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Discussion in 'strawroot' started by strawroot, Dec 29, 2006.

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    3 more days to 2007..

    looking back at 2006, it's been a shit year for me, esp first half of 2006, now finally the shit is history.

    and.. as usual, i've already had some new year resolutions. if you have not planned for 2007, or nv make plans, i guess it's time for u to do so.
    :wave: :wave:

    achieve them or not, its another matter. most importantly, it's plans n hopes that keep us alive everyday. we need to have a reason to wake up right? like...hunger..thirst...or whatever. i guess, once we have some dreams, that will be our motivation to strive for them!

    good bye 2006, welcome 2007 :beer:

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