Abdullah: I'll continue with my style

Discussion in 'News' started by Dashken, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    WTF? Is he retarded or something? :faint: :wall:
  2. The_YongGrand

    The_YongGrand Just Started

    Oh goodness! The administration needs a serious 'systemwide' upgrade!! :haha: :faint:
  3. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Systemwide upgrade? I thought it needed a complete rebuild!
  4. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    If there's anything I've learnt so far, it's that no surveys in malaysia is ever the actual result.
  5. zy

    zy zynine.com Staff Member

    i smell bullshit all the way from malaysia to buffalo.
  6. wiiz

    wiiz Just Started

    except durex survey :haha:
  7. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Woohoooo!!! Badawi, the Emperor, has just worn his NEW Clothes!!! :haha: :haha: :haha:

    If I may borrow our "most-esteemed", defacto law minister, the "most honourable" Nazri's opinion on the opinions of the minority... who gives a shit about what 1024 people think about Badawi? We should listen to the MAJORITY! What's 1024 respondents when over 2,000 lawyers or 50,000 BERSIH participants are considered as the minority and irrelevant? ;)
  8. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    I'm sure 90% didn't answer honestly also
  9. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    LOL, if that's the case, Malaysia is one crazy nation! :haha:
  10. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Ahhh.. The survey was conducted for NST. Government mouthpiece. What do you expect. :haha: :haha:

    I'll bet all 1024 respondents are card-carrying members of BN component parties.... :roll:

    Stable and positive voter support, my ass. If that's what they are calling the mass protests and marches these days, I'll need to relearn my English. :haha: :haha:
  11. plasma

    plasma Newbie

    How silly/stupid can one get?

    Another dumb remark, obviously showing how little importance he thinks of racial unity.

    Non-Muslims looked after

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  12. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    IMHO, the government should be secular. Religion should be a personal matter, not a matter for the state.

    Anyway, Happy Hari Raya Aidiladha to all Muslims! :wave: :wave:
  13. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    WOw... today no people on the streets. On Thursday morning, when I was at a mamak stall, wanted to watch the game between Chelsea and Liverpool. One mamak stall was cleaning up already. Told me "raya ma". :mrgreen:

    Then went to a nearby stall who's just started cleaning up 20+ minutes into the game. Was going to 'cabut' after the 1st half but the boss told me "eh, nak balik dah?" (want to go already?), I told him "nak bersih dan tutup kan? tak mau kacau la." (want to clean up and close already right? don't want to disturb.) he said "tak pa la... tengok habis dulu" (never mind, watch till it ends)...

    Since like that... I said "okla... teh ais satu lagi..." (one more tea with milk on the rock)... I already had 2 drinks and one roti telur... had a hard time finishing the 3rd glass... :haha:

    And stupid Liverpool was just no match for Chelsea's attack. Even more so when Peter Crouch dumbly made a tackle from behind and got a red. I wonder what was he thinking... :faint:
  14. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    LOL!! Yeah, the streets were really clear, even TODAY! :haha:

    I think many people took today off as well. :D
  15. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    If only traffic is like this everyday...
  16. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Indeed! :D
  17. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    am in KL for a week. traffic has been ready good. brought a co of mine to putrajaya at 6 on friday...no jam on LDP and puchong :shock:

  18. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

  19. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    On the other hand, Singapore is jammed!
  20. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Jammed? You mean the Causeway to Singapore? Or Orchard Road?

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