The Samsung Holiday Gift Guide!

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    With as many choices to be made as there are people to consider, buying holiday gifts for your loved ones may be one of the most anxiety-inducing activities one has to do around this time of the year. Here are some simple tips that will help make the decision making process a little simpler.

    For The Multitasker

    For those who are constantly on the go and churning out new ideas for the next project, take multitasking to a whole new level with the new Samsung GALAXY Note 4. Do your research, freely crop texts and images from different sources and share them all at once with Smart Select.

    The GALAXY Note 4 is also the perfect New Year device as you would want to take a crystal clear shot of yourself and your group of friends with the 120-degree wide angle selfie mode as you count down to the New Year together.

    The GALAXY Note 4’s S Pen is unlike any other; it’s just like a mouse for your phone, making easy to highlight, cut, copy and paste whatever you want, on any screen. Not to forget the Photo Note, it turns the hand-written notes into easily editable and shareable files. Seeing details spring to life on the crystal-clear 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen, it’s just an amazing viewing experience. With the Note 4’s Fast Charging feature, it makes possible for your GALAXY Note 4 to charge faster, especially when you are busy visiting all your family and friends.

    The epitome of wealth and prosperity, be the first to purchase the GALAXY Note 4 for your loved ones in the limited edition Bronze Gold colour and let them usher in the new year looking fabulous.

    Price: RM2,499 (~US$ 729)
    Colour: Charcoal Black, Frost White, Bronze Gold


    A tool for productivity does not need to look drab. Take it from us; accessories are to gadgets what pearls are to Coco Chanel.

    The GALAXY Note 4 S-View Cover is the perfect combination of style and functionality. It only protects but also enhances the GALAXY Note 4.

    Designed with a built-in intelligent colour system, it recognises the case colour and automatically matches the view window background with that of the cover.

    Price: RM189 (~US$ 55)
    Colour: Black, Charcoal Grey, Gold, Pink, Wine Red, White


    If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can look at the the LED Flip Wallet, as the name suggests, comes with an informative LED display that showcases not only time but caller ID as well.

    Made of premium leather, it is the perfect accessory for all Note 4 lovers. The cover is slim and even comes with a small storage space for business cards, ID cards and even money bills.

    Price: RM239 (~US$ 69)
    Colour: Charcoal Black, Gold, Red


    For The Adventure Seekers

    Continuing the legendary S series, the Samsung GALAXY S5 is built to perform, thanks to the many made-for-consumer features.

    The most prominent one – the 16MP rear-facing camera with HDR feature – takes remarkable quality pictures, making every special moment easily shareable. Every shot turns out bright and clear for memories that last throughout a lifetime.

    The GALAXY S5's tagline – Power Up Your Life – is indeed true with its IP67 certified dust-proof and water-resistant features. Other nifty functions include a Heart Rate Sensor and the Ultra Power Saving Mode, a lifesaver in times of emergencies.

    Price: RM1,999 (~US$ 589)
    Colour: Charcoal Black, Copper Gold, Electric Blue, Shimmery White


    For The Fashionista

    If your loved ones love the idea of having a sleek, metal frame on their smartphone, the Samsung GALAXY Alpha is the answer.

    The GALAXY Alpha is an epitome of style and cutting-edge technology, converged in a slim and lightweight smartphone that also boasts a remarkable camera.

    Price: RM1,899 (~US$ 559)
    Colour: Charcoal Black, Dazzling White, Frosted Gold, Sleek Silver


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    For the Entertainment Enthusiast

    Perfect for showing off the latest videos or movies, the Samsung GALAXY Tab S is designed to be an exceptional entertainment device on-the-go. Light to carry and easy to hold, you can watch a movie, play games or videos for hours wherever you go, whenever you want. The sleek and beautiful design of the GALAXY Tab S is form and function at its best; thanks to the delightful WQHD Super AMOLED screen display that functions best to delight your eyes with its true-to-life colours that pop.

    Price: RM1,699 (8.4-inch); RM1,999 (10.5-inch)
    Colour: Dazzling White, Titanium Bronze


    For the Trend Setter

    Watch out for these watches from the future. 3G- connectivity now goes live in a smartwatch, made possible with the innovative feature of the Samsung Gear S!

    Sync your calls and messages to the Gear S, done simply with a nano SIM card. Its onscreen keyboard makes it such a breeze to respond to text messages and even write an email if you so wish, not to mention making AND receiving calls, all from your wrist!

    IP67 certified, thus rendering it water-resistant and dust-proof, the Gear S personifies convenience on your wrist. It comes with a built-in Heart Rate Monitor, so you can work and play at the very same time!

    Price: RM1,099 (~US$ 319)
    Colour: Blue Black, White


    For the Social Butterfly

    Wherever you go, equip the social butterfly in your family or amongst your friends to capture the moment right away on this unique camera-specialised smartphone.

    Don't let special memories escape you. Real optics lens on a smartphone – that's the Samsung GALAXY K zoom. This advanced camera-specialised smartphone has a 10x optical zoom and captures superb-quality images, all while encompassing all the capabilities of a smartphone.

    Price: RM1,699 (~US$ 499)
    Colour: Charcoal Black, Electric Blue, Shimmery White


    For the Shutterbug

    Samsung's slimmest and lightest interchangeable lens camera to-date, the Samsung NX mini SMART camera packs a punch in picture quality. Selfie lovers will love its 180-degree flip-up touchscreen display.

    Price: From RM1,399 (9mm kit lens) to RM1,699 (9-27mm kit lens)
    Colour: Black, Brown, Mint Green, Pink, White


    For the Music Lover

    For music buffs all round the world, this cool looking Samsung Level Over premium headphones delivers superior and high-definition organic sound in a comfortable and ergonomic design.

    It has an intuitive touch control and even allows you to take calls while listening to music! Best of all, it comes with a noise cancellation feature, so you can be immersed in your music without interference from your surrounding!

    Price: RM1,399 (~US$ 399)
    Colour: Black, White


    For the coming New Year, let’s kick out the old and welcome in the new. Happy shopping!

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