Why Mahathir failed to change the Malays?(reposting)

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    something to read and think about...this posting may sounds offensive to certain forumner.found it at webmaster site.

    Topic:Why Mahathir failed to change the Malays? (An open letter to Tun Dr.Mahathir)

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    Why Mahathir failed to change the Malays? (An open letter to Tun Dr.Mahathir) Posted 12-31-2003 16:00

    New Economic Policy.The brainchild of Mahathir has been implemented for more than three decades. Now at the dawn of this new century, we ought to ponder and examine this NEP and its impact on our nation. Some will say NEP is a success.Some will deny that. I myself for one would say NEP is a failure to a certain extent. NEP did mold a stable nation and help to maintain that status for more than three decades but at what costs, one may ask? Hence we have this discussion about Mahathir and his NEP.

    Why Mahathir failed in changing the Malays' mindset? Did he manage to grasp the fundamental principle in nation-building or has he overlooked certain important areas that needed his attention? In every developed nations, education is the building block of a nation and every developed nation follows this formula. Science begats Technology. Technology begats Industries. Industries begats Capitalism. Capitalism creates society's classes. Society classes demands a stable, democracy government. Democracy government funded and supported science and science begats... . Question is did we really implement this formula? Or we are following this path: a stable, multi-racial democratic (Barisan Nasional) government builds infrastructure using money from taxes and by selling Malaysia's natural resources (tin, rubber, palm oil, oil, etc). Infrastructure attracts Foreign-Direct Investment(FDI). FDI creates industries. Industries create jobs for Malaysians (mostly non-bumiputra races) in private sector. Industries bring taxes/money to Government. Government spends money to create jobs for Malaysians (bumiputra race). All jobs created a society's classes. Society's classes demands and elects a stable, democratic government and government builds... and the cycle is repeat for present generation and future generation. Can we see the differences between the first formula and the second formula? Infrastructure development and human resource development. Which one is important, one may ask?

    Dr.Mahathir is a technologist. He is a trained doctor by profession. He walked the meritocracy path that is supported by many non-bumiputra academicians in Universiti Malaya, Singapore. He will not be the first Malay doctor if not for all the medical professors who make him a doctor in the first place. These are genuine academicians who obtained their higher education qualifications based on their merits and not being sponsored by the British Colonial government. If Mahathir is not a competent doctor, would he be able to become a MP,Senator,Minister,Deputy Prime Minister and finally a Prime Minister?

    A doctor is a human being. He too can make mistakes. A doctor can prescribe drug pills to cure a patient's ailment, make a patient to wear braces, clutches and use a walking cane. A doctor apply bandages to stop a patient's bleeding wound. But what if the drug pills, braces, clutches, walking cane and bandages are all imported materials manufactured by the foreigners. Foreigners like the British, Americans and the Japanese. What if the drug pills has additive elements and cause addiction and long term serious adverse or side-effect on the patients? What if the braces, clutches and walking cane are made of poor quality materials and they are not durable or become rusty or be easily worn out or broken in pieces? What if the bandages are infected with deadly germs and can cause serious poisonous effect on the patient's bleeding wound. Would you like to see this Malay doctor for this kind of treatment?

    Perhaps Mahathir needs to ask his biologist friend who told him of the little experiment he is conducting. A biologist is culturing a new microorganism on his petri dish. This microorganism is bred for human benefits. Now supposedly the experiment has gone terribly awry. Instead of creating a useful microorganism, he has created a mutated breed of pathogens and viruses that bring harmful effects to human being. Isn't this story is very similar to all those pathetic "Malay Professor Kangkung" that have already infested public universities? Like viruses they are, spreading cancerous cells to all future Malaysian students studying at local universities causing high unemployment rate among local university graduates and making Malaysia's education standard goes spiraling downward. Poor quality graduate teacher churning out to teach at primary and secondary schools which in turns produced ill-prepared students for tertiary education. In developed nation, the notion "publish or perish" is very real in their world-class universities. If Mahathir is protecting these so-called "Malay elite or Malay professor Kangkung" classes' bowl of rice, wouldn't too private colleges and universities administration too will protect their own supporters or bogus academicians with false academic credentials whose purpose are to keep them in power and generate profits for them?

    This is the root cause of NEP's failure. NEP calls for government's sponsorship and scholarship. Mahathir sponsored too many young Malay students and bought them their degrees, master and PhD degrees from UK universities. So we have a scenario where the patients is the Malay race and his entire prescriptions depended heavily on foreign support. Mahathir is doomed to fail from the moment he took the swearing oath making him the Malaysia's Fourth Prime Minister because he did not learn his history lessons well. A Malay doctor who has no ideas of what are the root cause that made many Imperial Chinese dynasties that rose and fell. Imperial eunuchs who bought and sold important government positions to their supporters, causing wide spread of corrupt officials who are incompetence and indulge in oppressing the peasants' classes. Who dare to say this practice is not obvious in the present modern time? Sponsored and buy education qualifications for young Malay students. Education qualifications equal important government positions, hence buying and selling government positions to his Malay supporters. Mahathir is nothing but just an ordinary leader who indulge in "office education politics" whether he is aware of it or not. By tendering his resignation after more than two decades in power, he has gotten away, hoodwinking and deceiving Malaysians' peasants' classes. Unfortunately, the same fate does not smile on Liong Sik, another Malaysian politician who only thinks of the next election and who too indulge in "office education politics". As for Liong Sik's case, he is quietly "disposed of and overthrown" because a leader in ancient China period who has not the support of the wise men shall perish and be vanquished. Lu Bu, Yuan Shao, Yuan Shu, Gongsun Zan and many others warlords during the Three Kingdom period vanquished because they do not employ wise and capable men in their services.

    Mahathir did made some pathetic remarks toward the ending period of his reign. He first asked those "Malay professor Kangkung" to leave the public universities and he asked for non-bumiputra academicians to swear loyalties to the nation. Guess what? The "viruses and the pathogens" that he created are going to stay. Mahathir himself is the one to go and retire. Mahathir learns too late, that in developed nations, the general public has every right to sue incompetent and mediocre-performance professors for compensation and have them fired from their academic positions in public universities. He just doesn't have the stomach to allow these to happen on Malaysia's soil and to have him, an old retired man, standing by helplessly to watch lawsuits after lawsuits launched from non-bumiputra Malaysians (local universities graduates) to destroy all the NEP's creation that he had made. Poor Mahathir! Here is another wise Japanese proverb for you, Mahathir. Since you welcome them with open arms, yes, the Japanese as your economic colony master. "Good Horse is hard to ride, Good Bow is hard to use, Good men are hard to command". Ponder over this before you can go around demanding good people's loyalty to you and the nation. Please do not go around criticizing MCA which imposed a maximum 9 years tenure for their present and future president. What make you thinks that in your reign as Malaysia's Prime Minister, there are no corrupt, incompetent, and mediocre high-rankings government officials in your administration. Universities lecturers, professors, academicians and researchers who got their salaries paid by the Federal government are government officials too, in case you have forgotten about this. Every good, wise, brilliant and benevolent emperors in China's long history will have corruption crept in toward the end of their reign. Again, Mahathir, you need to brush up on your history lessons.

