Wireless PCI card problem..

Discussion in 'Internet & Networking' started by NeoSquall, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. NeoSquall

    NeoSquall Newbie

    I have this problem.. my wireless LAN on my PCI card doesnt detect my router... but my laptop using PCMCIA wireless LAN card could detect my router... can anyone help me? Im out of ideas.. the difference I see in the status is at the channel set which my laptop is FCC and my desktop is ETSI..

    help me guys.. I just got my new rig.. want to use it.. but my wireless LAN doesnt detect my router... arghh..
  2. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Try setting your WiFi card to a fixed rate like 11mbps.

    Also, try setting the WiFi router to use a different channel. Neighbouring routers may be interfering by using the same channel.
  3. NeoSquall

    NeoSquall Newbie

    changing the channels doesnt work...

    but how to change the speed to 11mbps only..? cant seem to find the option to change it.. help..
  4. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Eh, my mistake. You cannot fix it at 11mbps. That tip is really for LAN cards. :think:

    Hmm.. What channel did you try? If your router defaults to channel 5, try 7 or 9 or 11.
  5. NeoSquall

    NeoSquall Newbie

    I tried all the channels..

    the weird problem is that Im using the same card for my previous rig that went dead... it was working fine.. no problems at all.. better than my laptop which has this problem where the wireless will be killed after I use for a time period... there wont be any respond after that which I have to reset my router to get back the connection.. but when I fix the card into my new rig.. it doesnt detect my router.. I wonder why...
  6. Bestia(ry)

    Bestia(ry) Mac'ster

    Maybe try to operate both cards (desk-'n laptop) in AdHoc
    and check out if they are able to find each other.
    If so, then there's something wrong with your card-to-router settings.
    If not, then there's imo something wrong with the card itself
    (hardware, driver, settings, whatever ...).
  7. NeoSquall

    NeoSquall Newbie

    cant seem to detect tho.. nvm lah.. I give up.. I rerouted my telephone line.. anywayz.. thx guys for your suggestions! I appreciated it...
  8. NeoSquall

    NeoSquall Newbie

    new problem... part of wireless also lah.. my wireless finally works... did a driver update and voila.. it connects.. but this problem appears..

    when I use either the wireless or CAT5 cable to connect to the router, it works fine for a few minutes or maybe hours. After that the connection just went dead. If I use the wireless, the wireless light will not be lit anymore. If I use the CAT5 cable, there wouldnt be any receiving of data. It is just stuck at sending data. I've been having this problem for a long time! I did not do any change in settings and let it run in factory settings since I got it. I could not reset my router too. no matter how long I press the reset button, the LED wont go off like as if it is resetted. help me guys... Im using D-link DI-624+
  9. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hmm.. That's really odd. I'll have to think on it.

    But instead of using the pesky little reset button, why not just turn off the router and back on again? There's usually a power button as well.

    Alternatively, just switch off the power socket and back again! Haha... Or pull out the power connector and plug it back again.
  10. Bestia(ry)

    Bestia(ry) Mac'ster

    Maybe some update should do the trick.
    But carefully, keep a backup of your current FW and settings,
    sometimes D-Link's don't like FW-updates, no matter if 1 or 5 steps ahead.
    Like mine, only functional with original rev. the time I've bought
    it, can't connect to my ISP with any of the new FWs.

    :snooty: :hand: ^^
  11. NeoSquall

    NeoSquall Newbie

    need some help in checking the firmware rev... Im kinda n00b in this.. instruction manual doesnt seem to have it I think.. or I havent really read it..

    I'll give it a try.. thx..

    adrian.. thats what Im doing.. always on and off it whenever it dies... then after a while it dies again.. kinda frustrating when you are doing online gaming or chatting...
  12. Bestia(ry)

    Bestia(ry) Mac'ster

    Check out the image below ...
    You'd just have to enter your routers web-interface.

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  13. silverchair

    silverchair Newbie

    I agree with this mhan, before i have a problem with wireless connection too, sometimes small problem cannot see by naked eye though its already there, so what i did is to turn off the router and my dsl modem too, strange but it works after!
  14. Demolator

    Demolator Newbie

    hmm... typical DLink router prob....
    You cannot reset yr router...
    Mine having problem by each time automatically hard reset....
    I had save the setting in My router & each time after i switch off my router & switch it on back.. its gone....

    Weird.... :haha:

    Anyway... try to update the firmware & see how...

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