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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by PY 222, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. PY 222

    PY 222 <b>DF King</b>

    Hey guys, have you all noticed something new in ARP? Titles for everybody.

    So far I have seen:

    Just Started
    Warming Up
    I'm A Regular!

    And for custom titles:
    Da Boss! - Tha Boss ler
    Site Admin - Chai
    ARP Crew - ARP Crew
    Black Sheep - Jeremy
    DF King - Me

    So guys, what other titles are the Admin Gods going to give to the lowly servants of ARP? :lol:
  2. goldfries


    i think i should be called Board Hogger. see the Statistics..........
  3. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Hehe, every ARP crew has a custom title! :D

    Let them post more and find out themselves!
  4. goldfries


    i want a title too!!!!
  5. itld

    itld Newbie

    yea me too, how about
    fried chips
    or as my handle implies "in the light"

  6. PY 222

    PY 222 <b>DF King</b>

    Wait a minute, goldfries got a demotion....

    He was I'm A Regular but now he has become just Active.

    Hmmm... there must be some conspiracy theory going on around the back of this forum...

    /me looks at Chai with the evil eye ;);)

    But then again..... its all just for good fun! :roll:
  7. goldfries


    wait... is Active a default tag or have i just got named??

    come to think of it, i saw the mods/admins have custom names........but we never had titles?? oh you evil people. other forums gave me titles!!!

    well at least you do now.
  8. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    wah.... eh if everyone wants a title... Chai's gonna DIE... LOL j/k j/k... well. maybe if u bug him enuf.. he'll give u a custom title. for me i think mine's still ARP Crew... not yet "customised"...
  9. drab

    drab Newbie

    Chai is one of,if not the,most wonderfull person in the known(and possibly unknown)universe! :lol:
  10. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

  11. PY 222

    PY 222 <b>DF King</b>

    Now that is a GREAT way to get a custom title!

    Subtle yet agressive. I like it... I like it alot. Keep it up drab.

    /me kiss the land on which Chai's feet steps. Oh Hail Chai.... Lord of the Forums! :lol:
  12. goldfries


    haha. for now. i'll stick to the available names.

  13. athlonxp

    athlonxp Newbie

    why some people got special title like DF King !, Da Boss ! and we only got normal name like just started, active ?
  14. goldfries


    haha. you must see who they are 1st.........don't play play wan. ;)
  15. PY 222

    PY 222 <b>DF King</b>

    Allow me to explain. Da Boss! is only given to..., DA BOSS! He is the man in charge and the owner of the site. To put it simply, Adrian is GOD in here. Hence the title.

    As for me being the DF King!, here is a link to our team page:

    Note the first person on the team and the color of his username ;)
  16. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Actually, there's one more special rank, Old Toad, for Mad1. But he's not been here for a while.

    PY 222 explained well enough. Due to his contribution in the DF Team ARP, and the leader of the team, he has been given the special title. And the rest of just ARP Crew with special title. :)
  17. goldfries


    will i get a nice name for forum contribution?
  18. athlonxp

    athlonxp Newbie

    i m not quite understand anout the title can explain more detail ?
    if i join DF i will get those special special title ?
    how to join DF in the ARP team ?
  19. goldfries


    join DF team also same wan la, see me. ;)

    btw the names indicate how much you posted.

    many examples use this "title" thing. you reach certain number of post, you get higher rank.

    but this does not reflect a person's credibility if he/she speaks. i mean a person could be no-knowledged-spammer and get nice names. some people may post very litte but knowledgable.
  20. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Wait, wait, you guys are missing the point. :) All these special ranks are for leaders and founders of ARP.

    Adrian, is the founder of the site, obviously. So without him, there's no ARP site today! :)

    peaz, is the webmaster of ARP. Without him, there won't be a new ARP site today as well.

    Jeremy, is the black sheep of ARP, a celebrity of ARP!

    PY 222, is the leader of DF Team ARP chosen by us, about a year ago, or even longer! He has contributed a lot, by writing a newbie guide, post latest news about DF, and holds the highest production of protein among the team.

    I, as the forum admin, started the forum and maintaining the forum, including adding these special ranks. :)

    Since all of us have these special ranks, it would be unfair to other forum members, which is why we have implemented the new posting ranks.

    - Newbie! ( 0 to 24 posts )
    - Just Started! ( 25 to 74 posts )
    - Warming Up! ( 75 to 149 posts )
    - Getting There! ( 150 to 249 posts )
    - I'm A Regular! ( 250 to 499 posts )
    - Active! ( 500 to ??? posts )

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