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  1. The_YongGrand

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    Hi there,

    About the CPU comparisons, especially the Celeron-Duron-Sempron ones, I think they need some extra new processors there.

    The species of Celeron D with 65nm and 512K cache, and the new Celeron 420, 430 and 440 with 65nm too and 512K cache. However the FSB is 800MHz and they are using Conroe-L instead. :)
  2. Garbled Intel CPU image

    Hi, I just saved the full charts of the AMD and Intel and for some reason the Intel is unintelligible while the AMD is fine. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. master811

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    Just noticed that the Pentium Cedar Mill's say 90nm where instead they should be 65nm.
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  4. Adrian Wong

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    Hi master811, thanks for the note. Will check it out ASAP. :thumb:
  5. The_YongGrand

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    Hmm... still not updated for the Celeron/Duron/Sempron area? There's another species of 775's Celeron which uses the Netburst - this time it's a Cedar Mill core and 65nm. The 4xx series should be added too. :)

    There are many additions to the single core Athlon too - the LE are one of them. :)
  6. kellywester

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    The list is very powerful. Thank you very much
  7. TomLeggett

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    wow thats weird, i was just thinking before and i didnt know =(

    say i bought a quad core - 2.5ghz processor is it actually classed as being 10ghz?? so if u went under the "my computer" folder, would it say 10ghz or just 2.5ghz??

    thanks guys
  8. Lacus

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    it will display 2.5. not 10Ghz. :D..
  9. lee_what2004

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    and it would still not close to 10 GHz :naughty:
  10. jason18689

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    Good one...
    Thanks for the link, it helps especially i am building a rig right now...

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