Water cooling dual Athlon MP 2000+ step by step

Discussion in 'Overclocking, Cooling & Modding' started by itld, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. itld

    itld Newbie

    after several months of trouble free operation I get a call from Mrs. Howdy -
    after a bit of investigation I found the Swiftech pump had sprung a major leak drowning my WD 120GB hdd rendering it unuseable.
    So OUT WITH LC and back to HS/Fan. I can't say it hasn't been fun and a learning experience but for now I'll go back to convetional cooling means.

    BTW: all of the data on the F: drive seems to be recoverable by brut force means.

  2. Brian

    Brian Newbie

    ouch, that's gotta hurt :doh:
  3. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    OH MAN!!! THat's terrible! Did you contact Swiftech?
  4. itld

    itld Newbie

    No I haven't contacted them yet, I'm not sure it would do any good.

  5. NeoSquall

    NeoSquall Newbie

    who knows ? maybe they would send u a replacement product for FREE ?! :mrgreen:
  6. Brian

    Brian Newbie

    i think swiftech will be willing to take it faulty unit. they are a reputable company. maybe they'll pay for the hd too. :mrgreen:
  7. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    So what are you going to do with the rest of the parts? Can you take a picture of your broken pump? I'm a little curious...
  8. A7M266-D

    Hello, guys. I'm in the same boat re: MB instability. However, this MB isn't water - cooled.

    The last entry in this thread is somewhat old, so I'm reposting this query as a new thread too.

    My ASUS is motherboard is UNDERCLOCKED. I mentioned this in another thread within this forum.

    It's an ASUS A7M266-D. Onboard are:

    2 x 512MB ECC DDR (forgot the brand)
    2 x 2000+ Athlon MPs, all - copper Heatsinks on Deltas
    2 x Maxtor 80GB ATA 133s (+ other HDDs on a removable bay) running on a Promise IDE Ultra TX4 (can't remember) controller
    SoundBlaster Live!
    Pinnacle Pro-ONE RTDV
    a 3Com LAN card
    ASUS DVD-ROM 12x and 5224 CD-RW drive
    ...and, oh, an ASUS NVIDIA TNT2 Ultra 32MB.

    An underclocked dual processor box. Still blazingly fast, designed for serious work and raw performance. Only recently have I added MAYA to its list of tasks, hence the need for a FireGL card.

    The peculiarities of this board are as follows:

    1) It still has WORKING USB 1.1 ports ON THE BOARD ITSELF. ASUS discontinued the onboard USBs - they simply didn't work. They had to resort to supplying a PCI card with USB 2.0 adapters. I DON'T KNOW WHERE THIS BOARD STANDS IN TERMS OF ASUS's REVISION HISTORY. I couldn't find any relevant documentation explaining this on the net.
    2) The FSB is set at 100MHz. I can't remember the other specifics. That was a hell of a lot of trouble I went through before finding the proper underclocked settings to prevent spontaneous reboots.
    3) Spontaneous reboots are more frequent when running video - intensive software (prominent on Apple Quicktime 6.0, but not on 6.5)
    4) Power is not an issue, it runs on an Enermax 600W Power Supply.
    5) Average CPU temperatures are between 50 to 60C. Is that any good? Or still way too hot?

    Do you know of any other guys complaining of MB instability (same make, of course)? ASUS HASN'T RELEASED ANY DETAILS REGARDING SUCH.

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