6 pin connectors & fried motherboard

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    Not really sure what category to put this under, sorry if "Motherboards" isn't appropriate. There is no Power Supply section lol

    Recently my motherboard decided to die on me, and im trying to figure out why. Iv been told it could of been 3 different things:
    1. I pushed down to hard when i installed my GTX 1060 (It died as soon as I put the card in, meaning once I put this card in it never worked again, even after uninstalling the card
    2. The 6 pin connector I used fried the motherboard, as it was really a 5 pin. (A 6 pin missing one of the pins.)
    3. A PSU problem, which I don't think is likely since everything else still works by the looks of it. Not 100% sure though, as I currently have no other PSU's to test...

    I am currently leaning towards #2. I am planning on getting a new Motherboard and CPU soon (A MSI 970 Gaming motherboard and an FX 8320). Im HOPING my GTX 1060 is still ok, but once again, I have no way to find out for sure currently...

    Now, to my question, will I be ok to get a 2x Molex to 6 pin connector (With all 6 pins) with my GTX 1060. As I think the 6 pin connector I have on my PSU currently is what fried my Motherboard.

    Any other comments/suggestions on this whole situation are appreciated.
    The system I had during this issue:
    CPU: AMD A10 5800k
    PSU: 450w Rosewill
    GPU: GTX 1060 Founders Edition
    RAM: 8gb Curical ballistic sport
    Motherboard: MSI A78M-E45

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  2. Chai

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    Tough question to answer. Most likely #1 is the scenario. No point guessing as you will need to test it to find out the real root cause anyway. But I have some questions about the scenarios.

    1. It happened to me before, and both motherboard and graphics card burnt (yes, literally with fire) due to short circuit at the slot (pin that was responsible for supply voltage)
    2. Where is the missing pin? On the graphics card or the power supply connector?
    3. Have you used the 6 pin connector before this? How did you conclude that the 6 pin connector caused it?

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