    Did Mahathir read up "Romance of the Three Kingdom" classic novel when he was a young man? Did he fully understand the meaning of "meritocracy"? Did he knows what is the meaning of the right education path? Did he learns about one of the oldest advice on meritocracy came from Zhuge Liang to the young ruler of Shu-Han Kingdom that goes like this " Seek out the recluse scholars so that you may obtained the services of the wise and good, repel the wicked and depraved that your moral standard may be exalted". Did Zhuge Liang asked the young ruler of Shu-Han Kingdom to build great cities or walls or embark on huge infrastructure project like building great canals? Mahathir is nothing more than a technologist that only knows how to build infrastructure to meet the foreign investors' demands. He learns all these by being a clinic doctor who after diagnosed a patient's ailment, prescribed the medication and expect the patient to pay for his medical bill at the counter manned by his nurses. So please heed this lesson if you are a top Malays student. Do please read out the "Romance of Three Kingdom, Sun Tzu:Art of War, 36 War Stratagems and many other classic books before you join UMNO and go around aspire to become future Malaysian leaders. Do not simply glorifying your leader who happened to be the first Malays doctor who assumed he have the ultimate prescription for Malaysia in his "Malay Dilemma" book.

    Mahathir's nation-building formula required him to build the infrastructure like highways, roads, factories, seaports and airports and then he expects money from foreign direct-investment will come pouring in. Did the foreign investors owned every Malaysians their bowl of rice? Is it the moral obligation for foreign investors to ensure the survival of all Malaysians? Who are these foreign investors, one may ask? Are they not industrialists and Technologists? Technology marches on, pushed and driven to the limits by science. As Technology marches on, some of these industrialists /technologists/ capitalists will pay a visit to Malaysia and appear as foreign investors and lo behold! For these are the people that Mahathir worships! Did Mahathir aware of the simple investors' rules? Do you as an investor want to invest US$10 million in a country for the next five year only to reap back US$20 million, making a clean profit of US$10 million only? You will want to redo your sum and only invest if you are making a return of at least US$40 million or more. In other words, Malaysia is only helping the developed nations to become richer and richer.

    Can Mahathir as a doctor creates a lot of jobs for the peasants' classes? A band of doctors can only set-up a private hospitals and create jobs for nurses and lab assistants. Can Mahathir as a doctor cure starvation? Can he ensure the farmers, the fishermen, the factory workers or the man in the streets that he already cured will not go starving for the next day, next week, next month, next year, next 20 years and next 40 years? Who are the peasants' classes bosses? Who are they answerable to? Can Mahathir used brute military forces to force these peasants to support him to stay in power? Wouldn't that made him a military dictator? Why doesn't he emulate Pol Pot's doing in Cambodia by forcing all city-dwellers to march out to the fields to replace the farmers' job by tending to the paddy-fields and turned these fields into killing fields? The peasants classes only answerable to nature itself. The drought brought upon by the sun, the heavy rains that caused floods and the raging storms in the seas are the peasants classes' bosses. Nature dictates the livelihood of the peasants classes. Zhuge Liang, the Prime Minister of Shu-Han Kingdom, is a Taoist magician who can summon winds and predicts the coming of river fog. He is a person who is by ancient time definition, a meteorologist and a product design engineer since he can invent a new crossbow called the multiple crossbow and a new transport vehicle called the wooden oxens. Mahathir! you are nowhere comparable to Zhuge Liang. Therefore, the peasants classes has the power to vote Mahathir out of office, the same goes for Badawi, too.

    Mahathir ought to spend his retirement time, paying a visit to a Malay farmer and a Malay fisherman. The Malay farmer and fisherman will tell him that they would rather give free food (rice, fishes and vegetables) to real, genuine academicians and researchers regardless of races in the public universities because these scientists are the frontier explorers in the vast, uncharted fundamental knowledge territory. This is the peasant classes' ultimate investment in the future. The new scientific discoveries will create new jobs and new industries for young, new, future generations. The peasant classes' children and grandchildren generations. The scientists' job is far more important than you, a doctor or a Prime minister because they work to ensure the full independence of our nation. You, Mahathir, a doctor, will get the least priority from the peasant classes' list of free food recipients because a doctor like you just like any other technologists /industrialists /capitalists (engineers, architects, accountants, auditors, bankers, dentists, etc..) can easily set-up your own business firm/company/clinic and derived your livelihood from the general public. The support from the peasant classes to the Federal Government must flow down back directly to pure scientific research in public universities. Government fund (taxpayers' money) is power and this power is not to be abused by you, Oh Mahathir, for recruiting and sponsoring your Malay supporters to become fake Malay academicians (Malay Professor Kangkung). Remember this, oh Mahathir! How can you, be aware of what these young sponsored Malaysian students had gone through in foreign nations that are thousand miles away?

    All the world nation's citizens are pitted against one another in the everlasting struggle to survive. A titanic battle to ensure the survival of their tribes or nation in the future years to come. A Malaysian farmer and fisherman has to pit their harvest and their day's catch against a Thai or Japanese or American or Indonesian farmer and fisherman. The surplus of their natural harvest is channel to support their own scientists . This support will eventually be translated to how much salary you can pay to a scientist. So, Mahathir, since you are so fond of Japanese and the French, ponder deeply how much the natural resources yield that Malaysia can afford so that you can pay top salary to lure Japanese and French scientists to work in Malaysia? Ask yourself how efficient the natural resources land yield of Malaysia as compared to the French and the Japanese. Who has the winning edge and who has the losing end? Do you think you can simply "dislodge" all the Japanese academicians and scientists in a world-class university, and have them all immigrated to Malaysia just to work at your Malaysia-Japan university?

