The Hunt For The BOG Book Contest!

Discussion in 'Contests!' started by Dashken, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Huh?? :confused: What on Earth are you talking about?? :confused:
  2. CleanSerious5

    CleanSerious5 Banned

    find e bog contest.
  3. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    And? :whistle:
  4. CleanSerious5

    CleanSerious5 Banned

    shud b clear enuf?
    finally won sth.
    tot u all bias.

    list is based on credit?random?
    i m so near 2 grand prize.

    still lack 1 winner cos must haf 10?
  5. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Don't worry about the others. We are very fair people over here. ;)
  6. Cherub_b

    Cherub_b Newbie

    Thanks guys... just received my stuff today...
    Thanks a lot... Dashken
    And congrats once again to all the others who have won...
    Hope you guys enjoy the stuff coming your way as much as i do
  7. Maniackiller

    Maniackiller Newbie

    wah,so fast,how come i din get my goods T_T
  8. CleanSerious5

    CleanSerious5 Banned

    so all winners , u gave ur real name?
  9. Justarius

    Justarius Newbie

    Sure did. I'm sure Adrian's hard at work forging fake IDs as we speak :p

    Why do you ask?

  10. hyper_raider

    hyper_raider shutdown -h now

    he refuses to give us his real name and he expects us to give him a prize with a fake name...
  11. zy

    zy Staff Member

    we have nth to hide cs5 :roll: ...
    :roll: are you hiding something ?
  12. CleanSerious5

    CleanSerious5 Banned

    i pmed my ic jus 2 get e prizes.
  13. Fat`Albert

    Fat`Albert Newbie

    i didnt get my stuff either, but I'm on the other side of the world... so I guess I have to wait a while :rolleyes:
  14. Justarius

    Justarius Newbie

    Wow! There are some seriously paranoid people who partook in this contest. Did they think the prizes were going to arrive via Owl Mail? <cheesy Harry Potter reference> ;)

    I mean it's not like you guys said "Ok Justarius, you won, now in order to claim your prize we'll just need your credit card for, ummmmmmmmm, verification purposes, ya that's it....."

    And what was with that guy in the Photo contest claiming that Microsoft and other big companies are monitoring forums and if you're an employee and post your picture somehow you'll be fired?!? For buying a book and posting a pic with it?!? That's a good one. I'd loooooooove for that to happen to me. One law suit later and I wouldn't need to work. That one made me laugh for awhile. :clap:

    Sounds like there's a few people with inflated senses of self worth running around. Ah well, better than the opposite I guess. :nuts:


  15. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    I will start sending out the prizes soon, especially those around PJ area. I'm passing all the prizes Maniackiller, deepthroat, and Brian today. Hopefully I will get a chance to pass it to digitalvoice too.

    Please be patient. Give us sometime. Since Adrian is enjoying his holiday now, and he's in charged of overseas. :p
  16. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Sorry about the delay guys... In the rush to the airport, I forgot to pass the t-shirts to Chai! :wall:

    Therefore, he cannot send out the prizes just yet. In addition, we just received the remaining Intel prizes from Intel just hours before I flew to Macau.

    One thing though - the stainless steel mugs are not available. Intel gave some sort of bag as a replacement. I will have to check when I get back. :mrgreen:

    Because of all these issues and my absence, we can only send what prizes we can to the local winners first since we can always pass them the t-shirts later. For those living aboard, very sorry for the delay but to send you the prizes in two separate parcels will bankrupt us. :cry:
  17. CleanSerious5

    CleanSerious5 Banned

    dun mind waitin , as i waited b4.
    hope bag is useful.
  18. Fat`Albert

    Fat`Albert Newbie

    yeah no problem boss :thumb:
  19. Deepthroat

    Deepthroat Newbie

    juz got my 1 gb LVL 1 mushkin RAM on saturday evening from CHAI
    running on it now
    and happy to report it's running very very well indeed :thumb:
    haven't tried overclocking yet cos bz for the whole day
    but will do it ASAP :drool:
  20. digitalvoice

    digitalvoice Newbie

    No prob. Just enjoy you holiday first. :mrgreen:

    ...and get more prizes for upcoming contests? :whistle: :p :mrgreen:

    Thanks! :beer:

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