Where are the Scalar Pendant Results ?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by yo yo, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    The thing is those ceramics have to be pre-heated. I think my mother-in-law has one that uses the same principle. That's why the filtered water always comes out heated.

    However, these pendants are not heated or powered in any way, so how can they produce far-infrared radiation?
  2. KeeM

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    How is it that the forummers with 'High' reputations use more effort and time to discredit the scalar pendants from their couch and still refuses to test out the pendants personally to get to the bottom of the truth?

    They are all just waiting for some quantifiable results, and to the boss who's had the pendant to test, for months he's been delaying and postponing his tests, and yet has found time from his busy schedule to login to the forum to write lengthy replies to discredit the pendant.

    Dear Boss, the tests results that we are all waiting from you will only take 10 minutes of your time. There are plenty of video demonstrations to guide you to conduct them.

    It is also funny that you will take ALL THE EFFORT to conduct tests that has not been specified, as you deem fit, and say it doesn't work. Especially for a 'fact finder' and 'truth seeker' such as you.

    Please don't loose hair discrediting something you're skeptical towards.
  3. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    How is it that a new forumer like you take the effort to register but do nothing to back up your claims that the pendants work?

    Frankly speaking, testing the pendant was quick and easy. It's supposed to work instantly, but after wearing it, NOTHING HAPPENED. I didn't feel any healthier, stronger or better balanced than I was before. But I want more objective results, which is why I'm running other tests.

    Why must I run only tests that YOU specify? If scalar energy can really impart all those properties, then its effects should be wide ranging. Besides, your claims are so non-specific, it could mean anything.

    For example, it claims to REDUCE inflammation. Well, it didn't do anything for my eczema. It also says it has the abillity to destroy bacteria and viruses. While wearing the pendant, I still contracted the flu. So much for destroying viruses and bacteria, eh?

    But all that's unscientific. What's scientific is detecting whether it has ANY effect on electrical items / electronics. After all, it claims to be able to REDUCE the temperature of our refrigerator. Well, not only was that proven to be FALSE, I also proved that it was not able to deliver ANY energy to anything that it touches.

    It claims to be able to give you better "energy" and even improve a car's power output. Well, I didn't feel any more energetic or stronger after wearing it, so I tested it on my computer. By right, scalar energy would be radiating into it, and speeding up the electrons in the circuits, thereby making them run faster. Well, the computer was no faster or slower, which means there was NO EFFECT at all.

    Unlike strength / balance tests which can be faked, these objective tests cannot be faked. Either a fridge gets colder or it doesn't. Either a computer goes faster or it doesn't.

    The problem, KeeM, isn't my skepticism, the problem lies in the scalar energy pendant - it does NOT do anything! The pendant should work IN SPITE of my skepticism. I don't have to believe that a car is really propelled by the combustion of petrol to see it move. Similarly, I do not have to believe that the pendant works for it to work its magic.

    Unfortunately, it has done absolutely NOTHING since I started testing it. As far as my instruments and tests show, this is an inert piece of ceramic. A VERY EXPENSIVE piece of inert ceramic, to be precise.
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