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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Chai, Apr 19, 2003.

  1. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    cant believe honda still want button.
    what a dog..
  2. PowerSlide

    PowerSlide Just Started

    awesome performance from kimi :dance:

    n how many times alonso pass schumi :?
  3. Johnie

    Johnie Newbie ONLY live coverage!!! HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA... :mrgreen: :haha: Cause it might happen that they show some good old MS vs. Senna clip....and you may just think that he came back to racing... :twisted:

    Although I would love that to happen...more than everything show those greenhorns there what REAL RACING IS!!!...but since it's not possible...let him rest in peace...and may his spirit always be with us and all F1 racers (to give them that extra kick and some adrenaline which many of them surely lack of... :wicked: ;) ).

    And I totally agree with you I wont comment everything once more...enough said... :mrgreen:

    And that overtaking before 130R just showed how much better car Renault was...nothing else...everyone could overtake there in such car...even I with little I dont see nothing extraordinary in that...the downside is that he needed many laps to do that...although he was always right behind him on every exit of each corner...also as you said...he was always right behind at the exit of Spoon curve...but...MS just didnt let him pass that easy....hahahhahahahaha....if it was opposite (like i said before)...MS would need 2 laps at max to overtake him there (or somewhere else)...but since Alonso is made of luck...he needed some luck to overtake...and he got it after many laps looking at nice red ferrari in front of him...thats all... :p :clap: :mrgreen: :haha: :thumb:
  4. mahakanjus

    mahakanjus Newbie

    well the grid lined up in pretty funny order after qualifying. not that i'm complaining... the proposal for 2006 is even more outrageous! even though i voted for it! hehe

    I really look forward to Ferrari's improvement in 2006. It's was really good watching Schumacher defend his position against both Fernando and Kimi really masterful I must say very exciting.
  5. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    it was noon here. I had to go for lunch u know :mrgreen:
  6. Johnie

    Johnie Newbie

    ROTFL! :mrgreen: :haha:

    Let it be for this time ZuePhok (btw..I hope lunch was very delicious, cause you couldnt wait those 2 hours and have it later...what was it? Sushi? :wicked: :beer: :mrgreen: )...and next time...adjust lunch-time for few hours in such cases...otherwise you may see some dinosaurs shown later in replay...and you may believe we are back in stone age.... :clap: :dance: :haha: :mrgreen:

    Just kidding... :thumb: more race for this season...and then we can have some rest (and more lunches without worries of missing some F1 action :mrgreen: ) lets see what they will show us this time...looking forward to see that action :clap: :wave: ...

    Have a nice day/night everyone! ;)
  7. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, I was having rather expensive lunch too at that time, but we requested to switch the TV channel to F1! :haha:
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  8. Johnie

    Johnie Newbie

    Maybe You should be an example of "How things should be done, whenever there is a F1 race on the TV!" to ZuePhok... :clap: :dance: :mrgreen: :haha: :thumb:

    Cheersss... :beer: ;) :wave:
  9. mahakanjus

    mahakanjus Newbie

    haha yeah something like the definetive guide for F1 nutters... kekekke

    last race of the season coming up folks. place your bets... Renault or McLaren for the constructors championship?

    i would have to say Renault...
  10. yhng

    yhng Newbie

    Mclaren :mrgreen:
  11. Johnie

    Johnie Newbie

    Huhhh...hard to answer that...its a Million $$$ question i believe... :mrgreen: :haha:

    It depends from what side do you look...i.e...

    From performance side...McLaren the winner!
    From lucky side...Renault the winner!
    From technical failures side...Renault the winner!
    From, from, from....Renault... :evil: :wall:

    Its like this...if Montoya could finally put together the whole race not just warming up lap...then McLaren can surely win!(I am on their side between those 2 teams :p :mrgreen: )...but if not...or if Kimi get "lucky" again as he was mostly this season...then its over for them... :doh: :shifty:

    But then again...Renaults also got to blow their engines maybe this is the time to show us that they still know that feeling and how to do that... :mrgreen: And also both drivers wont be so much focused on this last race...cause Alonso doesnt care much....he won the drivers title...and Fisichella...well you know...just look at last lap from the last race and you'll know what i have in mind...he is sooooo generous...he pleases people even if that means to give up his 1st place....hahahahahhaha... :clap: :dance: :mrgreen: :haha: :nuts: :thumb:

    Ok...lets wait and to you soon....enjoy and... :beer: ;)
  12. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    It's only about Montoya finishing the race... :whistle: or not... :whistle:
  13. Mad1

    Mad1 <b>Old Toad</b>

    I cant wait for 2007

    Rossi doing testing for Ferrari and getting ready for 2007.... :mrgreen: :thumb:

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  14. Johnie

    Johnie Newbie

    ROTFL! :mrgreen: :haha: :haha:

    If he will drive like that...then I also cant wait to see 2007 season...cause it will be much more attractive than this year's doubt about that... :mrgreen: :wicked: :twisted: :thumb:
  15. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started


    :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
    WHY SO MANY FUNNY PICS LATELY :haha: :haha: :haha: :faint: :faint: :faint:
  16. PowerSlide

    PowerSlide Just Started

    china GP..lap 41/56


    anyway wat happen to schumi? forning grid aso accident :nuts:
  17. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Really damn boring. And I missed the starting yet again!
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  18. BlueStream

    BlueStream Newbie

    is it now?
  19. Johnie

    Johnie Newbie

    Hahahaha...I guess I need to congratulate to Renault...although many things could be different if Montoya put more effort into this race...and if Kimi didnt "start racing" only some 5 laps before finish...but...who really cares....they are the let them enjoy those few months...cause next year it surely will be much tougher for them to defend their titles...and i am dead sure that they wont be able to even match or come close to Ferrari's achievements from 2000-2004...5 years in a way for Renault...not with those kids who only know to show those sticky fingers at the end of the race...showing themselves only how many wins they that we dont know that huh? :p :twisted:

    7 wins out of 19 big deal...just look at Rossi...11 wins out of 14 thats the true spirit and great achievement!!! Just cant wait to see him onboard Ferrari (if ever :mrgreen: )...he would eat all those guys for a breakfast for sure... :clap: :dance: :mrgreen: :haha: :thumb:

    Ok guys and girls...lets move on...take some time to rest, have a dinner (like ZuePhok :wicked: ;) )...then prepare for next season...good luck and have a nice day/night everyone... :wave:

    p.s. And have a look at REAL CHAMPION below! Enjoy! :beer: :thumb:

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  20. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
    montoya~~ :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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