Transcend 370S SSD 256GB Unboxing

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    SSD (Solid State Drive) is quite a trend in the realm of storage in recent years, a simple design with advanced features that is able to efficiently improve performance on a system. Those of you with old PC might want to consider installing an SSD for a performance boost.

    As one of the leading storage solutions provider, Transcend continues to introduce SSD storage devices such as the SSD370S.

    Without further saying, Let's take a look at what's in package.

    Product Packaging


    The packaging is simple, with some basic information on the SSD370S such as the form factor, capacity and the features of the drive itself. One thing to note is that the Transcend SSD370S comes with a free 3.5" bracket. This is a great solution for desktop users like me with no extra cost.


    Like the feature list shown on the packaging, the Transcend SSD370S comes uses MLC NAND. MLC is one of the many NAND Flash types that are used in solid state drives and they are non-volatile, this means they are able to retain data even when powered off. The major types of NAND in the market are the SLC (Single Level Cell), MLC (Multi-Level Cell) and TLC (Triple Level Cell).
    The choice of MLC NAND Flash meant the product can be priced competitively compared to the faster SLC NAND that costs more. The TLC on the other hand costs less but provides lower performance, leaving MLC being the best choice for consumer products.

    As for the aluminum casing - we'll have a look at that in a bit.


    On the rear you'll find some information such as specifications with details such as the dimensions (measuring 100mm x 69.85mm x 6.8 mm), weight (58gram) and also the performance with Read and Write data transfer reaching 560 and 460 MB/s and 75,000 IOPS 4K random to Read and Write data transfer.

    Sales package


    Within the package itself is a host of printed material, for example the warranty card, the installation guide, the product catalog, the drive itself and the 3.5" mounting bracket.


    Here's a closer look at the 3.5" bracket that comes with the package, this would be helpful when it comes to mounting the drive on systems that are without 2.5" drive bays.

    Quick Installation Guide


    The installation guide for the SSD370S is very detailed, it might seem small here but the installation guide unfolds to large piece of paper with guides for various topics - great tutorial for installation whether on desktop or notebooks.


    On one side of the guide is one that's written for PC users, the guide not only shows you the installation steps for both desktop and notebooks but it also shows you how to clone the data of your existing drive to the SSD370S. I downloaded the software through Transcend site and it is actually quite convenient for files management.


    On the other side of the guide are the details for Mac users, this covers the steps for both Mac (desktops) and Macbooks.


    The 2.5" Transcend SSD370S measures at 100mm x 69.85mm x 6.8mm and is enclosed in a silver aluminum casing. The unit is lightweight but certainly doesn't feel flimsy. I do like the alumni casing as it feels much sleek and high quality compare to plastic.


    As expected, the Transcend SSD370S connects to the system via SATA III 6Gb/s ports and according to Transcend it is capable to provide up to 90% power efficiency on certain notebooks.

    The SSD70S comes in with various capacities, from 32GB to 1TB. Besides, the warranty provided by Transcend's SSD is for 3 years.[/U][/U]
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