The new Honda City has quality problems?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Adrian Wong, Dec 28, 2009.

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    I haven't seen the Kia Forte, but it looks underpowered with a 1.6L engine, if it's an auto-box.
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    It's like a Kia Spectra, so 1.6L is okay for the size. 2.0L would be nice but not a must-have. It's not that big.

    It has everything but front sensors. IMHO, except for its Naza marque, the potentially lower resale value and the lack of front sensors, it's a far better deal than any Japanese car of equivalent class.
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  4. Adrian Wong

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    Here's more on the Honda City quality control issue :

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    New Honda City bad quality issue

    I very agree on that.Please do not buy Honda vehicle.You will regret.If i saw your message ealier,i will absolutely not buying this vehicle.
    Below are my experience,just sharing with you..
    I bought my honda city on month march 2011.On the 2nd day morning detect white spot on the 4 window rubber moulding.Inform to the sales advisor,told that in 1000km service just ask the service department to send some photo to Honda malaysia for warranty claim.Finally,this warranty has been rejected by Honda malaysia by given reason City car is not suit for penang weather or some external factor.Very funny reason.
    By the way,This cases already bring up to Tribunal cases.Hearing just held on 2011_11_21.The withness(Honda employee,sales dealer),also mentined to the president this may due to manufacturing defect as experience in car job >5 year.Also mentioned to presidence that HQ Honda Malaysia did mentioned that "Honda City is not suite for penang weather".Representative from HQ Honda city also agree about this statement but still keep on twise the truth.
    At the end,I only have 3 option which honda provide me.
    1)CAME OUT SOME OWN $ to replace a new part(honda will give 30% discount).
    2)Swap the parts by using TEST DRIVE CAR
    3)Get some profesional analysis to prove that this root cause is cause by manufacturing defect.
    For the item(3),President ask(X2 time) Honda malaysia people to come down and analysis themself,but they refuse to do so.

    At the moment,this cases is withdraw out and can be recall it anytime if i got some people to analysis or(more withness similar like this cases) to prove it out.

    Bad news is,currently the H logo coating is start to peer off.
    Still do not known still got how many defect will be pop up later on..

    Remarks:I unable to complain this to HQ japan.Is totaly block by local Honda company.
    Please let me known if you have any idea or better solution to solve this out.thanks.
  6. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Wow.. That's some excuse - that the Honda City is not suitable for Penang weather.... :nuts:

    In that case, why are they selling the Honda City in Penang or Malaysia???? :mad:

    BTW, why can't you complain to Honda HQ in Japan? Try e-mailing them directly.
  7. david chung

    david chung Newbie

    yes,they a lot of excuse..Now Tribunal side also cannot do anythings unless i have analysis report and prove this is cause by manufacturing defect.Eventhought withness from honda dealer itself is telling the truth during hearing says that is under manufacturing defect.But Honda malaysia still can given an excuse that Honda malaysia is not related to the dealer cases & they just come for advice and support only on this cases.Can you imagine how they can twise like that.Now Honda malaysia reject the warranty parts but not dealer but finally they kick the ball to dealer back..

    I search few day for HQ Japan email addresss.not even can find one..
    You have any idea?thanks..
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  9. PsYkHoTiK

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    I love the lemon laws here. If a car goes into the dealer for the same issue for a certain number of days, the manufacturer has to purchase it back.
  10. Adrian Wong

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    If I'm not mistaken, it's [email protected]
  11. Adrian Wong

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  12. arifzein

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    Not really, Honda car have a good design and quality than others Japanese automotive brands :lol:

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