The NVIDIA Release 275 GeForce Drivers Technology Report

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  1. Adrian Wong

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    It has become somewhat of a habit for NVIDIA to release a major driver series when they launch a new graphics card. So it was not a surprise when NVIDIA announced that they would also be releasing the Release 275 GeForce drivers with the launch of their new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 graphics card. Just like the Release 260 drivers, Release 275 is a "big one", with a slew of new features and improved performance for new games. Let's take a look at what's new!


    Link : The NVIDIA Release 275 GeForce Drivers Technology Report
  2. ana3mic

    ana3mic Newbie

    Hope this fixes the problem of my 560 Ti auto downclocking after you use 3d, it's only working right with the initial 266.66 for me :pray:.
  3. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Auto downclocking? Isn't that normal? To throttle down when using 2D only to reduce power consumption?
  4. ana3mic

    ana3mic Newbie

    When I use a 3d (games, folding) and go back to 2d next time I use 3d it stays at 405 core clock. The only way is to restart the PC. It only works right with 266.66 and I still haven't been able to try these new ones but all the older ones didn't work right. The GPU is EVGA 560 Ti SC and I have researched this and found in every thread about this 266.66 is the only solution. I'm thinking about getting a 2nd one for SLI and if the new drivers are not working and the other one doesn't have this problem I'll just RMA this one. :think:
    EDIT: With the new drivers this works, I'm so happy :thumb:.
    2nd EDIT: Actually that's a false positive. It's still doing it but just in less situations :? .
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