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    My set-up

    Hello, the Reserator XT is great!! Its the best decision iv made!!

    I am fairly new to watercooling, so the Reserator XT is perfect.

    Very easy to set-up.

    My PC Spec (nothing overclocked) :-

    Quad Core Extreme X9650
    Asus Maximus Extreme Motherboard
    Corsair 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 CL9
    Two ATI HD 4890 in Crossfire
    150GB Western Digital 10,000RPM Raptor HDD
    1000 Watt Jeantech PSU
    Reserator XT

    In one loop (I think thats the terminology), I have CPU and both HD 4890's.

    I had to buy the water block for the HD 4890's seperately (ek-fc4890-cf).

    I installed Speedfan (monitor CPU temp) and GPU-Z (monitor graphics Card temp) to check the temperatures.

    CPU : 30C at Idle
    CPU : 52C at MAX

    Both GPU Average : 37 at Idle
    Both GPU Average : 55 at MAX

    My PC is silent!

    When i mean silent, I mean silent!!

    I keep the Reserator XT on Auto mode all the time.

    I love this thing, its Silent! Keeps my temps Low and looks good.

    (I'v had it for one month, so far so good).
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    That's great! Zalman makes great passive coolers. :thumb:

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