The North Bridge Wet-Sanding Guide Posted!

Discussion in 'Reviews & Articles' started by Adrian Wong, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    The early revisions of the nForce2 chipsets shared one common flaw - the north bridge chip's surface wasn't flat. Because of that flaw, the north bridge's heat sink cannot actually make full contact with the north bridge. The situation improved a lot with the introduction of the nForce2 Ultra 400 chipset but unfortunately, they still couldn't make them completely flat.

    An imperfect contact surface is one of the best excuses to wet-sand your north bridge and that's exactly what I did. Believe it or not, the result was fantastic! Come and check out how I did it!


    Link : The North Bridge Wet-Sanding Guide!
  2. wildfrogman

    wildfrogman Newbie

    Hey, this is a good review on wet sanding the nf2 northbridge. I wonder why they arnt made flat to begin with. I will probably do the same when i get a new board...probably in a month or so. Cant have your cooling performance get messed up just by bad contact because of a error like a northbridge thats not flat. I have seen some sand down till there was no more plastic on the northbridge...I dont know if i would do that though :shock: I have heard people doing that then killing the
  3. hardcore enthusiasts start by lapping their hs
    hardcore enthusiasts also lap their gpu
    hardcore enthusiasts also lap their processors
    adrian starts with lapping his nb... :thumb:
  4. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    btw guys, just to let u know that your board's warranty would be voided if you wet sand it :)
  5. wing0

    wing0 Newbie

    well i'm sure if they noticed that there's no more writing on the NB
    then warranty probably doesn't hold haha...
  6. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    hehe i'm not supposed to say this :p :twisted:

    if anything goes wrong..just apply some paste and mount the original heatsink back..and send it back!

    or replace the paste with epoxy :mrgreen: hehe then the manufacturer won't have the chance to take it out anymore.. :mrgreen:
  7. Ishtim

    Ishtim Super Moderator

    :shifty: You are not supposed to say what... I didn't see any thing! :shifty: :thumb:
  8. Mitz

    Mitz Newbie

    woohoo nice experiment ZuePhOk :thumb: :thumb:
  9. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Hmm...I wonder if there's any improvement from this... :think: Is it worth the effort... :mrgreen:
  10. use a danger den water block.....dang
  11. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    LOL! That was ZuePhOk! :haha:
  12. hey... what cooler is that u used? were can i find it?
  13. athlonxp

    athlonxp Newbie

  14. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    no idea chai...since 225 is average for nf7-s...
    so maybe no improvement at all..or maybe some small improvement..
    unfortunately I didn't have enough time to fully test the board as I killed it few days after I wet sanded it..I pulled out the mosfet :wall: :wall: :wall:
  15. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    I'm now running at 230MHz at 1.7V. :mrgreen:
  16. TungstenBoy

    TungstenBoy Newbie

    should be better......the northbridge become thinner.....easier 2 cool....better contact with heatsink..... :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  17. streem

    streem Newbie

    well... will the temp of the nf7 northbridge drop.... if drop then by how many degree?? maybe u should try to push higher n see how much improvement on it ;)
  18. zy

    zy Staff Member

    i ran @ 235 with my P4C with stock heatsink & no voltage increasemetn..
    async 5:4 :p

    never tested prime95..

    but been playing games like DiabloII .. GTA3 .. NFS Hot pursuit2 without crashing.. :p
    only NFS had some lil text problems for first few time :p
  19. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Intel users, get lost! :p
  20. blitzy

    blitzy Newbie

    it would have been very interesting to see the achieved difference in temperatures between the stock\lapped northbridge (with same heatsink\cooler), it would provide a clearer view of the benefits that can be gained through this mod (if any)

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