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    My dad owns an old dell laptop which i am trying to revive it.

    Summary so far - Dad forget password. I format it via boot by
    thumbdrive. Halfway installing, there was a bluescreen. Next thing i know is the USB port is not functioning. So i had to take out the laptop harddisk to put the window installer.
    So now i managed to get window XP into the laptop but
    the wireless/lan and USB port is not functioning :wall:
    I do not know why USB is not functioning, so installing driver is my last resort.

    Attached is my screenshot of device manager
    which driver should i download ?

    This is the link to dell driver website under the laptop model.
    Drivers & Downloads | Dell US

    any help is greatly appreciated :wave:

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  2. Chai

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    Latitide D400? Where's the link? I think you should be able to find all the drivers in Dell website.
  3. zy

    zy zynine.com Staff Member

    I would right-click those drivers and get the Device ID and Google it, it will help to find out the manufacturer and model of the device.
  4. Adrian Wong

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    Inspect the bottom of the notebook for a label with the Service Tag. Then use the Service Tag at Support for Home Users | Dell Malaysia to find out the exact specifications of your Dell notebook and the latest drivers for it.

    Alternatively, the Dell link above has a Detect Service Tag option, which allows you to download a mini app to scan your Dell notebook and look for the Service Tag.

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