    Is education perceived by the Malays as getting a degree and then works comfortably as government employee? Is education perceived by the non-bumiputra Malaysians as getting a degree and then works for foreign multinational companies? Have we all forgotten the purpose of education? Do you have to go down on your knees and begs Bill Gates to invest in Malaysia IT's industry? Or perhaps have Rafidah forced to drink sake inside a closed karaoke room session with Japanese investors so that foreign-direct investment from them shall keep pumping in. Let the Malaysian peasants classes teach Mahathir about the importance of science. Would the World War Two be won by the Americans, British and their allies if there are no scientific inventions like sonar, radar, codebreaker and atomic bombs? A doctor who graduated with a medical degree in the 1950s will not know what is laser microsurgery or magnetic resonance imaging or the latest chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients. Why? Because these are new scientific inventions that are invented in the 1960s and 1970s. You, Mahathir as a doctor are obsolete and therefore deserve to be replaced! What medicine can you prescribe now? Ubat batuk and panadol? How about the mighty engineer? An engineer may think he is the expert of magnetic technology back in the 1980s. But little does he knows that he can be easily become obsolete, the moment the latest digital technology comes into existence.

    What will happens in the far future, if a small asteroid is going to impact South China Sea and obliterate all South East Asia nations and their population? Is the future Prime Minister of Malaysia is going to knee down and kiss the feet of the President of United States for salvation. The US and China will make a secret pact and let this catastrophe occurred so that they can divide South East Asia region between themselves. The new White and Yellow immigration shall sweep, claim and populate the South East Asia region. Mahathir, you can create 10,000 Malay doctors, 10,000 Malay engineers, 10,000 Malay accountants, 10,000 Malay economists, 100,000 Malay IT professionals and programmers and have them massed at your MSC. It only takes one intercontinental ballistic missile with nuclear warhead from foreign aggressor to wipe out the entire MSC, killing all your precious Malays professionals. Look at what happened to Saddam's millions soldiers in the latest Iraq's war. Continuous funding to development of science is very important. It is the ultimate future investment. Just because if the Malays are weak and unable to master scientific knowledge, does that mean you, Mahathir, should deny the funding to other non-bumiputra races who has the expertise in this fields. Remember this, Mahathir, the role of Federal government is like "legal Robin Hood". The Federal government can always levy taxes on rich citizens to help the poor citizens. Imagine yourself as Malaysia national basketball coach. What would you do if you found out that the top five national basketball players are Malaysian Chinese? Deny funding to the development of basketball and halt the construction of all basketball courts in Malaysia?

    Education path can be sabotaged and short-circuited. Young Malaysian sponsored students' minds can be weakened by absorbing useless, obsolete knowledge. Knowledge with little academic values like ICT, Management Technology and all the "technology" courses can be designed by foreign academicians to poison their minds. The billions of ringgit for sponsorship purpose can be used by foreign governments to create jobs for their own mediocre academicians or to create bogus academician jobs. These "fake foreign academicians" will then be assigned to "teach, educate, guide, train and develop" those sponsored Malaysian students. These young sponsored Malaysian students who at such a young age (late teens to mid twenties) can be easily "diperbodohkan dan ditipu" by foreign academicians on their home soil. Any foreign academician can tell a Malay PhD student to do maintenance work or collect data in his laboratory for years and then awards him with a PhD degree. Ask any government officials in charge of sponsorship/scholarship in JPA, Mara, Telekom, Petronas , etc..and they will tell you that, Malaysia Government has no right to dictate who are the British educators that are going to teach these young Malaysian sponsored students. Even Stephen Hawking himself, a prominent British physicist has no right to choose who is going to be his PhD academic supervisor. If you, Mahathir spends RM$100,000 to sponsor a Malays student, wouldn't Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew too can pay RM$100,001 to the foreign academicians to have this young Malay student's education to be sabotaged and short-circuited. Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew can easily get his RM$100,001 from selling cheap, raw water to ships that stopped by at his port. Yes, cheap, raw water from Semenanjung Malaya to be used as "mind weapon" against all young Malaysian sponsored students.

    Treasures are like precious jewels that your wife wears when she attends a grand banquet so that everyone will see its splendor. When the banquet is over, these precious jewels are tucked away, hidden away in a very secure safe to prevent theft. The same concept goes for our nation's treasures. Are all these Petronas Twin Tower, KLIA airport, North-South Highway, Proton cars, Bakun dam and many other infrastructure our nation's treasures? If not, what made you think Malaysia's government sponsorship and scholarship shall enable all these immature, young Malaysian sponsored students to get as close as possible and to study under foreign nations' genuine, world-class academicians, scientists, thinkers and professionals. Didn't the US Ambassador to Malaysia tell Malaysia Government to respect "Intellectual property"?

    So what are you, Mahathir, going to do about it when you realized that you have been cheated and deceived by foreign governments? Send in a team of high powered lawyers to sue foreign academicians on their home soil? Or send it a team of Malaysian Special Forces commandos to kidnap these foreign academicians and bring them for justice in Malaysia's court? Complain to British Prime Minister? He will rebuke and laugh at you saying, "Hey! This shows my citizens are clever in doing businesses with your citizens. My citizens are patriot because they made profits for our nation and yours are traitors because they helped your nation lose money. All thanks to your NEP! of course!" What a laugh!! The NEP is doomed to fail from the start. Every foreign academicians have already read your pathetic book "The Malay dilemma" and they wondered and said after reading your book, "Fine, but how are you going to cure the Malays?" And the solution comes in education sponsorship/scholarship offered by Malaysian government. The foreigners are laughing their hearts out because they know your mind and they know themselves. How so? Because they are the one who initiated the British Colonial government sponsorship to finance your medical studies.

    Government's sponsorship and scholarship has already been in existence since colonial time. Haven't the British learns their painful lessons when they founded universities and colleges in their thirteen colonies on American continent? So what did the new generation of educated Americans do? People like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and many others. They declared independence, broke away from British Crown and founded a new nation. Education and knowledge shall be their true, hidden weapon in offsetting the trade imbalance between Britain and Malaysia in the future years to come. Foreign government policies can change overnight. Friendly nations can become foe. Foe can become friendly nations. You, Mahathir, being a veteran politician should know well of this fact. Communists insurgents are your foes in the past but now are China and Russia nations, your friend or foe? Please ponder over this, Mahathir!

    After Malaysia's independence, the British voiced their opposition to your NEP yet you still trusts them completely to have them "educate and develop" the Malays race. Mahathir, please read up "Sun Tzu: Art of War " treatise before you penned your thoughts in your "Malay Dilemma" book. The foreigners are poised win in every single "trade war" against Malaysia because they know their trade very well. They will make sure you are surrounded by incompetence when the right time comes. Mahathir, do you know how Queen Elizabeth I builds England from a poor nation into the most powerful and richest nation in Europe in 16th Century? Queen Elizabeth surrounded herself with able advisers in the Privy council, who are the best talents and minds, England has to offer. Now doesn't that sounds very much similar to the famous Zhuge Liang's advice in The Three Kingdom period. Mahathir, you ought to know the British very well. The Foreigners know you, the Malays through your book and they also know about the Malaysian Chinese through the Confucius's teachings.

