by Dashken, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

    lol rules and conditions are there for a reason. Logistically, an item such as this would be impossible (even if you came by to pick it up.) :D

    With that in mind, it does make sense to allow it for a particular region. :mrgreen:
  2. MeRaH

    MeRaH Newbie

    If its cheaper to get a pc there instead of flying to malaysia, whats stopping you.... :whistle: :mrgreen:

    Rules & Conditions are there. PsYkHoTiK made a very good point. :D
  3. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    How about "NO"?
  4. zy

    zy zynine.com Staff Member

    do you want to pay for the shipping :wicked: hahahahah if it gets lost or damage :whistle: i wonder how much .. hmmm :think:

    CALLOFDUTY05 Newbie

    I don't like refuses buddy.

    I don't have money for any of them.
  6. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

    That is some attitude you have. Especially against one of the admins of the forums.

    I don't like attitudes buddy (wait you're not mine)...

    I will make some recommendations in highlight of this. :arp:
  7. MeRaH

    MeRaH Newbie

    Is that their problem?

    And ooh, looks like someone's in trouble.. :o

    CALLOFDUTY05 Newbie

    Why r u taking this so seriously ? I was just kidding.I've thought that this is a friendly forum where we can share humours but now think I've thought wrong.

    O.K sorry if I've offended nebody unintentionaly.I'll have to talk serious from now.
  9. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

    Oh it is a friendly and respectful forum... Just ask any of the more senior members here... :mrgreen: lol I am probably the least serious among the moderating staff. :mrgreen:

    Unfortunately, I saw no humor in that post humorous at all. To go out and post in a distasteful manner to such a respected member (and forum boss) is simply undesirable. :arp:

    CALLOFDUTY05 Newbie

    Seems to me that I've used humour in wrong place.O.K from now on I'll post only serious things.Do u have ne idea how much am I posting from last night(even I didn't sleep in night) to earn some reputation score ? I think this place is for the serious people .I'll have to look somewhere else in this forum.

    Did I say that,it's their problem ? It's my problem obviously coz I don't have the money to travel to Malaysia & I don't have the money to buy a new PC as well.

    Seems everyone isn't getting me properly.I'll have to use more simpler words.
  11. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

    I refuse to allow this conversation to go on. I have deleted your previous IDENTICAL posts (wishing to keep things private but looks like it won't suffice) but you are on thin ice now (displaying sheer ignorance to mods.)

    Clarification on reputation. You had none. No one gave you any with the exception of me (negative.)

    As for logistics and all that, I think the matter is finished and I warn you to stop polluting this thread further with such meaningless banter. :arp:

    CALLOFDUTY05 Newbie

    Sorry,sorry sorry.I'll obey what u've said from now coz I'm here to make friends.So,sorry if nebody got offended.
  13. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    CALLOFDUTY05, we remember you spamming our previous contests in the past. Oh yeah, we know who you are. ;)

    So, please do not test our patience. Pretending not to understand the rules is NOT acceptable. Your English isn't that bad. Please do not embarrass your fellow countrymen by acting this way.

    If we can organize contests that is open to everyone from around the world, we would. We have done that in the past, and will continue to do that in the future.

    Of the three contests we are running now, only this contest is open to Malaysian residents for logistical reasons. If you wish to participate, please, go ahead. But if you win, you have to come and collect the prize at the prize giving ceremony.

    There will be NO exceptions for this rule. If you do not like this rule, please do not participate. Please don't tell us about the cost of coming over here. We are not forcing you to participate.

    And let me be forthright with you - spamming in the forum or in the survey will automatically disqualify you. You have been warned. ;)
  14. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    In fact we can have change any rules at our discretion. :mrgreen: We have the rights to ban anyone from the contest at anytime.

    CALLOFDUTY05 Newbie

    So, u guys have already banned me from the contest ?
    I've said sorry for many times.How long will I have to apologize more ?
  16. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Not yet. But you could be, if you don't stop spamming and making all sorts of ridiculous demands . :)
  17. The_YongGrand

    The_YongGrand Just Started

    As the contest rules stated, the contest is only open to residents of Malaysia. Collection of prizes will be done in Malaysia. :D
  18. werty316

    werty316 Newbie

    The rules are easy to follow and since CALLOFDUTY05 english is not bad I don't know why he is asking these dumb questions and providing feedback to try to benefit himself. If the rules did change CALLOFDUTY05 and you didn't win, what would be the point to all this?

    Rules are there for a reason and if you aren't eligiable just drop it as they won't change to accomodate one user; don't forget you aren't the only entering CALLOFDUTY05 ;)

    CALLOFDUTY05 Newbie

    Like I said b4 I was just kidding but everybody seems to misjudge me.I know every contest does have some certain rules & they require us to follow these.Ecerybody knows that.I've taken part in many contests so I know that as well.

    Everybody's ignorance is killing me.So, I need 2 clarify somethin' I previously said in my posts one by one.

    1.I've said that I don't like refuses :- In my country,the exact same sentence (in our language) does mean that " I'm a sturdy person & I like to win & I always like to say yes to challenges "

    My mistake was that I'm saying this in a forum which generally doesn't have the idea about Proverbs used in India which is quite natural.If I would have said it in India,that'll mean that I like to say yes to challenges but every country do have their own proverbs which should be used in that country only.

    I've wrongly used this proverb here(which I shouldn't) which made people misjudge me.Like I said b4,I didn't have ne intention 2 insult nebody.I've just used a proverb in wrong place.Sorry 4 that.

    2.When I've said that I can't go to Malaysia that's obviously my problem & ARP has got nothing to do with it.I've just requested the authority that if u have any plan to giveaway a new PC in the future,please make the contest worldwide so that small people like me can enter.

    How could u think that I'm demanding contests ? I've just requested them that like they always try to make contests worldwide for our sake only,if they arrange a contest 4 winning a new PC,please make it worldwide.I'm not demanding a contest,I'm requesting if they do that,please make it worldwide.

    I don't know how a sentence which does have a word called " PLEASE ", can sound demanding.I'm nothing to u so how can I DEMAND such thing.Requesting & demanding r not same,atleast I think so.

    If my request does sound like demanding,sorry I won't request for nething nemore.

    I know that I'm not eligible 4 this contest & I'm not begging them to accomodate me.I know rules r there to obey them not to break them.As I've said b4,I've just requested them that if they organize such contest in future "PLEASE "'' try 2 make it worldwide.Look @ the word " PLEASE ".Did that sound to u that I'm demanding them to accomodate me in the contest I'm not eligible for ? Who am I to demand that ?

    Sorry I had to say all these coz everyone is misjudging.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2006
  20. hyper_raider

    hyper_raider shutdown -h now

    I've heard and seen enough so please stop it <--- using the word please
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