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    Let's make a list... :D My company has blocked many, like meebo, ebuddy, MSN, yahoo messenger and yesterday, Skype!!! :wall:

    If you are in the same situation, do try out imo.im. It's not blocked by my company yet. It comes in the form of web-based and windows version too. The windows version feels like web-based too but not that sure. The good thing is, it can be connected to Skype too! :dance:

    Web-based IM

    1) meebo
    2) imo.im
    3) ebuddy
    4) heysan

    Will try heysan out when imo.im get's blocked. :D
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    Meebo is fun to use
  5. If your company allows USB devices, another option is to use HSDPA, since it's very cheap nowadays.
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    Or can use anonymous web proxy and access those sites.

    Try getting the IP behind the domain name and enter them directly into the address bar
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    That only works on really bad blockers :p
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    still the subdomain will be blocked
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    question on meebo
    are their service alrite? in terms of their policy at

    Privacy Policy | meebo

    i don`t like something invading my details or privacy

    any1 know how to read tnc? especially this part quoted from the link above.

    "Aggregate Usage Data and Anonymized Data. Meebo may collect usage data and other information on all users, including data about their usage of the site and its various features, but it is not personally identifiable except as described below under the IP Addresses section ("Aggregate Data"). In addition, Meebo may take your personal information and create anonymized information by excluding information (such as your user name) that makes it personally identifiable to you ("Anonymized Data"). "

    "By using Meebo, you consent to the storage of your IM history as the default option and to the storing of your IM history by other users with whom you are chatting."

    "4. IP Addresses. Meebo compiles logs of IP addresses of visitors to the Websites for administrative and analytical purposes. Meebo does not routinely collect any personally identifiable information through its compilation of IP address or the location of computers on the Internet. However, in cases of suspected abuse or service problems, Meebo may use an IP address in conjunction with other personally identifiable information to enforce our Terms of Use and/or to protect or troubleshoot the Websites, its users or others who may be affected. Except as provided in Section 5 below, Meebo will not share personally identifiable information associated with IP addresses with third parties. "

    "5. Usage and Sharing of Information.

    Usage of Information. Meebo may use the information it collects, including your personal information, aggregated data, and Anonymized Data, for the following purposes: "

    wah there planty more...
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