Yu Yee Oil Contains Pig's Oil?

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    Another day, another hoax gets spread around by gullible people... This time, it's the Yu Yee Oil.


    According to this post that's going around Facebook, this Malay lady's sister-in-law who was a fan of the Yu Yee Oil was informed by the Chinese shopkeeper that Yu Yee Oil cannot be used by Malays because it contains oil from pigs (which is haram for Muslims to consume). She immediately switched to Tuk Ilham's medicated oil.

    Yu Yee Oil does NOT contain any oil of animal origin, much less pigs. It is made up of Peppermint Oil (36.0% w/v), Clove Oil (2.6% w/v), Nutmeg Oil (0.6% w/v), Menthol (1.6% w/v), Borneol Cortex Cinnamoni (1.0% w/v), Resina Calamus Draco (1.0% w/v), and Light Liquid Paraffin.

    It is illogical for Yu Yee Oil to use pig's oil. Pig's oil has no function in a medicated oil, and it is much cheaper to use light liquid paraffin, after all. Why do these people come up with such nonsense?

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