    Didn't the foreign investors tell you world globalization is very real? Didn't they tell you that Malaysia must open her door to allow foreign expatriates to come in and set-up their own companies to compete for businesses with Malaysian-owned companies on Malaysia soil? Britain is one small island with about 60 millions inhabitants. They have chronic housing problem. They have to maintain a thriving economy to feed their population with limited lands and natural resources. They will want to see their young generations to live and work on other part of the world. So what made you think the British academicians are going to "train, educate, teach, guide" your young Malaysians sponsored students to become competent graduates and professionals. Young Malaysian graduates and professionals who will compete with them as they advocate world globalization to you. So please learn your enemy well, Mahathir.

    Presently, the whole world is laughing at Malays race. We are now in information age. Oh! Mahathir, do you still have any idea how the Internet is born? The Brazilians, the Mexicans, the Iranians, the South Africans, the Egyptians, the Turkish, the Russians, the Arabians and the Australians will scramble to set up fake universities and staffed them with fake, mediocre academicians (local or foreigners) and then approach Malaysia Government to bid and clinch the education sponsorship contracts. Come and study at our country, they will say, it is cheaper and we will "train, teach, educate and guide" these bright and brilliant Malaysian minds and mold them into the so-called "very useful" graduate. Yes, some real, very useful Malays graduates that you, Mahathir, can handpicked them to spearhead your heavy industries (Perwaja, Hicom, Renong, MAS and many others). Little do you, Mahathir, realized that a sinister, unseen forces are already at work to have those young Malaysian sponsored students developed to be foreign asserts like spies, infiltrators, traitors to Malaysia's cause or CEOs of foreign multinational companies that protects foreign interests in Malaysia or incompetence graduates.

    All Muslims are brothers, right, Mahathir? So why don't you sponsor the best Malays mind to Iran, Turkey, Egypt and Arab universities? Wouldn't PAS be very delighted if you make this decision? Again, Mahathir, you are pathetic as usual. You have no ideas that there are certain areas that government power have no control on them. Education is one fine example. How about love, would you, Mahathir, pump in millions of ringgit to generate 100,000 married Malay couples in three years time ? What happened to your vision of having Malaysia's population to be 70 million Malaysians?

    Everyone can debates about the authentic of these sponsored education academic qualifications. Who doesn't want to sell a piece of paper degree to young Malaysian students sponsored by their government. All they (Foreign government officials and academician) have to do is to ensure that these young Malaysian sponsored students after obtaining their paper qualifications, shall board the first plane flight out of their country( UK, USA, Japan, etc). Let them return back to Malaysia to practice their "expertise" in Malaysia or wreak havoc in Malaysia's society. A generation of Malays "ticking human time-bomb" or the so-called "Malays professionals/Malays Professor Kangkung". Mahathir, please learn this lesson well. There are three human emotions in which human beings can fall into a pitfall and be deceived. There are love, pity and greed for money,power and higher social status. Your greed disguised as noble intention to change the Malays so that they shall occupy a higher social status shall caused a generation of Malays to fall into education traps and pitfalls. All these young Malaysian sponsored students are just pawns in the greater chess game of "office education/industry politics". All of them as young as SPM school leavers ought to get a "Failed" grade in their pendidikan moral course, the moment they swallowed the juicy "scholarship and sponsorship baits" and signed the dotted line to have their lives bonded to serve their sponsors.

    There are four fates that shall befall on these young Malaysian sponsored students. The first fate, in initial bonding period, they are "pawns" used to replace and take over jobs' responsibilities of their sponsors' opponents who are vying for power in office politics or to replace those old, inactive, rebellious sponsored students. Mahathir used them to replace old, non-bumiputra Malaysian academicians in public-universities. The second fate, in the intermediate bonding period, they shall be exploited to the fullest to generate profits and support for their sponsors. A period where they are ordered to do "dirty works" (if needs to) for their masters and a chance for them to show their loyalty and obedience. Mahathir used them (Malay Professor Kangkung) to teach at public universities so that degrees can be awarded to the sons and daughters of Malaysia's peasant classes, thus winning their support for the general election. Liong Sik used them to set-up more academic courses in Tunku Abdul Rahman College, attracting more young Malaysian Chinese students and therefore extracting more government funding and of course, more money flowing out to fill foreigners' coffers. The most basic grass-root supporters that are to be "recruited" into UMNO or MCA are not young, professional in their mid 20s but young Malaysians students (SPM leavers) through government's sponsorship and scholarship. The third fate, after a long term period, those sponsored students that demonstrated loyalty, obedience and played active roles in supporting their sponsors shall be handpicked and promoted to become leaders, CEOs, top management executives for Mahathir's heavy industries venture like Renong, DRB-Hicom, Proton, MAS, Perwaja and many government enterprises. The creation of Mahathir's cronies. Mahathir even "forced" all the academicians in public universities to sign a declaration of loyalty to him. But there is another dangerous fate for these sponsored students. A fate that is beyond Mahathir's and Liong Sik's expectations. The foreigners too shall recruit them and use them to work to protect their interests within Malaysia's soil. Traitors, Spies and infiltrators, they are to become. For the clear and present danger to Malaysia shall come from within and not from outside.

    Mahathir, do please be aware that population grows and the arable lands dwindle. In the future, there are going to be a shortage of lands for farming purposes. So, Mahathir, are you going to promise that Malaysian Government is going to be the sole employer for all Malays race in Malaysia? Malaysian government to ensure the bowl of rice for all Malays? Economic colonization is very real, the CEOs of foreign multinational companies in Malaysia will simply obeys orders from their headquarters in US, UK, Japan, Taiwan and Europe to hire and fire 10 or 20 or 100 Malays executives, engineers, technicians and operators after their probation periods. So what are you going to do about it when they come for you...(the Malays race). All Multinational companies can gang up together and falsify the information input to Human Resource Ministry by saying that all these retrenched workers are useless because they are all local university graduates. So what will Malaysia general public will do? They swing their support by sending their children to study at private education sector, much to foreigners' delight because they have already "invested" in these sector. Have we all forgotten about all the 3+0 degree program, twinning program, American degree program, Cambridge A-level, South Australian matriculation, college diploma that leads to overseas degree route and many more offered by the private education sector? Poor Mahathir! You never ask young Malaysians to study what foreign investors tell you. Remember the first formula. Foreign scientist in developed nations will tell their foreign engineers of their latest fundamental discoveries. The Foreign engineers shall capitalize on these discoveries to create benefits for the human society. In order to do so, they shall set-up their own companies and develop the the fundamental knowledge into commercial products and services. These Foreign engineers shall become Technologists/ Industrialists, CEOs, and foreign investors to developing nations. So do you get the whole picture, oh! Mahathir!

