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    Here's our very own CPU Comparison Guide:
    Desktop CPU Comparison Guide
    Mobile CPU Comparison Guide
    The Workstation & Server CPU Comparison Guide

    If you wish to report any errors or want to add anything that is not in the chart, you can post here
    Desktop CPU:
    Mobile CPU:
    Workstation & Server CPU:

    Additional Tables:
    AMD Athlon 64
    AMD Athlon XP
    Old AMD & Intel Processors
    AMD Duron/Sempron & Intel Celeron
    Intel Pentium 4
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    You can find more useful information on AMD Athlon 64/Athlon XP processors here. Pin configuration, specifications, etc.
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    heh it says banned? ekk why does this post show new to me?

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    good find guys, very useful list. thanks.
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    Hm.....not sure :think: He was banned quite long ago :think:
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    o well this info is new to me :)

    I like having a table like that to compare CPUS :)
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    At least maybe we should complete it by adding mobile CPUs. :think:
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    good link guys!
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    zzz... why are u upping such an old thread? (-_-)"
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    ROFL.... he is doing it everywhere.... :haha:
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    Its ok. Just make sure to check out the last post dates before posting to see if you are digging up an old topic... :arp:

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    Updated the 1st post with links to our own CPU comparison guides.
  18. CPU Comparison Guide

    Hi Max_87,
    I like the links but only the desktop cpu table has a "large table" available to view as a whole. All the other tables are split up into 3 making it difficult to get the whole picture. Is there any way to have "large tables" for the mobile cpu, gpu and gpu charts? Also in the gpu chart the 7500 series from NVidia is missing.
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    I'll add the large table for the rest of the charts in future updates :mrgreen:
  20. Shouldn't this be a sticky? :rolleyes:

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