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Discussion in 'Internet & Networking' started by karhoe, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. karhoe

    karhoe Newbie

    I'm using Linksys AM300 ADSL modem connected to 3COM Wireless router.

    I have a question here, both the modems IP address are

    But the router is connected to the computer, so when I type , definitely I will be accessing the router, what if I want to access my modem? Assuming that I change the IP address of the modem, can I access it? What should I do?

  2. zy

    zy Staff Member

    i'm not familiar with connecting routers & modems

    maybe your modem has change to ??
  3. The_YongGrand

    The_YongGrand Just Started

    Have you checked the modem's manual book? If I'm not mistaken, a router has a fixed address here, but not in a modem. A modem only connects to the internet and has no main software like a router embedded. :D
  4. karhoe

    karhoe Newbie

    The modem is also a router, it has some software embedded as well
  5. zy

    zy Staff Member

    maybe you can see what ip is assigned to your modem by using the router page ..

    but maybe the router dials the modem using bridge mode ? :think:
    i'm not sure bout routers.. hmm
  6. karhoe

    karhoe Newbie

    Yes, the router dials through the modem under bridge mode.

    But I want to access the modem configuration page at times, for example, to check the line status, SNR margin, attentuation and etc
  7. zy

    zy Staff Member

    sorry, i cant help further, i'm getting confused and i dont have this kind of setup before.

    lets just wait for more experienced users to post.

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