    Nobody can helps the Malay race but they themselves. The new, young, bright Malay students will pathetically begs for "sponsorship" from JPA, Petronas, Mara, Telekom, etc.. after their SPM. This is the new negative culture assimilated by the Malays because of Mahathir's NEP. A bright, Malay pupil will say "Kak Minah belajar kat UK,Abang Mat belajar kat US, Sepupu Razak belajar kat Jepun, Saya nak pergi US! US!". Well, does the young Malay pupil aware that this is the new century that has started with the global war on terrorism yet he still dare to dream to set his foot on western soil. The Cold War lasted for almost five decades. If all warfare is based on deception as Sun Tzu already stated in ancient times and if all nations in the present world are engaged in global economics warfare, would not knowledge and education too can be turned into a war weapon? If that is so, would Mahathir or Badawi still place his 100% trust that all his young Malaysians sponsored students would be truly "educated and trained" under the concept that all education and knowledge are based on trust or deceit?

    Didn't the British said that the Malay's future generations are suppose to be better farmers and fishermen's than their parents' generations? He who did not learn from history is bound to repeat the same mistake. If Mahathir's government is to spend RM$1 million to buy 1000 tons of food, we can always unload the food at Port Klang and measure their weights. If Mahathir's government is to spend the same amount of money to buy 10,000 barrels of oil , again we can unload the barrels and count them to the precise number. But one need to ask, can we measure and gauge knowledge? Can we measure their weight or do numerical count on them? Are all those Malay sponsored students with PhDs that have already infested the public universities are truly world-class academicians and researchers? Can you explained what happened to UM, USM, UKM, UPM, UTM, UiTM, etc rankings in all Asian top universities category? Please answer this, Mahathir. Please surf the Internet for websites of some world-class universities in US, UK, Japan, Germany, China, India and Taiwan. Compare their departments websites and your local universities' departments' websites. Do you see the huge differences? Where are the foreign research partner collaborators? Where are the Malaysian scientists involve in Human Genome Research Project? Particle physicists all over the world are collaborating in building a super-collider to discover supersymmetry. And you, Mahathir is building a super-corridor for foreign IT investors. While you still have the energy to walk around, why don't you ask for all the "Malay Professor Kangkung" PhD thesis to be resubmitted to some real genuine world-class academicians for external examination. And do not be surprise to find out a huge majority of them have failed miserably for they have written rubbish in their thesis.

    Let us take sport as an example, Hafiz has to duel with world-class badminton players, defeating each one, before emerging as All England Champion. That is badminton, a physical sport, a sport for one to demonstrate his skills, feats and prowess in front of a huge crowd. Do we have to sponsor a Malay lad to become All England Champion? Why not pay RM$1 million to the British Government to buy this title? Oh yes! The Malays according to Mahathir's Malay dilemma are all sick, bleeding, limping and not in good physical health. The whole races in the world must be patient and wait for the Malays to be in competitive mode. Esok masih ada, right? Meanwhile, why not pay IBF some money and have them adjust the badminton rules in favor of Malays race? Hafiz shall win the game if he wins 8 points first. How does that sounds? Does it sounds like sponsorship or university quota system to you? Can Mahathir, Agong and all the Malay Sultans just simply declare Hafiz as world badminton champion? Merits matter! Can Mahathir, Agong and all the Malay Sultans declare all those "Malay Professor Kangkung" as world-leading researchers, academicians and experts in their respective fields? Are those to be consider their bumiputra rights? Mahathir, you are a joke in the eyes of world-class academicians!

    All young Malays students must ask themselves this question. How about mental prowess? How did you compare yourself in A-levels achievement with the British youngsters or STPM with non-bumiputra students? How are you going to be future Malays CEO of Malaysian companies that compete head-on with foreign multinational companies for international market if you do not have the same level playground at early stage to gauge one another achievements and performances? Did Hafiz as national badminton single player trains and spars together with other top Malaysian Chinese badminton players in the national training camp? So why there are no bright Malay students with strings of SPMs' As dare to take up the challenge and study Form-6/STPM together with non-bumiputra students? Are they all jumping into the education sponsorship/scholarship boats and make their fast getaway to foreign nations and walk into foreign academicians' traps and pitfalls? You are pathetic, yes, all those bright, young Malays SPM high-achievers! The foreign academicians shall apply international world class meritocracy standard on you! Because of that and you have not met their strict requirements therefore you must study under the most mediocre foreign academicians they have to offer or worse! Bogus foreign academicians with false academic credentials, the root creation of "Malay Professor Kangkung"! The word "meritocracy " shall always haunts this present and future Malays generations. It will always be as long as you do not understand the true deep meaning of this word.

    Mahathir, go ahead and gasp in amazement on how Professor Dr. Ghaut builds Multimedia University into a prestigious university in a short span of seven years. MMU is beginning to overshadow your pathetic public universities (UM, USM, UKM, UUM, UTM, etc). Mahathir, you should learn and "belajar" from Professor Dr. Ghaut. How did he do it? Very simple, Mahathir, you must assemble and gather around you at least 15 genuine PhD holders to be professors and associate professors to form a department. They will set-up and prop up the education/meritocracy path for this department's degree courses because they themselves walked these paths all the way to finish at PhD level based on their merits and not being "sponsored" by you. The more PhD holders you can assemble, the better the outcome because they can extend the path to a master degree and a PhD degree. Their jobs is to teach advanced undergraduate courses and to do research. The most experienced PhD holders with the most merits will handle master and PhD degree level of research. They will be supervising a handful of graduate research students who are reading for their master or PhD. Genuine Master degree holders can be employed to teach undergraduate courses in the lecture halls and graduate students can play supporting role as tutor and they teaches in a small classroom environment. Of course, some simple micro-management of undergraduate's support must be utilized. Some portion of the tuition fees that the MMU's undergraduates pay will be used to pay the salaries of these graduate students. In US, it is called financial aid. These financial aid are very competitive because they are offered to prospective graduate students from all over the world. Now, Mahathir, please tell Malaysia's general public in your tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia, how many Malays top undergraduate students manage to compete with top Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Taiwanese, Japanese, South Koreans, Europeans, South Americans, Africans, etc undergraduates to gain admission into top US graduate schools with financial aid. How many? Please tell us the numbers.

