Wanna meet up , leng luis'?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by kenzoGaL, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. onscr33n

    onscr33n Newbie

    Yawn... boring.
    looks like the guys post more now..

    anyway, u may say me buayaing around. Proof it. If you cant just dont simply blah out. :eh: :eh:

    You guys may not feel when a person says you buayaing around. :whistle:

    I wont be around anymore. I am leaving the forum.

    My last msg will end here. My class starts, so no more posting around...
  2. sumurai

    sumurai Newbie

    when did I say I am a girl woh yoohhhhh :roll: :roll: :roll: ..
  3. Brian

    Brian Newbie

    so you are a guy. mystery solved
  4. onscr33n

    onscr33n Newbie

    hhmmm.. dont get too predictive over person next time :p :whistle:
  5. sumurai

    sumurai Newbie

    nola its just that they have good sixth sense..
  6. Pandora

    Pandora Newbie

    Sorry for posting up late.... i'll definately PM you (Kenzogal) for further arrangement...
  7. onscr33n

    onscr33n Newbie

    50 post mark!!!

    good one, pandora.. :clap:
  8. sumurai

    sumurai Newbie

    cheh.. like a lot.. :roll: :roll:
  9. onscr33n

    onscr33n Newbie

    yamer... eed to give support mer..

    but i am *ahem* more then you *ahem* :p

    hhmm.. cant post much here.. coz will distract the Adrian's Angel's shopping meeting.
  10. Pandora

    Pandora Newbie

    ya.... don't post wats not suppose to be in here.... :evil:
    and so what i have only 50 posts, i know its not alot. Anyway, its not a BIG issue... and don't get on my nerves Sumurai...
  11. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    So, how's the meeting going? This week right? Hope you girls have a great time! :D
  12. sumurai

    sumurai Newbie

    pandora... so sowweee :silenced: :silenced:

    can forgive me? :whistle: :whistle:
  13. sumurai

    sumurai Newbie

    so what lah onscreen... yeah you more than me mah... so got prize ar.. if got prize also Dashken get it first lah.. Dash hor.. :dance: :dance:
  14. onscr33n

    onscr33n Newbie

    The tournament is between you and me, samurai.. no Dashken in here. And hope you next time dont bully pandora... no good to do that ;)

    cheer up , samurai, u sound moody.
  15. Pandora

    Pandora Newbie

    :D i'm cool now... soli :oops:
  16. Yupie

    Yupie News Writer

    better keep cool....

    if not our meeting will .... haih...!!

    guys.. pls dun put ur leg in lah... :evil:

    this onscreen ah... i wonder who are u lah, why u so care about this thread... or somebody?? 8)

    this is our girls meeting thread ler... !!
  17. sumurai

    sumurai Newbie

    woah... why i don't even know I am in a tournament dammit.. so whats the prize first.. if prize good then I join... :snooty:

    where got moody lah haiyahh... as Pandora would say, I am cool now..

    :wall: :wall: :whistle: :dance:
  18. onscr33n

    onscr33n Newbie

    me onscreen mer... i stay on the screen sure i care about this thread.. if you off the screen you sure wont see liao.. errrmmm.. after all it is the KLCC and Mid Valley that makes me sooo care about it.. so u all can bring me along.. and babysit me :p heheheheheee
  19. kenzoGaL

    kenzoGaL Newbie

    so girls...everyone confirm with the meeting up ? :p

    1. Kenzo
    2. Yupie
    3. Pandora

    btw, i heard there's a new girl member yea?
    maybe can invite her for da meeting up too. :)
    if u girls wanna bring any of your friends along, go ahead yeah.
    but preferably girls coz it's an "all girl's outing" hehe
  20. sumurai

    sumurai Newbie

    onscreen you want to join them ar.. you got credit card or not first.. wallet fat or not??

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