Thermalright SI-120 CPU Cooler Review!

Discussion in 'Reviews & Articles' started by Dashken, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. Dashken

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    It may be a lightweight, compared to the monster coolers that have been popping up, but it sure performs like a champion! Like a thoroughbred horse, the Thermalright SI-120 CPU cooler certainly shows its distinguished lineage. Find out why we love this cooler so much!


    Link : Thermalright SI-120 CPU Cooler Review!
  2. flofloi

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    Sorry to say, but this is definitely wrong for Papst Fans. All of them fit the Thermalright perfectly fine.

    I have the SI-120 since March of this year and use a Papst F2GLL 120mm fan (1200 rpm -> extremely silent and still more efficient than any solution I have ever had before). For users with more demanding setups the F2GL with 1600rpm might be the better solution.

    Maybe you should correct that in the review.

  3. Papercut

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    :think: Hm ok, thanks for pointing that out :thumb:
  4. Papercut

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    Just as a bit of a follow-up...indeed I was mistaken about the Papst fans, my apologies.
    Here's an article by Madshrimps comparing several 120mm fans:
    The ones identified in the article as having the Thermalright-incompatible "rib type" construction include fans from GlobalWin, mCubed, as well as Yate Loon/Nexus.

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