    So have you, Oh! Mahathir!, learned this meritocracy lesson!? Do you see your failure in developing Malaysia's human resources? What made you think that you the so-called first Malays doctor with a mere medical degree can assemble these genuine PhD degree holders? Their learning and knowledge are many times greater and far more deeper than you. Yes, you, who wrote the book "Malay Dilemma" and believed in government's education sponsorship/scholarship path to help the Malays so that you can use them to replace the genuine non-bumiputra PhD academicians in Malaysia's public universities. How are you going to win good people's loyalty with this move? The transmission of knowledge from all the past, genuine, retired non-bumiputra academicians in public universities must be preserved from one generation to the next generation and only in MMU, do we see a huge number of genuine, young non-bumiputra Malaysian academicians and researchers, the pitiful remnant of NEP's three decades of onslaught. All the Malays Sultanates' families, once they are aware of overseas education pitfalls and traps, will call Prof. Dr. Ghaut personally just to book certain undergraduate places for their sons and daughters. The Agong himself can find out that all developed nations take care of their young, best students. You don't see Japan sponsored their best students to study at Germany, Germany sponsored their best students to study at Britain, Britain sponsored their best students to study at USA. USA sponsored their best students to study at Japan. If we are going to be a developed nation, so why do we still have all these government's sponsorship and scholarship. And you, Mahathir, deserve to be summoned to a close-door meeting with all the Malays Sultans and Agong himself for a tongue-lashing lecture from them.

    Now that Badawi needs a Deputy Prime Minister so why not we all endorse Professor Dr. Ghaut to become Malaysia's next Deputy Prime Minister. So too will any political parties, be them Barisan components or Opposition parties will have my election vote if they initiate the demand to remove the Education minister's portfolio from the Cabinet. We want to see the education portfolio to be manage by a committee that is answerable to Parliament only. A committee that conducts all affairs concerning education issues and that including granting research fund directly to genuine and competent researchers and academicians. Mahathir, you sponsored so many Malay students to study at US universities. Doesn't it occurred in your mind that these young Malay students too are aware that the US Congress has the power to delegate what areas , the Federal government, the executive branch have power over. If you screwed up on the Malaysia's education system, what made you think that, the new, young educated Malaysians generations are going stay idle and let you remains in power.

    Both leaders , one (Mahathir) from UMNO and another (Liong Sik) from MCA who dabble in "office education politics shall have their political careers terminated. Sammy Vellu is quietly laughing his head off. All he has to do is to rope in Prof. Kumar Das, a prominent scientist, to help him build MIC's private university and to set up a proper education path based on meritocracy, a path that enable Malaysian Indians students to continue their tertiary education (master and PhD) in world-class universities in India. Would Malaysia's Education Ministry dare to say they do not recognize their academics credentials? All these young Malaysian Indians professionals who walked the correct education path based on their merits shall return to Malaysia to become genuine professors, researchers and academicians in MIC's private university. Liong Sik's UTAR too will embrace the same concept or will he not as only time can tell. Be aware of this, Liong Sik! The whole Malaysian Chinese population is focusing on your handling of UTAR and Tunku Abdul Rahman College (the most corrupted public education institution). All 25 millions Malaysians are aware of Liong Sik's sponsored lecturers that have already infested Tunku Abdul Rahman College. Mahathir asked those "Malays professor Kangkung" to leave public universities. Do you, Liong Sik, dare to do the same?

    Why should the Malaysian Chinese and Indians private universities obey regulations set-up by Education Ministry. These are privately-funded university. As long as there is grassroots supports consisted of young students from Malaysian Chinese and Indian communities coming to study at these private universities then these private universities stand a chance to flourish. Why should private universities bothers about this thing called "LAN"? Who are all those "Prof Dr. this and that" in Education Ministry? Aren't they too Malay sponsored students turned "Malay Professor Kangkung"? What merits do they have and have achieved to warrant them to dictate terms and regulations to private education sector? What chance do all these so-called Education Director-Generals in Education Ministry have against private universities' external examiners who are world-class academicians? Education ministry officials will have their hands full trying to distinguish real academicians and false academicians on Malaysia soil. I bet all these Education Ministry officials don't even know what is the meaning of "In-breeding". "In-breeding" has already crept in Malaysia's public and private universities and colleges right under their noses. Mahathir, please be aware that "In-breeding" is strictly forbidden in all the top US universities.

    Imagine the shameful look on the face of future Malaysia's Education minister when top STPM students with 5As, interviewed, will say they will continue their tertiary education in private universities. No amount of millions of ringgit pumped into UM, USM, UKM, UPM, UTM,etc will propel them into world-class universities. A Malay guy is selling nasi lemak in the market and he is competing with a non-bumiputra nasi lemak seller, supposedly the non-bumiputra's nasi lemak is far more tasty and delicious and nobody is buying nasi lemak from the Malay guy. So what is Malaysian government going to do? Pump in lots of money to prop up the Malay guy's business. If you do that, why should the Malay guy bother about the quality of his nasi lemak! The government financial aid is supporting his livelihood!He can lower down his nasi lemak's quality and sell them at very cheap price!! So why should all the "Malay Professor Kangkung" in public universities bother about "publish or perish" because they know full well that their bowl of rice is made of steel! Mahathir, you shall face and carry this "dilemma" to your old age and grave. You cannot fire your "Malays Professor Kangkung", you ask them to leave, yet they wouldn't do so. They are going to stay on until they hit 55 years old, producing and churning out half-bake or quarter-bake local university graduates. With their comfortable salaries, they can save their money and send their children to study at MMU or send them directly to study abroad at US universities. Mahathir, take a calculator and calculate how much the future of young Malaysian students who are going to study at public universities cost as compared to the amount of money you spend on government's sponsorship and scholarship. Which one is priceless?

    Mahathir himself is shocked and embarrassed when IAP members told him smack at his face that there is no world-class economic if there are no world-class universities. Right there at the spot, he must have come to his senses that billions of ringgit spend under "education sponsorship/scholarship" for the Malays have been cheated by foreign nations. Yes, No high-tech wafer fabrication industry if there are no word-class Malaysian universities. No Malaysia's Space Agency if there are no world-class Malaysian universities that can produce annually high quality Phd graduates in engineering and science. Did your science adviser advised you that before you go around looking for Malaysia 's first astronaut. Go and check carefully his or her credentials too. Mahathir, a noble Malay leader who does not believe in meritocracy, will learn his lessons in a painful manner. Conspiracies ran deep, oh Mahathir! There are webs of conspiracies that are older than your tenure as Malaysia's Prime Minister. If you want to investigate, here is the starting hint for you, dear Mahathir. Go and ask every Malaysians in the streets this question: Why Tunku Abdul Rahman College cannot be upgraded into an university? Ask your fellow crony, Liong Sik, the politician not a statesman with a strong iron will but a very blunt mind, this question too. Didn't you aware that DAP's Kit Siang nailed the final nail on Liong Sik's coffin / political career when he made the statement "Don't forget one generation of Malaysian Chinese that has already been denied of tertiary education" to the MCA committee members who convened to decide whether to accept Liong Sik's resignation from all party's and government's post.

