Will The Pakatan Rakyat Rush To Remove Abdullah Badawi?

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    Wow! Just read this post by Haris Ibrahim (RPK in danger! Pakatan Rakyat must move now! The People’s Parliament) :

    Will Anwar be persuaded to finally show his hand and push to topple Abdullah Badawi's failing regime? I don't know if he will succeed, but IMHO, Abdullah Badawi's regime is already showing signs of failing. Look at the three preposterous ISA arrests.

    When I first read about the ISA arrests of Raja Petra Kamarudin, I thought it was really stupid of the government to do it at this point in time when the public opinion was clearly anti-government. Who would believe what he wrote was anti-Islam when everyone can go online and READ his articles?

    When it was reported that the Sin Chew Jit Poh reporter, Ms. Tan Hoon Cheng, was also arrested under ISA, I almost laughed. OMG. How much dumber can the government be? Her arrest, now claimed to be a "rescue operation", was so inexcusable that the BN government would be hardpressed to find ANYONE in the streets who would agree with the arrest.

    Everyone knows that Ms. Tan did her job, no more, no less. She did not spice up the report. She could not have done any greater damage than what the eminently-racist and recalcitrant Ahmad Ismail did when he spew forth his racist drivel in front of none other than the Deputy Prime Minister, Najib.

    As Najib did not snub Ahmad Ismail's racist speech until the issue blew up, I don't think anyone would be remiss in thinking that he too supported the same opinions. Can such a person be Prime Minister of a MULTI-RACIAL country? I think the answer can only be a resounding NO. :hand:

    So, by arresting Ms. Tan under the ISA for doing her job in reporting a crime, the BN government has sealed its fate. No one in the right mind would stand up for their actions. At least, no one with even a modicum of self-respect and integrity. No wonder they had to release her after only holding her for 20 hours! LOL! :haha: :haha:

    When I read that Teresa Kok was also arrested under ISA, I was shocked. The government has really gone bonkers. It's not that I fear for their freedom. It was really just a matter of time before we get them out, one way or another. No, I was shocked because it showed that the government was REALLY, REALLY SCARED. So scared that they just struck out blindly, without forethought... heck, without ANY THOUGHT at all.

    Teresa Kok was arrested because the short fool of a man, Khir Toyo, accused her of asking a few mosques to tone down their Azan prayer calls. She merely denied it. So did the imams of those mosques. Obviously, Khir Toyo was trying to incite religious tensions. But who did they arrest? Not Khir Toyo (the lying accuser) but Teresa Kok (the innocent victim).

    Like Ms. Tan Hoon Cheng, Teresa Kok was UNDENIABLY clean of the crimes the government accused them of. Ask anyone in the streets. It doesn't matter whether he/she is Malay, Chinese, Indian or lain-lain. EVERYONE knows that she is innocent. So why did the government arrest her? Again, they did so without even thinking about the consequences. Fools.

    IMHO, the three arrests is Barisan Nasional's death knell. They have exposed themselves as corrupt and unjust politicians who are so desperate to cling to power that they would subvert justice and even bend logic. Unfortunately for them, there is really no way back.

    When they released Ms. Tan, after less than 20 hours in custody, it was an instantaneous victory for the opposition and the people. They FEARED our response to the gross injustice. It is a matter of time before they have no choice but to release Teresa Kok too. When that happens, it will only show the people how foolish they were.

    Now, the only person they have even the "slightest" chance of holding onto is Raja Petra Kamarudin. Good old Pete did not mince his words when he spoke out against the "false Muslims". Needless to say, many Muslims are angry against this "betrayer of the faith". IMHO, Islam can have no greater warrior than RPK but that's beside the point.

    The government-controlled TV stations, including Bernama TV, have been actively repeating that RPK had repeatedly insulted Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. How can any stauch Muslim allow such a travesty to occur? Lock him up! At least, that's the government's plan.

    So, of the three arrested under the ISA, the government can realistically only hold onto RPK. And that is only if more Muslim organizations do not speak up. This is where we ALL come in.

    Whether we are Muslims or not, we must speak up. We must write to the newspapers, write online, write to MPs, write to our friends and relatives. Just write and keep writing. Tell everyone just how unjust these detentions are.

    Even if RPK really did insult Islam, why can't the government charge him in the Syaria court? Why arrest Teresa Kok when she obviously did not raise the issue of the Azan prayer calls? Why detention without trial? You don't do that unless you have NO PROOF of their guilt!

    So, start today. Write. Write. WRITE! For RPK, Teresa Kok and all those ISA detainess, write to FREE THEM!
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    Here's a sample letter written by sam, a reader of Haris' blog. I hope he doesn't mind me posting it here for you guys to copy and send.

    He also provided a list of people to e-mail or mail these letters to :

    Go and write now!!!!

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