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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Chai, Apr 19, 2003.

  1. yhng

    yhng Newbie

    Somehow I was looking forward before to an epic battle/rivalry between montoya and kimi....then they both ended up in Mclaren. :haha: Not to say that it won't happen as team mates, but less possibility.

    Just look at Kimi and Alonso the few situations when they are close together, Alonso barely give a whimper of a struggle. :snooty: :wall:
  2. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Same here, as long as the drivers deserved to win. Speed is the key here. Schumacher lost it this year, that's too bad. Come back again next year. ;)
  3. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    so button not leaving honda? wtf???
  4. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    hahahaha the commentor..

    "dun cut away..what are u doing.." LOL :D :haha:
  5. Johnie

    Johnie Newbie

    Alonso the champion.... :wall: :doh: :evil:

    Chai...what do you think about it? Lucky lucky again...and good old stupid rulls...made him a champion... :mrgreen: :haha: :nuts: :thumb:
  6. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Well, he's not lucky this time, but he has been really lucky thru out the season, and yet, the commentators try to 'lie' that he's being consistent, bla bla bla. That's the problem with the rules. We should always reward the pace rather than consistency.
  7. Johnie

    Johnie Newbie

    Lucky lucky lucky....hahahaha....well nevermind...he is new champion afterall...and if we look back...he won 6 times...and have some 2nd places as he somehow deserved it...but on the other hand...I totally agree with you...current rules dont reward the pace...which is really bad... :wall: :doh:

    Btw...commentators dont lie...or do they? He surely was consistent....HAHHAHAHHAAHAHAAAHHAHAHHAHA...maybe they wanted to say : "He was consistent my a55"...but they missed the second part...and only say first 3 words.. :wicked: :mrgreen: :haha: :beer: ;)

    Ok...2 more races...then back to drawing boards and simulators....andddddddd....finally next season....which by my opinion is gonna be much tougher for Renault and Mclaren....cause other teams surely wont be sleeping like they were this season...cause now they know exactly what they may expect from those I bet that BMW,Toyota,Honda and Ferrari havent said their final words yet... :clap: :dance: :thumb:
  8. mahakanjus

    mahakanjus Newbie

    lucky or not he still won.

    so there we have it a new champion. well done to him.
  9. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    consistency is a crucial element a worthy world champion/winning team should possess.. be it f1, soccer, or any other sport.

    alonso has been lucky, but i believe he created his own luck. din give up thru out the entire season...

    pity iceman :cry:
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  10. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member Kimi gave up... :roll: There are a number of times Alonso giving up this season. So comparing both Kimi and Alonso, I would still pick Kimi for giving everything.

    I didn't say consistency is not an element to be considered. F1 has never been a sport about consistency, so don't bring other sports into equation. Yes, to finish first, first you have to finish. But the raw pace has always been the main attraction of F1. Just look at Senna and Prost. Statistically, Prost is much better than Senna. But who is the favourite of most fans?

    If there's no penalty for engine change, this season would have a completely different ending, which is sad.
  11. Johnie

    Johnie Newbie

    Thats right Chai! :clap: :dance: ;)

    Senna was surely much better/attractive driver to watch that the Professor (Prost)....who cares if Prost had more wins and better overall statistics...cause without Senna...F1 would be very boring in those times... :mrgreen: :wicked: :thumb:
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  12. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    Kimi will be back :mrgreen: no question :p
  13. Mad1

    Mad1 <b>Old Toad</b>

    Congratz to Alonso :wave:

    for winning the championship and a pair of PS2 :wicked: :wicked:

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  14. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started


    thank you thank you..
  15. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Anyone watched F1 this weekend?

    Another reason why they should scrap this qualifying rules immediately! All about luck! :roll:
  16. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    MS got lapped again and again and again :mrgreen: :thumb:

    stunning FINN-sih...hurrayyyyyyyyyy
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  17. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Since when MS got lapped? :roll:

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  18. Johnie

    Johnie Newbie

    Hahahahahaha... :mrgreen: :haha:

    Maybe ZuePhok wanted to say that he was overtaken by Alonso and Kimi...and then again after pit stops...BUT...he forgot how many seconds he stole them that way...and that even that they had like rocket cars, compared to Schumi's old dying horse...they just couldnt pass him as easy as they thought they would....HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...It was such enjoying race after a long time...and it showed who is still the boss no matter what (no matter if he has 10 times slower car)! :wicked: :clap: ;)

    I just wondered what would happen if the roles were opposite...that MS (in as fast car as Renault was in this race) was i.e. behind Alonso (with Ferrari's car capabilities)...he surely wouldnt need some 10 laps to pass him (like Alonso did) ...I am 100% sure about that... :twisted: :thumb:

    But no matter what...all the glory goes to Kimi this time...I was so happy that he showed those Playboys at Renault (especially to Briatore...who in my belief will soon fire Fisichela, cause he just doesnt have that true racing spirit, although he always got his mouths full of winning (and if he would just make it happen 1% of what he says he would have won many races already :p ). Kimi did great job and although i am not some great fan of him...I must say that he showed us what racing is all about...from last to first place...nice! ;)

    I wont comment the rules this time, cause we all know very well how they are...and that they need some big changes asap! Its just funny to see that Kimi has 7 1st places...and Alonso (The biggest "rules" champion) has only 6...and he still won the championship...that tells us all... :mrgreen: Consistency? Maybe...with lots of luck and strange rules... :nuts:

    Ok...thats it...who cares...lets just wait for next week to see what will happen there...if only Montoya could make few more laps than only 1 then they could still win the constructors championship for sure...otherwise...lucky Renault'ers will take that title front of Mercedes's noses.... :twisted: :haha: :thumb:

    Cya soon F1 fans... ;) :wave:
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  19. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, I thought MS defended really well with such a slow car. Just look at Alonso's overtaking before 130R, so much speed advantage over MS, grip, top speed. Exiting the Spoon curve much faster than MS. And I thought he would overtake at the chicane, but he did it before the 130R! :shock:

    Well, you have just said what I've in my mind. Although there are some good races this season, but the 'ending' is certainly crappy IMO. I can't wait for them to revise the rules, even the pre-2002 rules would make me really happy. :mrgreen:
  20. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    opss my mistake..
    missed the race and when I watched "chequered flag" they kept showing alonso overtaking MS i tot he was overlapping him..

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