    Remember this, Mahathir, for it is not written in the stars or in Al-Quran , that the Malays race is going to be lord on this piece of land called Semenanjung Malaya. Did the great spirits of Nature and beasts helped the American Natives to stem the coming of the White people? Resistance is futile for these American natives and destiny ordained them to be assimilated into a greater White melting pot culture. No ***** is going to help the Malays if one day in the distant future, foreign aggressors launch smart, cruised guided missiles blasting them to meet their Creator. No Mahathir's MSC/ICT or Badawi's Biotechnology are going help them defend themselves physically from foreign air power and their smart missiles onslaught.

    Speaking of Badawi's Biotechnology, isn't he trying to make Malays entrepreneur in "Halal" food business? Badawi, please wake up! You don't need a degree in biotechnology to set up companies selling nasi lemak, satay, mee rebus, mee goreng, nasi kandar and the rest of Malays food. Either you are very smart or very stupid because all Malaysians are aware of JPA sponsorship to have biotechnology knowledge imported through your Malaysian sponsored students. JPA paid the money directly to UK and US universities. What if they repay some portion of these money to certain corrupt Malaysian politicians (the sponsors) and deposited the money to their secret Swiss Bank accounts? What assurance you, Badawi, have that foreign investors are going to set-up their biotechnology companies to create jobs for thousand of young Malaysians or are you trying to garner young Malays' votes by creating government jobs for young Malays in this biotechnology field? Votes and support to keep you in power? Please be aware that at least 67% of MSC companies are Malaysian-Owned companies.

    Mahathir's attempt to set up Malaysia-Japan and Malaysia-French universities is similar to Japan's Emperor Meiji's efforts to modernize his country. The Japanese Emperor welcomed many Western professionals to his nation in the late 19th century. He modernized his armies and navies by recruiting French and German military officers to come to Japan and train his peasants classes to become the new Imperial soldiers. Did Emperor Meiji sponsored and send ten of thousands of young Japanese recruits to Europe for military training? Now the idea of allowing foreign academicians to come and work in these new private universities to replace your "Malays Professor Kangkung" is brilliant. Wouldn't that sounds like inviting foreigner to come back and re-colonize Malaysia?

    I doubt Mahathir and all his Cabinet minister ever knows any differences between academic development and industrial training development. There are three stages in research and development activities. The first stage, a scientist who seeks to understand the mystery of the nature and the universe shall create and derive fundamental knowledge. The second stage, the R&D engineer shall steps in and develop the fundamental knowledge into technology. The final stage, an application engineer shall assemble all the technologies, use them and convert them into a product or a service. The first and second stage are done in universities. Their activities are called academic research. The last stage is done in the industries and their activities are called industrial development.

    Mahathir as a Technologist only knows how to buy technology. You like to buy expensive, high-tech toys for your Malays professionals / Technologists to play, right? You buy the super microchip and satellite imaging technology for Malaysian-owned companies, right? Imagine this, you as a father, go and buy Sun Unix Workstation for your children whose level of education is at undergraduate level. What good can your children do with Sun Unix workstation? Use it for word-processing purposes? Or you want them to tinker with the workstation? Yes, let them remove the motherboard and the computer chips inside the workstation for experiment / development purposes. Now wouldn't that will spoil and make the workstation defective? Remember this, Mahathir, you must have highly-skilled professionals to wield high-technology products.

    Every professional profession has its dark and corrupt side and that includes doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, scientists, artists, bankers, economists, accountants, academicians, government officials and so on. The clash of knowledge is inevitable. Each professionals will offer advices best for their own interests. New definition of traitor need to be properly defined. Are all the Malaysian CEOs of foreign multinational companies in Malaysia are to be considered traitors? Their jobs are to help foreign investors to become richer and richer by making manufactured goods that are international marketable. What about all those Malaysian CEOs of all the private colleges and universities? They are making Malaysia losing million of ringgit by selling foreign degrees on Malaysia's soil or by setting education path for young Malaysians to go and study abroad causing more millions to flow out of Malaysia. Are all these young Malaysian foreign graduates international marketable, one should ask? Can they go and work as engineers or professionals or executives in UK, Australia, US, Japan and the rest of the world nations? What is the point of studying for foreign degrees, paying them money and then have to look for job in Malaysia? Knowledge and education recognizes no border and no physical boundary. So are these Malaysian CEOs/Founders/Presidents of private colleges and universities traitors or not? Think about it. Who made them traitors in the first place? None other than you, Mahathir and your NEP.

    Let the Malaysia general public judge if the following people are Malaysian traitors or not? Liong Sik and Lim Kok Wing, both got their honorary doctorates from foreign universities. Tan Sri Dr. Ng Lay Swee, the mastermind in creating many sponsored lecturers that infested Tunku Abdul Rahman College. Rithauddeen and Najib, both patron of University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus. CEOs/ Founders and Presidents of many Malaysian private colleges. Malaysian University of Science and Technology(MUST)'s with close collaboration with MIT. Why the collaboration? If MUST made RM$1000 profit what is MIT's profit share? Is MUST's existence is to pave a fake education path for Tunku Abdul Rahman college graduates with US Campbell University degree and many young non-bumiputra graduates with fake UK/US/Australia degree/master to do their master and Phd? Academicians collaborate with one another. How can we say there is no hidden link between MIT and Campbell University and with the rest of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and UK universities, since many of them are owned and controlled by the Anglo-Saxon race.

    Liong Sik, Fong Chan Onn and Ka Ting (did he?) paid twice the visit to Singapore just to invite Prof. Wang Gungwu in setting-up UTAR is similar to the thrice visit to Zhuge Liang's cottage by Liu Pei, Guang Yu and Zhang Fei. "What is your ambition, general?" first asked Prof. Wang Gungwu aka "Zhuge Liang". Liong Sik aka "Liu Pei" must have said," The empire is in turmoil. I seek to restore order to it". He actually meant the Malaysia's education system is in terrible shapes and he wish to restore order to it. They all knew that many bold men has risen and carved their own education fiefdom, each one of them hides ambition to attain the control of the empire, by producing future generation of young Malaysian leaders. Who are all these bold men? They are the CEOs/founders/Presidents of Malaysian Private colleges and universities. So Prof. Wang Gungwu will give his detailed analysis of the current Malaysia political and education scenario and this calls for the plans for Three Major Kingdom between UMNO, MCA and Gerakan. Each man will be given their tasks to accomplish. Chan Onn will use his position as Human Resource Minister to sway government fund to support the right field of study. Ka Ting as MCA President will seek to forge a closer alliance with Gerakan. Liong Sik will have to move the MCA capital to a new realm, right at the heart of Perak State (the Shu-Han Kingdom) where he has to raise funds, build, manage and consolidate UTAR. The old political pact between the Perak Sultanate and the ancient Chinese Triads in the 19th Century must be rekindled. But we all know the conclusion of the Three Kingdom period. The Wei, Shu-Han and Wu Kingdoms will soon be unified under the new Jin Dynasty.

