Wifi Problems, specifically when browsing Facebook, among others..

Discussion in 'Internet & Networking' started by mitch08, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. mitch08

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    Hi guys! I'm having some problems with my wireless connection. I'm using an HP Pavillion 15 Notebook computer running on Windows 10. I first noticed this issue when I was browsing Facebook using Google Chrome (I also tried Microsoft Edge and IE, all with the same pattern as when I use Chrome). So what happened was, when I refreshed the feed, it would just keep loading. Other websites are working just fine like Twitter, Google, Youtube, and others. Then when I close the browser entirely and re-open it again, those other websites that were working previously would not work either! When I check my network connection, it's perfectly fine. I even ran a ping test on the websites and they're all working fine (including Facebook). However, when I ran a tracert, after the first line it would either give a request time out message or the time in milliseconds(ms) is too high, like something around 2000ms+. Note that this tracert result only happens when I close and re-open the browser and all of the websites are not working. I also did ipconfig /flushdns as well as release and renew of IP address but none of them worked. After that, I tested my other devices and they're all working fine. What I did next is I disconnected from the network and reconnected again. There are times it would work, but there were also times it wouldn't. In instances where it would not work, what would do the trick is to restart the laptop itself.

    With those things, I'm quite sure this is more of a wifi problem on my laptop rather than my ISP because 1.) my other devices were working fine and 2.) it gets resolved by restarting the laptop. Also just to add, whenever the actual problem happens and I connect my laptop using an ethernet cable, it would also be resolved. I also tried updating, uninstalling and re-installing my network adapter (device manager) but it would not work. This issue is also kind of sporadic back when I was on windows 8.1. I also considered the possibility that it could be a virus but I scanned my laptop with AVG, Avira, and Windows Defender but no virus was detected (and no, I don't have AVG and Avira at the same time. I used AVG first and then uninstalled it, then Avira afterwards. I only now have Windows Defender).

    Complete OS re-install is also not an option as everything else is OK. It's only the sporadic wifi problem that I'm having.

    Thank you so much for reading my post and I really hope you could give me some ideas on what could be possibly happening on my computer..
  2. zy

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    I don't know if your Pavilion 15 comes with Ethernet port, did you try Ethernet connection?
    What Wireless adapter do you have?

    I would try to disable power saving on the wireless adapter to see if it helps. I know certain older wireless adapter has some issues with Windows 10.
  3. belikethat

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    try changing to Google's DNS
  4. kmax

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    Check the computer registry and see related application Settings
  5. Adrian Wong

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    Sounds like a DNS issue. Did you try changing to different DNS servers like OpenDNS or Google DNS?

    Also, after flushing DNS, you should register DNS as well - ipconfig /registerdns

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