A Survey on China Brand-Malaysian Acceptance

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Estrelle, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Estrelle

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    It's amazing how a simple play of word can change the whole perspective of people who are reading them. A negatively feel to something like "made in China" for example which before this represented a cheap knock off, copy-cat product has now reintroduced as "invented in China" which is being seen as a new era for Chinese tech start-ups that have already begin their invasion in the global market with brands such as Quros in the automobile department as well as Huawei in the telecommunication department. The question here is, how prepared are you to include these brands in your everyday life. Would you rather stick with what you know best, or ready to make a swap if they are cheaper and proven in quality?
  2. Adrian Wong

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    I don't think that "made in China" products are bad. Most electronics are made in China anyway. Certain Chinese-made products are even sought after, like the Yoobao power banks, and Huawei MiFi routers.

    That said, China does make a lot of substandard rip-offs, even of their own products. So many people are wary of buying Chinese-made products, not because China cannot make great products... but because they aren't sure if they are getting the real deal, or another well-made rip-off.
  3. ZuePhok

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    brand & management matter the most. factory location means nothing.
  4. Chai

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    No doubt there are good quality products from China, we don't have to look very far.

    Just look at ourselves Malaysians, "takpe" (don't care) attitude, do you expect good quality products from our own country? Location matters quite a lot, to me at least.

    Take a look at Japan, usually makes solid products, from cars to electronics. Why are JDM cars better than locally assembled version? Pay their country a visit, and you will know why. I know there are bad apples like Tepco.

    Back to topic, I have gotten many China products, knowing that it is a substandard product, on purpose. I can't afford high end good quality products all the time. But at least I know they are cheap enough to get another replacement if needed, or just repair it on my own, or improvise it myself.

    Not too long ago, I bought a cheap knockoff bicycle light, they are very very good, when it works. I have to restrip the wire, and resolder myself to make it work again. I'm also thinking of building my own battery pack with high quality cells. It is cheaper, and still as good as the real stuff.

    Cheap thing no good, good thing no cheap.
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  5. The_YongGrand

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    Well said. :thumb: I have got a fair share of cheap Chinese products too, from good to horrendeous quality.

    It is not forgotten that many years back, some video games in Japan and America themselves are in quite a bad quality, like the infamous Bandai's "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" and many games from LJN incorporated. Also, that includes one of the infamous product from USA: "Action 52". But, that is actually in a different topic.

    Coming back to the story I do buy a bulk of electronic components from China, they did pretty well and good too. They are cheap, and if one of these are dead, a replacement will be only a few cents different. :whistle:
  6. peaz

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    Well, everything is made in China. You can't live today without touching something that was made is China, no matter how hard you try.

    What's different is the brand, which determines the level of QC, which would usually cost more, not to produce the single product but to cover the overall manufacturing costs. That's because failed products remain exactly that, failed and not sold anyway. So if 3 out of 10 fails QC, then they effectively getting 7 at the cost of 10.

    And this also means that the factory that makes good quality products can equally spew out crap products. It's all about the contracting company's willingness to spend more on proper QC or not. So trying to figure out which factory produces the product you trust or not is actually quite useless.
  7. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Yeah, when it comes to electronics... practically every device has at least a part that comes from China. In fact, many high-end devices and computer components are made there. So it is definitely possible for them to make really good quality products.

    That said, there are plenty of Chinese companies that produce trash... and there are even Chinese companies that manufacture fake products. Remember the Chinese "NEC" factory? They falsified the ENTIRE FACTORY!!! :haha:

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