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    It was quite fitting for about 1000 lawyers and members of the opposition party to march to the Prime Minister's office to demand reforms to the highly-criticized and obviously corrupt Judiciary. After all, Buddhist monks in Myanmar have also started marching to demand reform.

    I just can't help thinking even though both Malaysia and Myanmar are so far apart, culturally and politically; their citizens have both reached their boiling point at about the same time. It's quite obvious what they are all trying to say - Enough is enough. The buck stops here.

    Ever since the old man, Dr. M crippled the Judiciary and made it his whipping boy, the people of Malaysia had had to endure an marked erosion in freedom and rights. The government has even progressed from quietly denuding our freedom and rights to openly stamping on them.

    Under Badawi's leadership (or lack thereof), it has gotten even worse. Our country has fully "graduated" to a new level of corruption and cronyism. Not only has corruption become even more institutionalized, the corrupt are so bold that they no longer worry about being held accountable. After all, they have the Judiciary in their pockets.

    In the recent "Lingam-gate" scandal, it is patently obvious to anyone with the slightest bit of brain matter that no matter whether the tape was doctored or is truly genuine, the government's reaction cries out "COVER UP!!!". How can it not be?

    Instead of establishing an INDEPENDENT Royal Commission to investigate both the authenticity of the recording as well as the implications of the conversation (where a private lawyer can be heard arranging for certain judges to be promoted over others), the government merely established a 3-man commission but not to investigate all those associated with the scandal. Instead, the commission's purpose is merely to investigate whether the recording is authentic. They even questioned the motive of releasing the recording to the media. Oh, come on...

    But let's leave Lingam-gate aside for the moment. This post isn't about that sorry POS who had the temerity to say in the recorded conversation that they are doing this for the country. This post also isn't about Dr. M and the shameful things he did to the country before leaving it in the weak and totally unworthy hands of Badawi. It also isn't about the many corrupt judges who sold their soul (and balls) for a piece of the proverbial pie.

    This post is about the solidarity of the Malaysian people. Finally, we are seeing some kind of UNITED civil unrest. Not since the student uprising when Anwar was cast down from his pedestal have we seen this kind of protest from the people.

    The government CANNOT deny that this is the voice of the people talking. They cannot say that these lawyers are all members of the opposition parties, trying to split the country apart. They cannot deny that these lawyers are the first and hopefully NOT the last Malaysians to finally stand up and say "ENOUGH IS BLOODY ENOUGH!"

    Look at the pictures here - Every single race and religion is represented in those pictures. There is no better evidence of nationalism and loyalty to the country. There is no better evidence of unity amongst the Malaysian people. We are not Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban, etc. We are Malaysians, PERIOD, and we are speaking up for our country!

    I say this to all loyal Malaysians. It's time to stand up and be counted. It is not only our RIGHT to speak up against injustice and corruption, it is OUR DUTY! It is the duty of every loyal Malaysian to stand up for our country, our people. The government is supposed to work FOR US, not against us.

    If this is not the right government for us, then it is time for change. The first 1000 have step up. It's now our turn.

    You can start by signing a petition to the Supreme Ruler of Malaysia, the Agong here -

    PS. I have taken the liberty of posting some of the photos that Raja Petra took of the march. All credit goes to him and :beer:

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    Wow, that's an assembly outside the hall. Well, the citizens are getting fed up of corruption. Corrpution is the worst kind of enemy that threathen the nation and her people.
  3. Adrian Wong

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    Yeah, that was before the march. They then marched to the PM's office to hand over a memorandum to a representative. Although they were given permission for the march (imagine this - they have to ask permission!), the riot police were there in force.
  4. djspinnet

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    well, think about it, they're lawyers, 2000 of them. if they don't follow procedures, they're pretty much burning themselves before even lighting the match. secondly, if the riot police were to act against them despite no rioting going on and a generally peaceful march, imagine the political consequences it'll bring about.
  5. Adrian Wong

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    It could happen. It already happened in Kelantan, and the truth about that is pretty fuzzy. In any case, I really salute them.

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