The Radeon 9800 Pro To Radeon 9800XT Mod Guide!

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  1. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Flashing BIOS shouldn't kill the card. It's like saying installing WinXP killed your HDD. :mrgreen:

    Wish you luck!
  2. BridgeBoy

    BridgeBoy Newbie

    Ok, well I took the heat sink off last night and checked the GPU relative to the shim with a credit card as suggested by someone on another forum. The credit card would just barely "catch" itself on the edge of teh GPU when I would slide it across the shim from all direction; however, it would noticeably "catch" on some sides....sliding it in certain directions....more solidly than in other directions....implying that the top surface of the GPU is not on a perfect plane with the top surface of the shim. So, to be sure I had proper contact across the entire surface of the GPU, I decided I would shave down the heat sink surface where the shim would contact it. I have uploaded several more pictures to my linked website to show what I did (see original post for the link....about four posts back).

    However, now that all that is done; I am still not getting the overclock I expected. I was able to play DOOM 3 at about 403/365 last night without artifacts.

    RTHDRIBLE looked much better when I tried running at stock 412/365.....all the marbles themselves were artifact free, but the open space between all the marbles had what I am guessing is artifacts...but they were much pixel clusters.....flashes all over the screen.

    Running 3dMark03 at 412/365 went well except for the Pixel Shader 2.0 test with the two Rhinosaurus's.........the large Rhino looked perfect, but the small, baby Rhino had artifacts on him. I thought that was strange that the small Rhino had artifacts but not the large rhino?

    And oh yeah, the card was running cool the whole time by the touch; so, it would appear then that I am having voltage problems as Lunar Wolf has suggested (Rage3D forum). I guess my stock power supply that came with the Dell is not good enough then. I'm going to check teh 5V rail with a multimeter, hopefully tonight.

    It's either that, or like Chai mentioned to shank69xo, maybe my particular card just has some limitations? It would seem as though that is possible, since shank69xo said he got a new card, identical model, and it ran at the higher clocks just fine, with the same set-up; which would mean the same votage supply. Well, I'll check the voltage on mine and go from there.
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  3. shank69xo

    shank69xo Newbie

    :D :D
    Well I am pleased to say that my new, replacement card runs at XT speeds, with the overdrive enabled too. I played, and finished Doom3 today, with out any artifacts whatsoever. Having my first card die is the best thing that happened to me in this whole experiance.

    Bridgeboy, your card is acting the exact same way my dead onee did. Same speeds and same results in the 3DMark Pixel Shader test. It might be running at its max already. Good Luck.
  4. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    I doubt the system voltage has got much influence on the overclocking of the card. I have a pretty reliable PSU, but I'm still getting artifacts at 400MHz and above.
  5. swatX

    swatX Newbie

    just wondering i saw in the picture that VGA silencer has 2 pin connector (rev3 ) and i got a 3 pin connecter and i heard some people connected it both i am wondering how to conenct the 2 pin vga silencer to my 3 pin 16x16mb 9800pro!

    also i edited ati radeon 9800xt bios clock speeds to run at pro speeds caz i dont have enough cooling right now. is there any risk in editing a bios?

  6. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    According to some posted in this thread, you can try removing the white plastic piece on the fan connector.
  7. swatX

    swatX Newbie

    so you mean to say there is a connecter (3pin ) that connect the 2 pin to the stock heatsink eh! i didnt know that. i guess i will check for it now. thx
  8. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Huh? What do you mean?

    I meant to say that, there's a white plastic piece on the fan connector on the Radeon. You might need to remove that in order to use your 2 pin connector from your Arctic Cooler. Or you can try to mod the connector to plug directly into the PSU connectors.
  9. swatX

    swatX Newbie

    so the 256mb 16x16mb board(pcb) has a 2 pin connecter?
  10. shank69xo

    shank69xo Newbie

    Plug in your old fan, to verify what pins the red, and blacjk wires are on, and then plug in the silencer to the correct 2 pins. Thats what i did. I think it the black wire goes on the middle pin. I didnt even have to take off the white connector on my card.
  11. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    I think it has 3 pins.
  12. shank69xo

    shank69xo Newbie

    Yes the card has 3 pins. Looking at the top of the card, (GPU side) the fan connector has 3 pins. The wire are connected in this order. red, black, white. Take the plug of the Arctic Silencer, and positon it so that its red an black wires are only going to plug into the red and black on the card. Thats all I did. It fits without having to remove the white connector fromn the card.
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  13. swatX

    swatX Newbie

    yo shank do you have the 128mb card?

    thx for the help
  14. shank69xo

    shank69xo Newbie

    Nope I have the 256mb. But from what I can tell from the pics, they use the same connector.
  15. swatX

    swatX Newbie

    which bios is most recommended for the 256 16x16mb 9800 pros chai?

    like do diffrent bios get diffrent performence?
  16. MrKool

    MrKool Newbie

    Hi well i am a newbie but i have been reading up on the problem i am having and could not find a solution. So any help will be appriciated

    I have a Asus 9800 PRO 256 MB with R360 core and Hynix 2.5 ns Ram. My voltage for the gpu is steady at 1.8. The AGP voltage is at 1.6. so far i have tried all ATI 9800 xt bioses and all of them give me artefacts. I tried the ones from asus website also the one listed here although the one listed here was for samsung memory but i gave it a shot any way no diffrence. I ran ati tool and no matter wot bios i use it starts to lower the clock speeds. Now i thought it might be cooling so i got 3 more fan blowing at the card plus the 2 built in ones and so the temps never increase 65 but i still get artefacts. So is my car hopeless? Or is there somethign else i can try?

    I have a 2.4 Ghz p4 Oced at 3.0hz and my FSB is 1100 Mhz. My 3dmark score so far are

    Stock 9800 Pro setting = 5767
    ATI RADEON 9800 XT BIOS = 6589
    Hercules XT BIOS = 6463

    Now with the hercules bios i did have less artefacts.
  17. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Looks like your card is not capable of doing XT speed. You can either edit the BIOS to fix a lower clock speed, or use 3rd party utilities like RadLinker to downclock your card.
  18. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    The guide has just been updated! :wave:

    Even with the introduction of a new class of GPUs from ATI and NVIDIA, your Radeon 9800 Pro card is still something to be reckoned with! In fact, many Radeon 9800 Pro cards can be given a further boost in performance by modding them into full Radeon 9800XT cards!

    Check out Chai's comprehensive guide on modding the Radeon 9800 Pro into a Radeon 9800XT! It will teach you everything you need to know about identifying moddable Radeon 9800 Pro cards, how to mod them and which BIOS to use!

    Here are the updates:-
    • Expanded the section on how to find a moddable 256MB Radeon 9800 Pro card. (Pages 7 and 8 ).
    • Removed the statement about black plastic push-pins in moddable 128MB Radeon 9800 Pro cards. (Page 13).

    Link : The Radeon 9800 Pro To Radeon 9800XT Mod Guide Rev. 5.1!
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  19. narjisse

    narjisse Newbie

    is there any way to tell these cards with XT PCB?
  20. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

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