WeChat Exceeds 70 Million Registered User Accounts Milestone

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    3 July, 2013 – WeChat, a leading mobile social communication application, today announced that it has surpassed the 70 million registered user accounts milestone, demonstrating its global popularity. Connecting people in an innovative way, WeChat has consistently been the most downloaded mobile social application in numerous countries including India, Malaysia, Mexico and the Philippines.

    To further boost its strong growth momentum, WeChat this month unveiled a new global campaign featuring football superstar Lionel Messi, who joins a glittering cast of musicians, artists, fashion icons and VIPs, to share their WeChat experience with fans and followers.

    As part of the new global initiative, fans can follow Messi’s official WeChat account, WeChat ID: MessiOfficial, which will include videos, voice messages and photos from Messi. In addition, a global TV commercial with his WeChat experience is launched today. The commercial features WeChat’s latest slogan “We Love. We Share. WeChat” and showcases how Messi connects to people he cares for and loves on WeChat.

    Whether they seek to create text message, share moments, or engage in live audio and video, WeChat allows its users to enjoy all these features in one innovative app, for free.

    “We are thrilled to have reached the 70 million registered user accounts mark in such a short space of time. We are listening to our users’ needs and delivering an application that keeps them connected through voice, video, and sharing of pictures and important moments,” said Poshu Yeung, Vice President of International Business Group at Tencent, the company behind the WeChat app.

    “As a football superstar and a WeChat user, Lionel is an ideal personality to help us continue to raise awareness and communicate the benefits of WeChat. We are excited to be working with Lionel to bring WeChat to people who value the intimate connections with those closest to their hearts,” added Yeung.

    Popular Features Users Love about WeChat
    WeChat is free to install, use and download. Users can text each other, swap voice messages with a “Hold to Talk” feature, video chat, as well as share images, music, and videos. It supports all smartphone platforms including Android, BlackBerry , iOS, Symbian, and Windows Phone operating systems.

    Key features WeChat offers:

    • Voice and Video Chatting - ‘Hold-To-Talk’ enables users to send voice messages at the touch of a button. Quality of video chat is another added value experience. You can talk to your friends face to face in an easy-to-use way.
    • Moments – Sharing photos, texts and URL links with trusted friends and contacts.
    • Group Chatting – Group chat on WeChat allows users to chat with as many as 40 people at the same time, making the group chatting experience better than ever before.
    • Location Based Features – With innovative features like ‘Shake’ and ‘Look Around’, it has never been easier to find friends around you. Shake enables users to contact people around the world by shaking their devices. Look around is another innovative feature that enables users to find like-minded people around them.
    • Official Accounts – A feature that can be utilized by brands, celebrities and merchants to build interactivity with their followers. Free SDK and API are available for “Official Accounts” owners and developers to develop applications on WeChat.
    • Web WeChat – Chat with someone using a PC Browser.
    • Security Setting -WeChat comes with comprehensive privacy setting functions, which enables users to limit who they share their information with.

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