    Therefore it is prophesied that a new strong, young Malay generations' leaders shall emerge from MMU. His mind shall be tutored by genuine Malaysian academicians in MMU. His name is Sima Yi and he will carve his political path by joining UMNO (Wei Kingdom) and rise meteorically to usurp the Wei Throne and founded the new Jin Dynasty. Great battles to win the minds and the hearts of Malaysians shall be fought as Zhuge Liang's expeditions ( UTAR/MCA-Gerakan future leaders) to capture Luoyang, Changan and Xuchang (Kuala Lumpur-Selangor area and PutraJaya) shall engage Sima Yi which resulted in total stalemate.

    Jin Dynasty (a new political party) whose membership shall be comprised of Malays and non-bumiputra races will replace UMNO (Wei Kingdom) in distant future. The Battle of Red Wall is over with the complete defeat of Cao Cao armies as Mahathir (Cao Cao) will watch helplessly as thousands and thousands of Malay graduates mind burned and poisoned by the foreign education-industry chain conspiracies. The rate of Malays graduates' unemployment will rise. The empire is broken into pieces. Malay Sultanates shall seize these opportunities to consolidate the strength of their respective State Government. Good, villainous, able, incompetent, men and strong, wise, old and young leaders must be seek out to fulfill the role of Pang Tong, Zhou Yu, Lu Su, Lu Meng, Jiang Wei, Ma Su, Meng Huo, Wei Yan, Deng Ai, Zhong Hui, Sima Zhao, and many more. And of course, there will always be some dark, unseen, sinister forces at work to ensure this will not be the evolution path for Malaysia in the next 20, 50 years. The Age of Education Warring Fiefdoms has dawned upon Malaysia. The battle for Malaysia's Parliament is about to begin.

    So Mahathir, remember that you wrote a letter criticizing the way Tunku Abdul Rahman's, Malaysia's first Prime Minister handling of Federal government back in the 1960s. Now in the Internet Age, you shall be criticized and reprimanded in front of all 25 millions Malaysians and laughed upon by the billions of world's population. So much for your New Economics Policy and good riddance to you!!

    Posted by Khairul on Friday, January 09, 2004 at 03:53 Comments( 0 )
  2. badawi_rocks

    badawi_rocks Newbie

    That's 18 pages of 'Damn you Mahathir' for me to sift through over breakfast! :D

    Khairul must feel really passionate about this... seriously... :thumb:
  3. badawi_rocks

    badawi_rocks Newbie

    I think I can summarise the entire article into this:-

    The NEP is a failure. To bring up Malaysia, you need to churn out your own graduates. Malaysians must teach Malaysians in Malaysian universities. You don't send them to US or UK. In order to be the best, you have to endorse and embrace meritocracy. Malaysian soil shouldn't be used for the benefit of other countries. Rather than send our top brains to the top US universities, they should be sent to the top local universities instead.

    The author's views are radical to say the least. He quoted many historical references, particularly to ancient Japanese and Chinese wartime stories. Only time will tell if his views are accurate, but I won't dare for a minute dismiss them off-hand.

    I'd recommend that everyone read it, inspite of its length. It makes easy reading and the gist of it is in a few pages. Countless examples were given to help make understanding better. There are many spelling and gramatical errors, which do bug me at times :shifty:
  4. TungstenBoy

    TungstenBoy Newbie

    waaaaaaaa..........so long..............he say dat his name is khairul.........but he write like he is chinese..........mebbe khairul is fake name........... :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
    scimitar..........r u khairul??????? :think: :think: :think: :think:
    i agree with many of wat he say.........but i dun think dat foreigners realli got dis kind of evil thinking........like wan 2 cheat us..........we only cheat ourselves......... :whistle: :whistle: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    & must also think about dr. mahathir...........he kick anwar out.....& all the malays alreadi wan 2 kick him out..........he have to count on chinese & indian support.............how he can implement meritocracy or give other races equal opportunity??????.........the malays sure fight.........mebbe support pas 100%........... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  5. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hmm.. Very long post. :mrgreen:

    He makes some valid points, this Khairul. Yet, he mars his post by making unnecessary stabs at Dr. Mahathir. Is his education as a doctor important? Does it make him any more or less qualified to lead a nation? :think:

    Also, I feel he has a pre-occupation with Chinese history. He sort of tries to tie current events with events in ancient China. History is important in that it teaches us how to avoid the mistakes our predecessors made in the past.

    HOWEVER, that does not mean that every current event can be correlated with a similar event in the past. And not every correlated event will unfold like history has shown us. It really doesn't make sense to keep comparing the current situation with ancient Chinese history. Why not compare it with ancient Greek or Roman history? :roll:

    But he does make valid points. Malaysia cannot become a developed nation without meritocracy. We have already lost so much time and talent with our government's misguided policies. Hope the new administration will be able to change things around. :mrgreen:
  6. green

    green Newbie

    Dont be pretentious u can give advice to Dr. M. You r talking rubbish...we r here today under whose governance..? U r what u r today due to whom..you live a happy productive life due to whom..The Malays...do you think Malaysia is an accident..? The Malays are the world Islamic financial experts..the world halal experts...see how creative they r just quote a few achievement..
  7. green

    green Newbie

    Is Khairul another name 4 kit siang?
  8. zy

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    wow, thread digger. its 2 years old dude.

    correction, its 3 years old thread dude.
  9. Falcone

    Falcone Official Mascot Creator

    TungstenBoy....:haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
  10. zy

    zy zynine.com Staff Member

    :thumb: thungstenboy :thumb: too bad he disappeared sigh :p
  11. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

    Unfortunately, they seem to not be the experts in typing... :roll: I could nitpick a LOT about your typing. You're 'are' is inconsistent (like the Malaysian Government), you boast on matters that don't really mean a whole lot (like the Malaysian Government), and you want everyone to kiss ass for what they have (not matter how little - like again, the Malaysian government). I see a lot of common traits here. :o

    Also if they're so good, WHY ARE THEY MOVING BACKWARDS?!

    Welcome to TechARP! :wave: :beer: Here you will find a collective repository of information that 'moves forward'... :mrgreen: Enjoy your stay. :thumb:

    Thread locked. :arp:

    And man I miss TB... :p
  12. Dashken

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    Lock ah? Locked lo... :mrgreen:
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